No Cinderella story for Caddyshack-clad White Sox

White Sox in Caddyshack attire
The White Sox aren't playing so great in Baltimore, but they looked hilarious getting there.

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | 1:49 a.m.

In, I can only presume, an attempt to ease the pennant-race tension for the American League Central-leading Chicago White Sox, Manager Robin Ventura ordered a relaxation of the team dress code for this week’s trip to Baltimore.

So the Sox players and their entire staff donned their best "Caddyshack"-themed golf outfits for the journey to Camden Yards. Alas, the Sox have had as much success against the Orioles as Carl Spacker had against the gophers at Bushwood Country Club, as the Sox have dropped each of the first two games – instead of being the ball, they're getting beat at ball.

But even if the Sox are striking out on the field, their traveling togs were definitely a home run as they were all decked out in their Loudmouth Golf attire and ’80s accessories. I can’t believe these guys all just happened to own these clothes, and I’d love to have seen their pre-trip shopping excursion.

The Sox are the second MLB team that I know of that has some fun with their road rags. Over the years, Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon has playfully ordered his players to wear grunge clothes to Seattle, beachwear to southern California and pajamas for a red-eye flight, just to name a few.

The Sox and the Rays are both very much in the playoff picture. If they happen to meet in the postseason, I say may the loudest-dressed team win.

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Did they get a bowl of soup with those pants? ;^)