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$$0 to $25
$$$25 to $50
$$$$50 to $75
$$$$$75 to $100
$$$$$$100 and up
7551 17 Mile Rd NE
Cedar Springs, MI 49319-9399
(616) 696-2308
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First time at this golf course and let me start by saying I'm no "pro golfer". The manager came to us as some groups behind us telling the management we slowed them down by 15 mins yet they had just approached us less then 5mins ago. His attitude towards us was unacceptable. He told us we could either hurry up or leave and if not he would call the Sheriff. His implication that our money is less than the other players amongst other reasons is why I will NEVER return. I will also let everyone I know, know how horrible this course is!! Manager should be fired immediately!