Marquette Golf Club, Greywalls

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PO Box 276
Marquette, MI 49855-0276
(906) 225-0721
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We played Greywalls in September as part of the package deal with Island Resort and Casino, along with Sweetgrass. I give them one credit, is that the views and course condition are spectacular. The course is very challenging, but maybe too "tricked" out, which is almost "gimmicky" to me....If they need to trick out the fairways and hazards as much as they do, why do they need to make every single green the same way, and inconsistent to say the least! Now to the worst part of the experience....Greywalls is semi-private, which means we were intermixed with members, who happened to be the group behind us. We assume it was them that called the Marshall on us 3 times! They claim we drove our carts too close to the greens a few times, when the cart signs directing us are very poorly marked....and just for the record, we were not. Secondly, my buddy was smoking a cigar, and accused him of setting his cigar on the green while he putted. First off, how can they see that? And second, we know the proper etiquette...he clearly put his cigar just off the fringe in the rough. Lastly, they called the Ranger claiming we were playing slow, and are now "on the clock"....WE HAD TO WAIT FOR THE GROUP AHEAD OF US FOR MULTIPLE HOLES!. Obviously the members don't want us there. But if Marquette Golf Club is semi-private, it's obvious to us they need our money to survive. I hope they piss off enough people where no one returns, and their dues go up substantially due to the lack of outside support. It's humiliating to be accused of things that we know we did not do(maybe we did drive our carts too close to the greens beyond their so called cart directional signs(again, very poorly marked), but its not like we drove them up 3 feet from the edge of the green....again, we know the etiquette). The Rangers started out stalking us for the last few holes until WE confronted them on why they were following us. They were very accusatory right off the bat on what the members thought they saw. But when we asked them if the ranger saw any "violations" when he was stalking us for those last few holes, he couldn't sight us for any, and started to become compassionate toward us, and started making excuses for the members. We were extremely pissed, and he knew it, and started to apologize to us. But by that time, it was way too late, and a perfect day, and a fun (but not great) round was absolutely ruined. I would never return....not because it's an hour and a half from the island casino, which is way our of the way when Timberstone and Sweetgrass course are extremely better courses. But because of how the staff and members treated their guests. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND GREYWALLS TO ANYONE, unless you like to be lectured to like a 4 year old. It's disgusting!

Course Details/History

Champions tee7170.01246,260
Mens tee7168.41195,887
Ladies tee7169.71185,161
Front Nine
Champions tee3364083445151693081434013552979
Mens tee3244003355071512371283803462808
Ladies tee305392326449127191832623122447
Back Nine
Champions tee3354504493151623864723753373281
Mens tee3204394033151343614553592933079
Ladies tee3054153263151202753993002592714
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.