BLUNT USA offers new spin on golf umbrellas

The BLUNT Golf_G2 golf umbrella will keep you and your equipment dry.
By T.J. Auclair
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Published: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 | 9:29 a.m.
One of the most important pieces of equipment in a golfer’s bag is one they hope to rarely use --an umbrella.
But, when the time comes and Mother Nature decides to unleash her fury, you’d better be prepared. Nothing spoils a round of golf quicker than soaking wet grips.
Offering a new take on the traditional golf umbrella, a company called BLUNT USA has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that its new GOLF_G1 and GOLF_G2 umbrellas provide you with all the protection you need to stay dry.
BLUNT umbrellas can withstand winds up to 72 mph. And, let’s face it, if it’s ever windier than that chances are you won’t be on the course!
The most notable difference between a BLUNT umbrella and a traditional golf umbrella is the design, which was developed with input from caddie Steve Williams, the former caddie of Tiger Woods and current looper of Masters champion Adam Scott. 
While still round in shape, the BLUNT umbrella provides a better canopy than traditional umbrellas because its edges are smooth as opposed to the sharp spokes you're used to seeing on the traditional variety.
“What BLUNT has achieved is simply game-changing,” Williams said. “They have revolutionized a product that I have always had an issue with. During my 30+ years of caddying all over the world, I’ve experienced every possible weather condition and used many different umbrellas. You fight the wind to hold onto a normal umbrella. The difference with the BLUNT is that you don’t have to fight with it -- it’s effortless to control in the wind and lasts much longer than all other, so called, golf umbrellas.”
The GOLF_G1 is the ultimate performance golf umbrella for carrying around course. It provides a generous 60-inch diameter canopy on a 37-inch shaft, but weighs just 1.95lbs.
The GOLF_G2’s canopy is 4 inches larger in diameter with an extra 3 inches in shaft length. This creates the perfect shelter system for attaching to your golf cart, with enough coverage to keep you and your equipment dry, whatever the weather.
Both incorporate BLUNT’s revolutionary canopy-strengthening RTS Technology, which redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy surface. As the BLUNT canopy unfurls, specially-designed struts redirect the user’s effort into telescopic ribs that reach out like fingers stretching into a glove. These transfer the opening force into the patented BLUNT TIPS on the end of each rib, which open like miniature umbrellas inside specially designed pockets. The result is that tension is evenly distributed right to the canopy’s edge.
The BLUNT GOLF_G2 also features Duel RTS, which incorporates additional tensioning struts to maintain ideal tautness across the larger canopy area.
Both are delivered with a sleek carrying sleeve for easy care, transport and storage.
The GOLF_G1 retails for $99.95, while the GOLF_G2 retails for $119.95.
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