Cobra Tour Trusty limited-edition wedge
Courtesy of Cobra Golf
Only 1,600 Tour Trusty wedges were made with Rickie Fowler’s famous #GoTime hashtag set off by his trademark orange paint fill.

Coming this fall, Cobra Golf will release a full line of Tour Trusty wedges. To get a little buzz going, the company has come out with a pretty unique teaser – a limited-edition Tour Trusty with stamping created by Rickie Fowler.

They're available now, but only 1,600 were made. All of them are 55-degree models stamped with Fowler’s famous #GoTime hashtag set off by his trademark orange paint fill.

This Fowler-stamped club, like all the other Tour Trusty wedges to come, was designed for better players with feedback from Fowler, Ian Poulter and Jonas Blixt. They're made of 8620 Carbon Steel that is nickel plated and finished in matte satin to enhance the feel and reduce glare. 

The compact head features a teardrop shape with no offset, and its grooves have been enlarged to the USGA allowable limit for more spin and control. Cobra's new Tour notch K-Grind provides significant heel and toe relief for versatility around the greens, while the company's proprietary Variable Feed Rate (VFR) milling creates a rough surface to maximize spin on even the shortest and softest of shots.

The limited-edition Tour Trusty is outfitted with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord grip. It carries a suggested retail price of $149.

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Cobra releases Rickie Fowler-stamped limited-edition Tour Trusty wedge
The BLUNT Golf_G2 golf umbrella will keep you and your equipment dry.
One of the most important pieces of equipment in a golfer’s bag is one they hope to rarely use --an umbrella.
But, when the time comes and Mother Nature decides to unleash her fury, you’d better be prepared. Nothing spoils a round of golf quicker than soaking wet grips.
Offering a new take on the traditional golf umbrella, a company called BLUNT USA has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that its new GOLF_G1 and GOLF_G2 umbrellas provide you with all the protection you need to stay dry.
BLUNT umbrellas can withstand winds up to 72 mph. And, let’s face it, if it’s ever windier than that chances are you won’t be on the course!
The most notable difference between a BLUNT umbrella and a traditional golf umbrella is the design, which was developed with input from caddie Steve Williams, the former caddie of Tiger Woods and current looper of Masters champion Adam Scott. 
While still round in shape, the BLUNT umbrella provides a better canopy than traditional umbrellas because its edges are smooth as opposed to the sharp spokes you're used to seeing on the traditional variety.
“What BLUNT has achieved is simply game-changing,” Williams said. “They have revolutionized a product that I have always had an issue with. During my 30+ years of caddying all over the world, I’ve experienced every possible weather condition and used many different umbrellas. You fight the wind to hold onto a normal umbrella. The difference with the BLUNT is that you don’t have to fight with it -- it’s effortless to control in the wind and lasts much longer than all other, so called, golf umbrellas.”
The GOLF_G1 is the ultimate performance golf umbrella for carrying around course. It provides a generous 60-inch diameter canopy on a 37-inch shaft, but weighs just 1.95lbs.
The GOLF_G2’s canopy is 4 inches larger in diameter with an extra 3 inches in shaft length. This creates the perfect shelter system for attaching to your golf cart, with enough coverage to keep you and your equipment dry, whatever the weather.
Both incorporate BLUNT’s revolutionary canopy-strengthening RTS Technology, which redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy surface. As the BLUNT canopy unfurls, specially-designed struts redirect the user’s effort into telescopic ribs that reach out like fingers stretching into a glove. These transfer the opening force into the patented BLUNT TIPS on the end of each rib, which open like miniature umbrellas inside specially designed pockets. The result is that tension is evenly distributed right to the canopy’s edge.
The BLUNT GOLF_G2 also features Duel RTS, which incorporates additional tensioning struts to maintain ideal tautness across the larger canopy area.
Both are delivered with a sleek carrying sleeve for easy care, transport and storage.
The GOLF_G1 retails for $99.95, while the GOLF_G2 retails for $119.95.
For more information, visit
You can also visit Blunt Umbrellas on Facebook, or follow Blunt Umbrellas on Twitter, @BluntUSA.
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BLUNT USA offers new spin on golf umbrellas
Tiger Woods
Getty Images
Tiger Woods will be sporting the Nike "swoosh" for many years to come after he signs an anticipated new deal.

Tiger Woods and Nike are nearing the completion of a new endorsement agreement that will "emphatically" keep Woods as the highest-paid endorser in golf, according to a report on

"We're down to the very, very short strokes right now,'' Woods' agent Mark Steinberg told ESPN golf writer Bob Harig. ''I would expect we would come out with some sort of joint announcement when we get the paperwork signed. I hope this is viewed as a pretty bold statement."

Woods could sign the new deal as soon as the next couple of weeks, Harig wrote.

Woods signed with Nike for a reported five years and $40 million when he turned pro back in 1996, and Nike stuck with Woods during his personal troubles. His current equipment and apparel contract is said to be roughly $20 million per year.

Earlier this year, of course, Nike signed Rory McIlroy to a major deal worth a reported to be anywhere from $10 million to $20 million per year. Steinberg didn't give any indication of the figures involved in Woods' new agreement, except to say that it would ''emphatically'' keep Woods as the king of the golf endorsement mountain.

Steinbeg did indicate to Harig that the new deal would be for multiple years.

"Tiger started his professional career with Nike in 1996,'' Steinberg said. ''He has a long way to go in his career, but I feel with the type of deal we've constructed … I feel confident that he will be with Nike for his entire career."


Tiger Woods close to megadeal with Nike
Rukket, golf, net
The RukkNet by Rukket is a great tool for practice at home when you can't make it to the golf course or the driving range.
Ask anyone on the golf course, "So, how often do you play?"
More often than not, the reply will be, "Well, not as often as I'd like."
It doesn't matter if you're talking to the weekend hacker, or the guy who plays 30+ rounds per year. We all love golf and no matter how often we play, it's not enough.
Plus, with busy work schedules and family, it's often difficult to even find time to get to the driving range.
Thanks to the folks at a company called, "Rukket," however, now the driving range can come to you.
Rukket are the makers of the RukkNet Golf Net. The company introduced its net at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, but at the time had no inventory to sell. Rukket returned to the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show -- this time with product to sell -- and it didn't last long.
When you see Rukket's net, it's easy to understand why.
Let's face the facts: arguably the biggest issues with golf nets are flimsy frames and low-quality netting (you know, if you catch one just perfect, it might rip right through the netting).
Rukket solves this problem. Not only that, but you can take it literally anywhere.
Here's how the company describes the net on its site:
The RukkNet is simple and fast to set up and take down, generous in size, durable, light-weight, and versatile. It pops-up instantly to let you practice multiple sports anywhere. Use one practice net for golf, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer and football. Use it indoors or outside, in backyards, basements, garages, on patios, at practice fields, or league games.
The RukkNet is ideal for perfecting your swing before the next trip to the driving range or golf course. The ball returns after each shot so no more bending down or having to carry a bucket of golf balls. Stay in position and find your groove. Correct repetition is the key to a great golf swing. Also a great tool for warm ups before a round.
The RukkNet is made from high quality netting and a durable spring steel frame (no more fiberglass poles). The net is double stitched and built of the heaviest materials available. In other words it is built to last. Carrying case is thick canvas with double zippers for long life, capable of carrying a hitting mat, golf balls, attachments and a golf club, it also has a thick comfortable shoulder strap for long hikes to your favorite practice spot. Very portable at 14 lbs. Folds flat into a 32" diameter.
The RukkNet now comes with a 4-ply, knot-less ball returning net. No more mesh like cheaper golf nets. Knot-less netting allows the power from each impact to disperse efficiently and will not wear out or get holes. An added benefit of the heavier inside netting is the ball is returned with more force.
This is the ultimate in ball returning technology. As usual it attaches using T-bars that fit into large grommets attached to the frame. We have yet to find a tougher system.
The RukkNet retails for $199.99.
And good news, too, for those of you looking to improve your short game at home. One of the many attachments Rukket offers for the RukkNet is the ChipIt! ($29.99). It simply attaches to the RukkNet with T-bars and provides three holes to chip into. It can be adjusted to various heights so you can practice virtually all the short-game shots you'll encounter on the course.
For more information on the RukkNet and all the products Rukket has to offer, visit
You can also check Rukket our on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter, @RukketSports.
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Rukket golf net means there's no excuse not to practice
TaylorMade, R1 Black
TaylorMade's new R1 Black Driver will be available at retail beginning June 10 for $399.
For the first time since 2010, TaylorMade Golf has announced its release of a black-headed driver. TaylorMade took the golf world by storm in 2010 with its forward-thinking white headed driver, which is the No. 1 driver on Tour. 
But, there's still been a big demand for the same great drivers, but in black.
Now, TaylorMade has obliged with the R1 Black, which will be available at retail beginning June 10 for $399.
Here's the release from TaylorMade introducing the new, sharp-looking R1 Black: 
CARLSBAD, Calif. (May 30, 2013) -- TaylorMade Golf Company, makers of the No. 1 driver in golf, today announced R1 Black – the company’s first black driver since 2010.
“For three years we have only made white drivers and have heard from a number of golfers who just prefer the look of black,” said President and CEO, Mark King. “Our commitment has always been to provide golfers with the best performing golf equipment. The R1 Black gives players who prefer that color access to our industry leading technology.”
Similar to the white version – which has been used to win 16 worldwide golf tournaments this year – the R1 Black driver features the greatest range of adjustability of any driver in the brand’s history. R1 gives the golfer 12 loft-sleeve settings and 7 face-angle positions, as well as two movable shot-shape weights. The R1’s three adjustability technologies allow it to be tuned 168 different ways to specifically fit a player’s swing to optimize distance and accuracy.
The R1 Black driver will debut on the PGA Tour next week in Memphis.
“Members of our tour staff now have two color options,” added King. “We will see a number of them opt for R1 Black, while others will stay in the white version to take advantage of the white/black contrast and alignment benefits.”
The R1 Black features an ultra-light Aldila RIP Phenom and is available at retail 6/10 for $399. For more information please visit
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TaylorMade Golf introduces R1 Black Driver
Bag Boy Quad push carts
Courtesy of Bag Boy
The limited editions of the Bag Boy Quad push cart come in pink, orange, and lime green.

The Quad Push Cart from Bag Boy is one of the most popular push carts in golf. So what could Bag Boy do to trick it out any more?

The answer is: offer it in three cool new summer colors – pink, orange, and lime green.

"The Quad is doing very well at retail," said Dynamic Brands President Craig Ramsbottom. "Golfers like the overall performance of the cart and the easy two-step folding process. By adding a few of this year's trendy colors to the line, we feel it gives our customer a broader selection."

The Quad is made with a lightweight frame on a reinforced four-wheel platform that provides more stability than three-wheel carts, especially on hilly terrain and in wet conditions. It sets up via a simple two-step process, folds down to 24 x 17 x 16 inches, and rolls on lightweight, solid foam tires.

The push cart comes fully loaded with an array of golfer-friendly features such as a stand and cart-compatible upper bag bracket, a parking brake mounted on the handle – and the handle can be adjusted to accommodate golfers of all heights. It also features an oversized zippered storage bag, quick-grab beverage holder, deluxe scorecard holder with pencil holder, integrated tee and ball holder, a secure umbrella holder and a padded compartment.

It carries a suggested retail price of $219.95, and is still available in its regulation colors of white, black, silver, red, blue or yellow.

For more information, visit



Bag Boy Quad push cart now comes in trendy colors
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