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1 Club Dr
Clayton, OH 45315-7930
(937) 837-4653
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I planned my bachelor party golf trip at moss creek weeks in advance. It was a disaster. Not only was the course in bad shape, but the staff was the rudest people I have ever seen. We had a group of six people and they knew that from the beginning, and we had two tee times reserved. From the moment we got there they were rude. The door to the clubhouse was broke and wouldn’t shut right, and when I walked out the staff said “don’t they know how to shut an F-ing door.” They then proceeded to follow us around the golf course harassing us, even though we were letting people pass us of the course and even skipped holes to not slow other groups down. It got to the point where we got so tired of that we just left. On the way out they continued to curse us out and tell us to never come back and that they were even going to call the cops. This course and staff is joke. I would NEVER go back.