Rattlewood Golf Course

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13501 Penn Shop Rd
Mount Airy, MD 21771-4555
(301) 607-9000
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Picture this - I'm at the gym the Friday morning after Thanksgiving and am looking forward to playing golf at Rattlewood at 12:20 with my brother and good friend. It's going to be 65degrees today in Maryland, which is beautiful for this time of year, and for sure it will be busy. Knowing this, I booked a time at 10:00am Tuesday morning on Golfnow.com to make sure we would have a time with a decent price.

While at the gym Friday morning, I get a call from an (844) #, I answer and the call cuts off. I then get an email from Golfnow letting me know that this tee time is cancelled because the course overbooked. Again, this is the Friday after Thanksgiving and its gorgeous outside, the sun goes down at around 4:40pm and it will be impossible to find a time within an hour of Baltimore that would allow us to get 18 holes in. I call Golfnow's 800 # and get sent in circles with the automated BS. I call Rattlewood asking what happened...
RW Employee - "We had tee times booked for that time around 12:20 booked for weeks, we don't know why Golfnow would sell that."
Me - "I booked this on Tuesday morning, how is that possible? Why would you wait until Friday morning to tell me that I'm completely screwed out of the round that I've been looking forward to all week? So are you going to honor that time and price and let me out today?"
RW - "No, sir, we cannot do that."
Me - "Curse words" and hang up.

I'll give RW credit for calling me back and telling me they can get me out later, but at this point I'm livid and know we'll never get 18 in at a 'later time' they would propose.

It's now going to be my lifelong goal to spread my experience around the Baltimore and DC markets. This was going to be my 74th booked round with Golfnow of 2015, but looks like I'll be a Baltimore county and city advantage card holder for 2016. That and probably join Timbers or the Howard County courses that include Hobbits Glen and Fairway Hills.

TL;DR - Booked a time on Tuesday morning on Golfnow with Rattlewood for the Friday after Thanksgiving and had the time cancelled due to 'overbooking' by Rattlewood a couple hours before the round leaving me SOL finding a time to get 18 in before sunset.

BTW, the course is garbage too. Uneven tee boxes, unkept greens, rocks in the bunkers and staff members that don't acknowledge when you say thank you.

Course Details/History

  • Architect Name – Brian T. Ault, ASGCA
  • Regulation Length Holes – 18
  • Twitterhttps://www.pga.com/
Blue tee7270.41256,501
White tee7268.61206,104
Gold tee7266.91125,725
Front Nine
Blue tee3854405281803983473591435513331
White tee3564164971743713013471355393136
Gold tee3454014621623592953091075302970
Back Nine
Blue tee5213412245273403011733903533170
White tee5023232095033152651553733232968
Gold tee4723151904533042471123573052755
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.