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61240 Skyline Ranch Rd
Bend, OR 97702-3539
(541) 388-2582
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This course is in terrible condition. The greens are the worst I've ever played and the fairways are full of un-filled divots.

Our stay was nice, the new hotel is on par with other nice hotels in the area. The golf experience is what you may expect at your local muni. Unfortunately, we werent charged as if we were at a muni.

The food and beverage experience on the course is rotton. There are two food options (that I'm aware of) on the course. Each of them were closed during our round. 5 hours in 90 degrees and the places to pick up food/beverage are closed. The whole experience was horrible.

Skip Tetherow. Pronghorn or Brasada offer a terrific Golfing experience for the same money and given the condition of Tetherow, it's an insult to Central Oregon golf to mention Tetherow in the same sentence with the other courses. Shame on the management of Tetherow.