Can we make a list of top lists?

Chambers Bay
Chambers Bay is one of my favorites - but isn't even on some top 100 lists. What gives?

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, August 02, 2012 | 1:48 p.m.

Everybody should keep lists. They just make life easier, don't they? From grocery lists to to-do to bucket lists, they just keep our eye on the ball.  And in golf, what's more important than keeping your eye on the ball?

So back to lists. There are numerous golf lists out there on "best places to play." Seriously, google it.  We even have them on (lists created by YOU - "A Quick Nine" that has detailed places from Northern California to South Florida, Phoenix to New Englad.) And dozens and dozens of other media sources have their lists too.

So which is the best?  In reality - all of them. Or...none of the them. The most important thing is to have one, and use it accordingly to keep focused on a goal. I promise you it makes your golf plans more interesting and rewarding. But don't try to jump from list to list to come up with a hybrid "best of".  Just as beauty is defined by the eye of the beholder, such is a golf course and a golf experience. Seems like we forget about that too often. Any course that makes a legit list is legit. I have never stepped on a course, billed as a "top course" that I didn't find to be worthy. Remember these lists are subjective.  Some courses work very hard to try and improve their standing on some of these listings. Others do not care at all. I have a nice pegboard list of "Top 100" courses on my office at home.  I have 19 of them checked off. I now plan my golf trips around them, hoping to get a few more coveted pegs in place. But what makes the list I use better than yours? Not a thing. 

So here's some of the latest and greatest lists of course rankings. Choose at your own discretion.