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Route 16B
Center Ossipee, NH 03814
(603) 539-7733
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This won't let me do it seemingly, but it's 5 STARS in my book!


My home course, grew up playing here. My late Dad, Dan Hayford began the design and construction. I have many wonderful memories and friendships here. Current owner Jonathan Rivers is exceptional, making this a great place to play, fun course well cared for, great staff - you'll be made to feel at home. "The River's Edge" Tavern & Grille has great entertainment weekly (including myself performing at times) and is the best place in the area to relax and have a wonderful meal. Beautiful NH - Beautiful, historic course to play. Yes, I can say for certain there ARE Indians - Native Americans rather - buried in the mound, I saw bones and many other artifacts as a child.

Everyone knows about "Custer's Last Stand" this course is where, "Lovell's Last Stand" took place in the late 1600's when British Captain Lovell, who was similar to Custer - slaughtering Native Americans from Boston to where his fort stood - where the 2nd green now lays. Multiple Native American tribes came together and justly put an end to this murderer and nearly his entire company in a battle than ran from his fort to Kezar Falls Maine and beyond.

I hope to write a book about this chapter of NH History. Most of all I hope to play some good golf at this wonderful club! Come out and play Indian Mound!