CamCaddy Solves Video Problem

A South Carolina entrepreneur has solved the problem of videoing your swing on the range with the easy and affordable CamCaddy.

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Monday, August 27, 2012 | 12:37 p.m.

When Ben Hogan and Sam Snead played their now historic match at Houston Country Club for “Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf,” the round took forever because 200-pound cameras had to be moved and stabilized between every shot.

Now, almost everybody carries a video camera in their pocket.

Unfortunately, golf is well down on Apple’s priority list when it comes to accessories for the iPhone. And while tour players have their caddies or instructors filming their practice sessions from all the proper angles, the average amateur has been forced to prop his camera-phone up on his golf bag, or beg a spouse or friend to film a swing or two.

Greensville, South Carolina entrepreneur Bill Silva saw this problem and designed a solution. It's called CamCaddy, and it's one of the most useful, inexpensive new accessories on the market.

This product couldn't be much easier to use. It's a cradle that can mount onto any of the many alignment sticks that are in golfers' bags. The cradle adjusts to hold any smart phone and can be raised or lowered on the stick depending on what you are trying to capture. Then you film away. It's even great for putting.

"Video is so common in teaching and people grow so much once they see their swings, because they understand what it is the teachers are trying to get them to do" Silva said.

Launched two weeks ago in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Wyndham Championship, Silva has been overwhelmed by the response.

"Right now we are online, but we are working at setting distributor relationships up," he said. "We're in talks with guys in the U.K. the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia. We don't have anything formal, but we're getting calls and requests for this from all over the world."

In a short period of time Silva has a large compliment of tour pros using CamCaddy, including Kyle Thompson, Lucas Glover and Jay Haas.

"You don't understand the level of excitement going on around here since this was launched," Silva said. "We spent so much time in the design process. Seeing people's reactions has been fun."