Caveat Emptor: Online golf shopping can be tricky

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Buying golf clubs online is both popular - and risky.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 | 3:06 p.m.

One thing we know for sure - golfers love to buy golf toys. Whether it's clubs, clothes, accessories, shoes, souvenirs, whatever -- there may be no better demographic for advertisers than the 26 million golfers in the United States.

You know what else golfers love? Deals. Not necessarily being cheap, but golfers definitely have an eye toward value for the dollar spent. I'm as guilty as any of them. I don't need a new wedge, I have more than enough golf shirts for any foursome -- but if I spot a good deal online or at the local pro shop, I have to purchase

This week, in our "A Quick Nine" franchise, we asked our 175,000-strong Facebook nation what they liked to buy (and where they bought it) when shopping for golf items online.  The results were interesting, but not surprising.  Again, golfers love to shop and find deals. 

However, when coupled with another recent story I read -- this from The Wall St. Journal on the prevalence of counterfeit clubs for sale online -- it does give me some pause about what I buy (and even more, where I buy it.)

Hey, here's a good spot to plug the 'PGA on eBay' shop on eBay, where you can shop with confidence that the merchandise you're purchasing has been carefully vetted and approved by a PGA-staffed facility.

OK, that's enough as far as advertising. But just thought I'd share the read -- and wish you well in your hunting for great golf items. 



If you'r buying from reputable golf stores there shouldn't be a problem with ordering online. I own a golf site that offers coupon codes and discounts. If a golfer is looking for the best deals then perhaps they should A. See what the prices are in a local shop. B.) Try the clubs out in a local shop to understand what they are looking for. C.) Go online in find a coupon code or a discount deals for the same clubs they tried out. I bet they would be happy with the money they saved.