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1602 E Hwy 175
Crandall, TX 75114
(972) 472-8400
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The layout was just challenging enough and demands a good skill set.


Played this course for the first time June 5 2013 with three friends.
Out of the five courses I play in the south Dallas area this course may have the best greens I have been on lately. I could make money on these greens.
# 1 is an easy warm up, then #2 has two creeks to get over. plan your drive and iron accordingly. #3 basically has two dog legs , don't go for the short cut,its an illusion.#4 easy fairway but green slopes back to front gets you on the putt. #5 has a creek running full length of fairway its a ball eater. #6 I actually sailed over a hundred foot tree to avoid the dog leg saved a stroke, go over the top of the green and lose a ball. #7 is a 3 par but you have to cross a pond to save a stroke,#8 woods to left and another pond can cost you a ball. #9 easy 3 par,#10 should be one under #11 creek on right of fairway and back of green makes you cautious #12 easy par,#13 pond to right for back tees,#14 long and wide #15 better dog leg this one or sail over the lake. #16 stay right deep creek to left,#17 straight down the fairway but pond souronds back and right of green,# 18 is home free.
What i love about the disgn is the spacing of the challanging holes and fairways. Theres enough easy runs that you don't get discouraged if you are an average golfer.