River's Bend Golf Club Reviews

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$$$$50 to $75
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$$$$$$100 and up
11700 Hogans Aly
Chester, VA 23836-8604
(804) 530-1000
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Absolutely the worst course I have ever played. Once in fine shape, this course has been long neglected. Weeds predominate the fairways and they have overgrown the traps. The greens are a combination of grass and weeds, except in areas where bare, cracked earth exists. This course is unplayable at ANY price. It's a crime that they actually charge a fee to play this course. I feel ripped off and taken advantage of. Shameful.


Course is in really bad shape. The only difference between the fairways and rough is that they cut the weeds in the fairway shorter. Most of the bunkers are full of weeds - including those up around the greens. Several were totally weeds. Course might have been nice at one time, but it needs a lot of attention now. We will never play it again - no matter how cheap the rate.