Golf's new world of marketing - paying off

Callaway X-bombs
Photo: Callaway Golf
Callaway's innovative x-bomb campaign ties in college football passion to the golf world.

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Saturday, January 19, 2013 | 4:00 p.m.


Golf has come such a long way in the last couple of years in terms of social media, fan engagement and better branding ideas.  This is no small thing - industry insiders know that golf hasn't always been at the forefront of change nor communication with consumers. But I'm happy to say - I think those days are long gone.
Some of my favorite people on Facebook and/or Twitter happen to work in golf - and that's not coincidence or even industry driven.  The major equipment companies have made it a priority to hire and recruit people who have a keen sense of consumers, a sharp wit and an eye for a good picture or the tone of a good story. As the world of media and communication changes, they are in good shape to adapt and now - lead. It's no longer just telling a story - it's finding innovative ways to share it. 
One group who has been particulary active on social media fronts is the team from Callaway Golf.  Golfers will no doubt enjoy reading about their often hilarious brainstorms and campaigns or just following the crew as they engage in often hilarious back and forth on Twitter. From Callaway executives to Tour players to golf fans who are trying a new RAZR Fit Xtreme driver - they all get in on the conversation and the fun. And anytime you make it fun to learn, you're going to learn more, right?
But friends at TaylorMade, Titleist and Nike aren't taking a back seat to anyone. Nike Golf has long been a leader in engagement with fans - something their dominant numbers in the social space reflect. Cleveland, PING and Adams are also actively engaging with thier consumers. It's a new golf world - one that is better for all of us who work and play in this space.  
The technology says that there's never been a better time to buy golf equipment. But before I spend significant money - I want to know why I should.  It's no longer about the fun 30 second ad or the Tour player who's playing it - why is it good for my game?  Now, because of the efforts of some superstar marketing groups - you have avenues for answers you've never had before.