Adam Scott back to broomstick putter in Australian Open

Adam Scott at the Australian Open
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Adam Scott used his usual long putter on Thursday at the Australian Open, and said he is likely to keep the putter but alter his putting motion in the future.

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Published: Thursday, December 06, 2012 | 1:08 a.m.

After practicing with a short putter earlier in the week, Adam Scott had his usual long putter in the bag for Thursday's first round of the Emirates Australian Open in Sydney.

The reunion didn't go particlarly well, though, as Scott needed 29 putts to card an even-par 72 at The Lakes Golf Course that included three birdies and three bogeys.

"I'll probably putt with the long putter," Scott had said on Wednesday. "The other one I was messing around with was my first go and it is not quite what I want it to do. It is not quite set up right for me. I'll have another go at another time if I feel I need to."

Scott said he had ordered the shorter putter, which actually has a 40-inch shaft – a bit longer than the 34- or 35-inch shafts found in most flat sticks – some time ago, and was just experimenting with it on Tuesday. And, he stressed, he very likely will continue to use the broomstick putter next season.

"I think I putt fine with any putter. I have spent the last two years learning a skill with the broomstick putter and that is what I am going to use this week, most likely," he said. "Until I invent a better way to putt for myself, I'll stick to the broomstick. I certainly like a lot of the philosophies of putting with a broomstick."

And, he revealed, he probably will continue using a long putter with a slightly different motion even if the ban on anchoring becomes the law of the land in 2016.

"Whatever way I putt in the future, if I just move the hand off my chest an inch or a centimeter or whatever it is, I'll be making an honest stroke," he said. "It will look exactly the same.

"It is simple," he added. "I can move it slightly off my chest and use the same putter, but I think there are better ways than that. We are all searching for the best possible way and I think there are still better ways for me to go about it."