Callaway up to the 'challenge' with coins and bags

Bag by Nick Raffaele of Callaway, coins by Harry Arnett of Callaway
The Callaway staff bags for the PGA Championship feature an oak leaf in honor of Oak Hill, while the each of the four challenge coins for 2013 features a distinctive design element.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, August 08, 2013 | 9:35 p.m.

I said a few days ago that one of my favorite parts of major championship weeks is the special products that some of the big golf equipment companies create.

Callaway, of course, outfits its staff players with limited-edition bags themed for each major, and you can see Phil Mickelson's oak leaf-adorned PGA Championship bag above.

Also above is something truly unique that Callaway creates – they're called ''challenge coins,'' and there's one for each major of 2013.

This year's designs include a magnolia blossom for the Masters, a star for the U.S. Open, the Union Jack for the Open Championship and, of course, an oak leaf for the PGA Championship at Oak Hill. Callaway mostly distributes to the coins to its employees and staff players, though a lucky few civilians have gotten a few as well.

Challenge coins have a long military history, and I've also seen them created for colleges and companies. Few of them, I have to say, look as distinctive as these. 




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