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11755 Kinsman Rd
Newbury, OH 44065-9691
(440) 564-5465
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If i had to talk about Punderson, i would only say it may say PGA, but it needs a TON of work to actually bring the course into a reasonable place to place. Lets start with the bad things. (1) If its not soaking wet 80% of the time then the other 20% its burned out and lets not forget the fairways when cut are usually 1-2". (2) cup placement, they toss a coin and wher eit lands thats it, no thought given where to put it, especially when its 2feet from the fringe. (3) there is NEVER a range guy driving around on the course to monitor play. when there are 5,6,7some's on the green or when kids screwing aorund on the course or slow playing people. (4) the bunkers are never drained and typically full of water or rock hard and rarely airated. (6) Gas cart suck. (7) fill in the huge mud holes rather then planting flowers arond tee box. (8) Tee boxes need major work in fixing devots. (9) for $57 weekend rate i would expect alot more especially when office staff are sitting around reading books or internet surfing. Very lackidaisical run operations. Way over priced and the members who pay $1000+ a year are being taken advantage of with por quality of a course.