G/FORE golf gloves -- great quality, bold fashion statement

As you can see, the G/FORE golf glove is available in just about any color you can think of.

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Published: Monday, March 11, 2013 | 12:27 p.m.


Not all golf gloves are created equally. If you've played golf for any amount of time, you probably know that when it comes to gloves you get what you pay for. 
One particular glove that has caught my eye the last couple of years are the G/FORE gloves worn by the likes of Ricky Barnes, Alex Cejka and Tommy Armour III, among others.
Aside from the premium AA Cabretta leather used to make the gloves, Fashion Designer & G/FORE Creator Mossimo Giannulli has put a twist on the gloves that will certainly make you stand out on the course.
The G/FORE website explains how the gloves came to be:
Fueled by founder-designer Mossimo Giannulli's love of golf and background in fashion, G/FORE combines function and style in eye-catching, premium golf products. Crafted from the finest materials, tested on the course by pros and weekend warriors alike, and designed to bring a touch of personality, fun and colour back to the game, G/FORE products honor golf's storied past while looking toward the sport's bright future.
A fashion industry veteran and avid golfer, Mossimo founded the billion-dollar clothing company Mossimo Inc. in 1987 and brokered a first-ever designer-exclusive distribution deal with Minneapolis-based Target Stores in 2000. G/FORE embodies his expertise in fashion, passion for golf, and dedication to creating products of unmatched performance and unparalleled style.
G/FORE gloves come in a variety of colors. You can be conservative and traditional with a basic, white, leather glove, or you can get bold with colors ranging from clover, to azure, to tangerine, to lemon, to lavender and more.
As for comfort, the G/FORE is second to none. You can see the G/FORE glove for yourself at the official website, here
The gloves retail for $35 each.
Visit G/FORE on Twitter, @gfore, or check out the G/FORE Facebook page.

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