Mountain View Golf Course

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1321 N Creek Rd
Appomattox, VA 24522-4095
(434) 352-3970
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This little 9 hole course cut out of a field in Appomattox, VA isn't much at all. It is very clear after playing two or three holes that the owner is a golf fan that has absolutely no sense in designing of a golf course and has basically creating his "dream holes". The par 3 1st is 81 yds long from an elevated tee to a SEVERELY sloped back to front green, making it absolutely and practically impossible to get on the green. If you're behind the green, you can't stop a pitch, chip or putt. If you're below the hole, you have to slam it to get it close then the ball just rolls back to you. The par 4 2nd isn't much better. A 90* dogleg left that invites you to drive the green. Only problem is that you've gotta carry thick woods all the way to the hole and you have the same thick woods behind the hole. If you decide to lay up to the dogleg, you only have bout a 10 yard wide fairway to work with and you're teeing off with either a PW or SW. None of the holes are really designed well nor are they practical. If you're out to strictly swing sticks then maybe hit it up but you'd be better off finding a range somewhere.

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