Jack Frost National Golf Course

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PO Box 1049
Blakeslee, PA 18610-1049
(570) 443-2414
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Extremely Disappointing. If you want to feel stalked, followed, and unwelcomed then come to Jack Frost. I came up to PA from Florida for a few days and we decided to play at Jack Frost. The ranger was literally following us from the first hole, and by the second hole was already getting harassed, asking us to pick up the pace. I felt like I had to look over my shoulder every shot to see if the ranger was there to reprimand me for something. It wasn’t belong before the stalking rangers multiplied and started in on me and my group. This white haired ranger clearly has some issues and feels the need to put others down. Maybe he is on a power trip because he is in a position to enforce the course rules. The entire day I was followed and harassed. This was hands down the worst experience I’ve had playing golf. Go elsewhere.



What a TERRIBLE experience. DO NOT PLAY HERE! I took my father golfing for his birthday today. We arrived and were informed that we would be teamed up with two other guys which was fine with us. After the first couple of holes, the two gentlemen who joined us were struggling a bit, but still maintained a decent pace of play. The nice thing was we dint have a group behind us.
On the fourth hole, the ranger drove by and said we needed to pick up the pace even though we didn't have anyone behind us. As requested we picked up the pace, played ready golf, etc. Nobody behind us the entire time! At the turn, we decided to stop for a hot dog which took about 15 minutes. We proceeded to the back nine. We were on the green and the ranger approached us, still nobody behind us. He was incredibly rude, raised his voice stating that we were holding up the entire course and were 15 minutes behind schedule. We explained that it took fifteen minutes to get a hot dog and there wasn't anyone behind us. He continued to reprimand us saying that we were inconveniencing everyone else on the course, negatively impacting the flow. We then proceeded to the 11th hole and he had some guy, maybe in his early twenties come over and he started on us, saying that he already told us to pick up the pace of play. He also had a very abrasive tone. At this point, we were fed up with them and tired of being treated like garbage. We told them in so many words to let us alone and enjoy our round. He then told me "your done" and was calling the GM. The GM and head golf pro then came out to us on the 12th hole saying that there employees would never act in this manner, essentially telling us that we were making this all up. Long story short, the rangers clearly lacked intelligence, and have no idea how to treat their customers.
If you want to be scolded and interrupted all day by a bunch of rangers with nothing better to do but heckle their customers, than this is the place for you. They ruined me and my fathers round of golf on this birthday. The course is in great shape but the rangers are a joke, and management clearly doesn't have a grip on how they treat their customers. I recommend Blue Ridge trail. Better course, great people, great management, better priced. This is the first time I wrote a review on a golf course because I don't want anyone else to be treated this poorly on a golf course. Again, Stay AWAY! DO NOT PLAY HERE!!!!



True mountain golf! lots of elevation changes.Scenery great.Trailer for pro shop when I played,but plans in the works for club house.

Course Details/History

  • Architect Name – Tom Wheary/Terry LaGree
  • Regulation Length Holes – 18
  • Twitterhttps://www.pga.com/
Championship tee7274.91397,256
Advanced tee7272.11366,741
Members tee7271.51336,297
Forward tee7268.41245,729
Most Forward tee7270.21215,129
Front Nine
Championship tee4514311815523624704452225163630
Advanced tee4153651755273384244131964953348
Members tee3803241694923294153761684713124
Forward tee3542831624632913663671524342872
Most Forward tee308260994352782803211343952510
Back Nine
Championship tee4611695993874913811994145253626
Advanced tee4361475603674643541723895043393
Members tee4071444963354363491623684763173
Forward tee3651304282974073131403344432857
Most Forward tee3271274102683772741143064162619
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.