Chehalem Glenn Golf Course

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125 S Elliott Rd
Newberg, OR 97132
(503) 538-5800
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This course will challenge even the best golfers out there. Course rules allow drop aones over ravines so even the hacker can enjoy the course. The front nine begins with a shot over a creek with trees to the left. The tees are elevated but the pitch to the green is likely an uphill shot, Holes 2 and 3 are long and straight with 3 being a par 4 but hit a good drive to make the green in regulation. Hole 4 is a par 5. Do not slice on this hole. Everything to the right is trouble. Hole 5 is a par 3 with a shot over a ravine. Weak hitters won't make it over. Others will find trouble to the left with trees and out of bounds waiting. Hole 6 requires a well placed shot to the 150 yard marker. Too long and your in a ravine. Too short and it will be tough to make it over the ravine. Lots of trees right and left on the second shot. Hole 7 is a nice par three that can be reached easily. Still there is a ravine with trees left and right and bunkers on both sides. Hole 8 is a short par four but the hole is up hill and the bunkers catch a lot of drives. Hole 9 is a killer dog leg left. The best golfers drive over the ravine with a shot over the trees that then feeds down a narrow fairway to the 150 yard marker. Others play this hole as a par five because a layup drive requires a layup second shot. A creek awaits that catches a lot of second shots. The approach shot is uphill to a very elevated green. This hole just prepares you for holes 10 and 11. Nothing can prepare you for hole 12. Hole 10 is nice hole with a shot over a ravine from very elevated tees. The second shot is uphill to another very elevated green. Hole 13 is another shot over a ravine but on this hole all shots roll to the right, Hit it left and you are stuck in the rough on a very steep hill. Hit it right and you are out of bounds. The approach shot is a shot to an elevate tee. Lots of bunkers protecting this green. Then comes hole 12, the tee shot is a blind shot that can easily be hit too far into a very large ravine. Hit it too short and the second shot is long over a ravine into an upslope. This par five then requires an uphill shot to each the green in regulation. Holes 5,10 and 12 make this a tough course to play for the beginner golfer. But the course rules allow drops over the ravines for the recreational golfer. Hole 13 is a fun little 3 par. But per 5 hole 14 again requires a shot over a ravine. The second shot is a blind shot for most golfers, keep the to the left on this shot as there is pond to the right that guards the green on the approach shot. This pond eats a lot of balls. Hole 15 is a par four with a pond on the left but keep the ball left for the best approach shot angle. Hole 16 is a short par three but watch the pond on the left. Hole 17 is a par 4 with water on the left. Hole 18 requires the approach shot to cross a creek. Watch the trees onthe right. For the beginner golfer use the green tees on this course, These tees allow shorter shots over thr ravine. On holes 9 and 14 the green tee takes the ravines out of play. New tees are currently being installed that will make the course more playable for the beginner golfer and will allow tees that do not require shots over the ravines.shots. This a great course with great rates. I would give this course a five star rating. It is Country Club quality for a public course price!

Course Details/History

  • Architect Name – William G. Robinson
  • Regulation Length Holes – 18
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Green tee7268.51415,666
Red tee7273.21365,340
Green (L) tee7274.01375,666
Front Nine
Green tee3134563765031623071462972672827
Red tee3114503724731603051442952652775
Green (L) tee3134563765031623071462972672827
Back Nine
Green tee2813134941465053011103403492839
Red tee2762434861403962681003133432565
Green (L) tee2813134941465053011103403492839
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.