Perfect timing for Cleveland 588 RTX CB wedges

Cleveland Golf 588 RTX CB wedge
Courtesy of Cleveland Golf
The faces of the new Cleveland 588 RTX CB wedges feature a unique direction milling pattern that helps increase the spin imparted on balls, especially on open-face shots.

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012 | 11:45 p.m.

Not only did Charlie Beljan overcome severe panic attack symptoms to earn his first PGA Tour victory at the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic last Sunday, he also chalked up the first victory for the new 588 RTX CB wedges from Cleveland Golf. And in a case of perfect timing, these new wedges are officially hitting the stores on Friday.

The new wedges are the latest extension of Cleveland’s famed 588 line, and include the company's most advanced spin technology ever.

These advances begin with Cleveland's ROTEX face pattern. This directionally milled face pattern adds roughness and enhances spin, especially on open-face wedge shots in which impact tends to be closer to the toe. The ROTEX milling process creates semicircular, downward-oriented marks that are perpendicular to the direction the ball moves up the face on shots when the clubface is opened way up.

In addition, the milling on the faces is rougher and more durable than before to create more friction at impact – and maintain that level of friction long after the clubs are new. The faces also feature U-Grooves, which Cleveland says are 16 percent larger by volume than its previous Tour Zip Grooves to promote cleaner contact and maximize spin on critical scoring shots.

Inspired by Cleveland's popular CG14 and CG16 wedges, the RTX CB models come with a wide, constant-width sole that combines heel and toe grinds to improve performance from bunkers and deep rough. The new wedges also boast an undercut cavity (the CB stands for cavity back) to enhance their perimeter weighting for more forgiveness on off-center hits.

The 588 RTX CB wedges come in eight different lofts between 46 and 60 degrees with standard bounce in both Satin Chrome and Black Pearl finishes, and a women’s version is also available. The clubs carry a minimum advertised price of $119.99 per club.