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13600 Briggs Rnch
San Antonio, TX 78245-3614
(210) 677-0027
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Disappointing. I really looked forward to playing course too. When the tee time was booked we were told the fee included breakfast and a bucket of balls for the range. When we checked in that wasn't the case. The golf cart was pretty beat up with the rear bumper hanging off and made a grinding noise on right turns but got us through 18 holes. The course was a wreck. The fairways were hard as a rock in the areas that weren't chewed up and hadn't been mowed quite some time by the looks of the weeds. I think #11 was the worst. The greens appeared to be burnt with lots of dead spots. Traps were just hard packed dirt. While putting on #1 a male and female on a Gator came plowing through one of the marsh areas giggling and having a blast. They cruised right past us and went into the next marsh area on the Gator. This could be a great course but it looks like no money is being spent on keeping the course up. Sad.