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1000 Long Dr
Carson City, NV 89705-6023
(775) 267-4448
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I have played this course three times, once in 2000 (was really impressed)once in 2008 and last 08/03/2014. The last two were terrible. Each time I play this course I am impressed with the possibilities for this course. The last two trips the carts could not even climb the hills on the back 9. Love pushing my golf cart up and hill and then try to hit a tee shot. There were NO maintenance people to be seen on the last trip. They had damage to one of the holes due to a flash flood over the 4th of July this year. None of the greens had been mowed for a least 1 day. The bunkers were not raked and some had weeds 2 to 3 foot high growing in them. The final complaint is that this course, even though it is located in high desert, had no drinking water on the course except for two vending machines, one of which was out of order. I would NOT RECOMMEND this course to anyone (well maybe my worst enemy). The course visually appears to be in receivership. I don't know this as a fact it is just the appearance. Save your money, there are several courses in the area that are much better.