Optimizing clubs means optimizing performance

Carl Pettersson
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Carl Pettersson's optimal set of clubs helped him to his fifth PGA Tour win.
John Kim, Coordinating Producer

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Published: Sunday, April 15, 2012 | 11:25 p.m.

With the season's first major in the books and golf season now in - ahem - full swing throughout the country, the need for having the right equipment to optimize your golf game is more critical than ever. As always, April (Free Fit & Trade Up Month) is an ideal time to make sure your clubs and balls are best suited for your game.

Look no further than the champion of the 2012 RBC Heritage Carl Pettersson who talked with PGA.com after his runaway five-shot win on the importance of having the right equipment in his bag.


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"I love playing Harbour Town because of the variety of shots you have to hit," Pettersson said after his fifth win on the PGA Tour. "You have to create almost every shot, whether you hit it high, low, left to right, right to left; it's a classic great old-style course."

For the best players in the world, the advent of technology has actually made parts of their game a bit more difficult. The advancements in clubs mean that shots fly higher and straighter - not exactly condusive for those trying to control trajectory and shot shapes.

"I use the Nike 20XI S ball - the softest ball they make, so I can get as much spin as possible on shots," Pettersson explained. "This helps me turn the ball as much as I can."

And though most of his irons are Nike Pro Combo, his 4-iron - the one he relies on for the most variety of shots and often on the long par 3s or to reach par 5s in two - is a Nike VR_S forged iron.

"I can always hit it low," he says of his anomaly 4-iron, "but I can hit it high and have it stop on greens quicker too."

The results are self-evident as seen by Pettersson's dominating performance at Harbour Town.

But the lesson is more ubiquitous, to every layout and virtually every level of golfer. If you're not fit for your clubs, if you're not taking advantage of the latest and greatest in club technology - you're starting off at a disadvantage to those that are.  It's not about how much you can spend or how good or not good your current clubs are - it's about are you giving yourself the best chance for success.  Remember, there is no rule that says all your clubs have to be one set or even all the same manufacturer. Many top players have a variety of styles/sets and even brands in their bag. But it is about having equipment that assures you that you have every opportunity to hit each shot you need during your round.

To be sure your equipment is right for you, go see your local PGA Professional. 

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