A week's worth of tweets, December 19-25, 2011

lee westwood
Lee Westwood via Twitter
World No. 2 Lee Westwood took to Twitter last week to show us his latest round of biometric testing in advance of the 2012 season.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, December 26, 2011 | 6:13 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of December 19-25, featuring Kevin Streelman, Annika Sorenstam, Kris Blanks and more:

Ping Golf

@PingTour    What did Santa drop off for you? “@Danny_Ward937: My new @PingTour bag I got for Christmas pretty sweet pic.twitter.com/Z8Bi33Pc” #PlayYourBest


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@Matt_Hoff62: "Guy in my bros group today broke every iron in his bag except 9 iron on 17. He needed 9 iron for 2nd shot on 18, then snapped it. #wow" -- Canadian Tour player Matt Hoffman

Adams Golf
@AdamsGolfInc    RT Merry Christmas! “@jaw_shoe_uh: Got a new @adamsgolfinc A12 OS Hybrid for #xmas... now I need to find some time to break it in #golf

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges   The best gifts are the ones you give yourself! RT "@Teamd415: @VokeyWedges I did...a gift to myself a 60 ltd indigo =) bit.ly/tinvdQ"

@VokeyWedges   A full set from DaVoke! RT "@JegCoughlinIII: @VokeyWedges I did!!! 4 new vokeys!!!"

@VokeyWedges   Very nice! RT @JacobVBradley: Sure did! Personalized, too! #VokeyClaus bit.ly/vIL5I1"

TaylorMade Golf
@TaylorMadeGolf   Enjoy RT @mikesparkspga: @TaylorMadeGolf a florida white out is way better than a Jersey White out. Happy Holidays yfrog.com/nyp4mrj

@TaylorMadeGolf   Have fun! (RBZ 3wood?) RT @demontille: YAY!! My move to @TaylorMadeGolf is almost complete. Now just 3-wood, & all clubs will be Taylormade

John Graham, PGA
@JohnGrahamGolf    Time to open this #RocketBallz box and see whats inside. pic.twitter.com/thAldikS

@JohnGrahamGolf    Here's what was in the #RocketBallz box. Picture 1 of 5 pic.twitter.com/VbIKVAHQ

@JohnGrahamGolf    #RocketBallz pic 2 of 5 pic.twitter.com/JCF3yWjF

@JohnGrahamGolf    #RocketBallz pic 3 of 5 Hand signed. Nice touch. pic.twitter.com/ST79Gix5

@JohnGrahamGolf    #RocketBallz pic 4 of 5 RocketBallz meet Aimpoint. pic.twitter.com/H4EZkk2N

@JohnGrahamGolf    Final #RocketBallz pic. pic.twitter.com/6jLXM3rs

Josh Boggs, PGA
@BoggsPGA    It's not beauty until you make the putt RT @jbusc: True beauty #scottycameron pic.twitter.com/LOE4vSEb

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    6 is plenty for a 48* RT @RyanChacon: 6 or 10 bounce for a new 48* PW? Been struggling with this decision.play on normal-soft FW conditions

Alf Callowhill

@AlfCallowhill    with the help of the #compressionboard... hit it solid and control curve. #TwitPict twitpic.com/7xwf8m

Simon Wilson

@pgatourshaftrep    "@TomLloyd5: @pgatourshaftrep what's a good shaft for high launch and more carry ? Thanks , looking for a reg" Pro Launch Axis Blue Regular

@pgatourshaftrep    "@TLGolfAcademy: @pgatourshaftrep need a new shaft for my Titleist 910D3- currently use the RIP- too spinny though..." What flex?

@pgatourshaftrep    "@TLGolfAcademy: @pgatourshaftrep stiff flex, Titleist said one of the Diamana's they use" to take off spin try 6A4 or 7A3

David Byrne
@David_Byrne87   Christmas come early for me from @AdamsGolfInc #bigbreakchamp #moretocome //lockerz.com/s/167486328

Nicole Hage
@NicoleHage   Just got the sweetest hoodie, beanie cap and box of chocolates from @pukkaheadwear ! You guys are so awesome! Thank u //twitter.com/NicoleHage/status/150256361966551040/photo/1

Josh Teater
@jteater12   Got my new toolbox for 2012 //lockerz.com/s/167455220

@jteater12   Looking forward to the new @RussellAthletic gear this year! #weR

Steve Wheatcroft
@wheatiePGA   New Adams golf irons look amazing and feel even better! Thanks @AdamsGolfInc for being a great sponsor! //yfrog.com/nx6miflj

Kevin Streelman
@Streels54   “@djbellefy: @Streels54 what's the oldest club in your bag? Old Taylor made hybrid 08 I'll switch something ONLY if it performs better

@Streels54   “@damnorcross: @Streels54 Any new clubs in the bag for 2012?” Yup, gonna have to wait till Humana Challenge though

@Streels54   “@conkelredsfan: @Streels54 hey mr streelman what would u say ur favorite club in ur bag is” Driver and putter I do love the 4 iron though

Sam Saunders
@samsaunders87   Beautiful fresh set of irons from @CallawayGolf ... Very lucky to have such a great sponsor! //twitter.com/samsaunders87/status/150211040737628160/photo/1


@Titleist   Happy Holidays, Bubba! //twitpic.com/7ws8yl #teamtitleist RT @bubbawatson: Make me a snowflake and take a pic...

Chris Hanson
@Hansonprogolf   Clubs dropped off at @JohnLettersGolf head office for some TLC! New grips and servicing!! #lookafterthemtheylookafteryou

Heather MacRae
@hezzmacgolf   My new bag :) //yfrog.com/j2uwmylj

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney   Yes, wider flange w more bounce makes it easier especially in soft sand RT @TVClay:does the thickness of a sand wedge matter?

Seve Benson
@SeveBenson    New scotty alert with Dollar sign on face, hopefully this 1 can make the ball go to his home #Naughty pic.twitter.com/UOw6eRJo

John Letters Golf
@JohnLettersGolf    Steve Cipa visited Jl test centre today to prepare him for euro senior tour school.Good luck with all the gear Steve. pic.twitter.com/uPbnbKXg

Whitlam Golf
@WhitlamGolfUSA    What shaft do you think twitpic.com/7wu04o twitpic.com/7wu04q

@WhitlamGolfUSA    Why did all these orders come in today and all of them need to be delivered before the 24th. Lol. twitpic.com/7wvxik

@WhitlamGolfUSA    get some project X & kbs C tapers ready to get a gold finish. They're going to look sick in gold. twitpic.com/7wwgwm twitpic.com/7wwgw4

@WhitlamGolfUSA    Our new prototype wedge for Korea. twitpic.com/7wwwkh

@WhitlamGolfUSA    Our very limited edition black knight putter. Black tour g2-mill on black shaft. Only 5 in stock twitpic.com/7wxf1q twitpic.com/7wxf1p

Rickie Fowler

@RickieFowlerPGA    Been almost 2 years w/ #Rolex...had to take a pic & show you guys the collection...great company to work with!! lockerz.com/s/166962990

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    Inspection of the step pattern location on the shafts of @TigerWoods' back-up VR Pro Blades pic.twitter.com/3fJbxclJ

@nikegolf    Almost complete....Loft, lie & length inspection of TW’s VR Pro Blades in the assembly shop at The Oven pic.twitter.com/cNens4kD

@nikegolf    Finishing touches on the back-up VR Pro Blades....paint fill of the TW clubhead stampings pic.twitter.com/FebH4SMM

@nikegolf    The final product, TW's VR Pro Blades...and pins everywhere cringe. pic.twitter.com/mviL8Gz0

@nikegolf    Shout out to the Juniors at Doral Publix Jr Classic - getting their #swag on w/the exclusive Nike Dunk NG launch pic.twitter.com/3sOnHFd8

Steven McDaniel, PGA
@Stevenmcdaniel    Met up with @PingTour Nationwide Tour Player David Lingmerth in my studio yesterday. His new pimped-out I20 irons look pretty sweet!

Brett Waldman
@bm_waldman    2011 Scotty Cameron Limited Release putter covers pic.twitter.com/IRHemOmY

@bm_waldman    Scotty Cameron timeless putter heads. lockerz.com/s/166859098

Kyle Stanley
@kylestanleygolf    New wand. Thanks to Paul @scottycameron #GOZAGS yfrog.com/kfswowtj

Mallory Blackwelder
@MalBlackwelder    Doing a photo shoot for one of my new sponsors for 2012! Abigale Lynn ball markers... I'm going to have my own signature collection! :)

Andrew Gruss, PGA
@AndrewGrussPGA    Anyone else curious how @TaylorMadeGolf 's new product name "RocketBallz" will be received by the public?

Bridgestone Golf
@bridgestonegolf    Oh no! RT @buckleybuckley:Lost an e6 that lasted me 81 holes of golf & was still clean & playable! Devastated!!! Feel like I lost a brother.

Bettinardi Golf
@BettinardiGolf    A look at 4 BBZ1 prototypes designed by RJB in 1998! fb.me/1c192kdcS

Whitlam Golf
@WhitlamGolfUSA    I wonder who's custom gold pvd gauge design blades are. @The_Club_Fix twitpic.com/7wfnzf twitpic.com/7wfnzz twitpic.com/7wfo00

@WhitlamGolfUSA    What do you think about the stop light red with black paint fill? twitpic.com/7wfw8p

@WhitlamGolfUSA    New custom gauge design blades in gold pvd. Freshly painted twitpic.com/7wgc34

@WhitlamGolfUSA    Prototype twitpic.com/7wgz8v twitpic.com/7wgz8g

@WhitlamGolfUSA    @pgatourshaftrep thanks. I'm waiting for walker to send me some new project X so I can do them in black.

Simon Wilson
@pgatourshaftrep    "@WhitlamGolfUSA: Our new black w-wedge on black dynamic gold shafts twitpic.com/7vzzic twitpic.com/7vzzi8 twitpic.com/7vzzk4" Nice!

Lee Westwood
@WestwoodLee    It's that time of year again. Testing time! Oooh I love being shaved ! yfrog.com/j2rd7nlj

@WestwoodLee    More testing pics. Does my bum look big in this? yfrog.com/gz8ygvrgj

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Check out some cool stamping on our friend Claude Harmon III's new SM4 wedges: cc @ryancrysler pic.twitter.com/XK8Pvduj

@VokeyWedges    Happy Holidays from Da Voke! yfrog.com/odjd4dcj

Matt Hoffman

@Matt_Hoff62    Guy in my bros group today broke every iron in his bag except 9 iron on 17. He needed 9 iron for 2nd shot on 18, then snapped it. #wow

Liam Cahill, PGA
@Liampga    Ideal 6 iron #'s? pic.twitter.com/gSdLmIiW

Mike Brown, PGA
@MikeBrown_PGA    Golf tweet:I miss swinging my sticks. And I've seen the #Ping i20 driver ... oh baby!!

Le Ann Finger, PGA
@LFingerPGA    @chrishawkinsPGA Hit the Titleist hybred for the first time on Sunday...love, love, love it! #wellworththemoney! #MerryChristmas

John Letters Golf
@JohnLettersGolf    Sneak peek at the new Master Model 1020 forged blades. Release date - early 2012. Would love your thoughts. pic.twitter.com/mb2whmFX

Kris Blanks
@krisblanks    Of course it's a Scotty!! twitpic.com/7w4s35

@krisblanks    Another Scotty pic!! twitpic.com/7w4tdy

@krisblanks    The Matrix shaft is something that I'm trying. It feels real soft and has a nice balance in the length belly putter I'm using!!

@krisblanks    10 nuggets Left to right 10 footer Putting Arc HD How many???

@krisblanks    8/10 Not too bad!! twitpic.com/7w4567

@krisblanks    7/10 1 low side lipout! 2 high side lipouts!! I'll get it!! twitpic.com/7w4750

@krisblanks    Didn't think they would all fit!! 10/10!! One more set then it's on to the right to lefters!! twitpic.com/7w4bl8

Wilson Golf
@WilsonGolf    sweet! “@ZanePrice: @WilsonGolf twitpic.com/7vqek0

59 Belts
@59beltsGUY    A little salt water hornback croc for the holidays...59 style yfrog.com/oeel6cgj

Gerina Mendoza Piller
@Gerinapiller    @PaulStankowski those iron's rock I just got my new ones and I absolutely love them. Did you get them pw-4?

Paul Stankowski
@PaulStankowski    @Gerinapiller pw-4. 22• and 18• hybrid. Sweet!

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Check out our newest toe engraving -- the BV Clover! #WedgeWorks2012 pic.twitter.com/gkUtyRD3

@VokeyWedges    Our newest TVD will be the TVD50 gap wedge, available this Spring in Bright Brushed Chrome and Black Ox. pic.twitter.com/20rcJtr7

Rickie Fowler
@RickieFowlerPGA    Pretty pumped on these new @PUMA shoes I got mypict.me/ms271

Ryann O'Toole
@RyannOToole    Headed home from another great afternoon at Coto de Caza cc. Was trying out a pair of my new kikkors! These shoes are so comfy and grip well

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    Blasting area has been masked off on TW's backup VR Pro blades & heads will be blasted w/a specific grit pic.twitter.com/lTSGr2W6

@nikegolf    After blasting, tape is removed & heads put in bags w/rust preventative…next, plating yfrog.com/mmunfxvj yfrog.com/h0di1yoj

Cheyenne Woods
@_misswoods_    I love love love my new clubs. Felt good out there on the course today!

@_misswoods_    What I'm working with... Nike Pro Combos instagr.am/p/aXSAT/

Titleist Canada
@TitleistCA    New Arrivals - The Boxes are still cold from their travels. Black and White anyone? #TeamTitleist CA yfrog.com/ockjglj

John Daly
@PGA_JohnDaly    Unpacked & as organized as a Soup Sandwich! Damn those long trips! #cluster mypict.me/ms01X

Graeme McDowell
@Graeme_McDowell    Big thanks to my friends at @Heineken_US for Xmas gift that turned up yesterday. T'is the season and all! #greenbottles moby.to/t3l5he

Paul Stankowski
@PaulStankowski    It's 45 degrees outside and blowing 20 yet I've not been this excited to hit golf balls! #ClubTesting twitpic.com/7vzfpn

Whitlam Golf
@WhitlamGolfUSA    Our new black w-wedge on black dynamic gold shafts twitpic.com/7vzzic twitpic.com/7vzzi8 twitpic.com/7vzzk4

Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf    What goes through your head when you look down at a 588 Precision Forged Wedge? If you have an original 588... fb.me/OnPGrBxv

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    2011 is almost over, but wow what a year! The R11 driver won more tournaments on the European Tour than any other driver.The future's white!

Annika Sorenstam
@ANNIKA59    Got the new @CallawayGolf Razr fit driver. Love the simple adjustment features ! pic.twitter.com/CehT9Is6

@ANNIKA59    Sporting a new bag for the shoot pic.twitter.com/y6xAbGF5

D.A. Points
@DAPoints    Photo shoot for #GrandSlam golf apparel. lockerz.com/s/166546536

Christopher Hawkins, PGA

@chrishawkinsPGA    As good as the Burner TP fairway is, can't lie I'm stoked to demo the #RBZ fairway. Not to mention the #R11S #TM2012

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Check out this cool Vokey display case we sent to Butterfield CC and Leadership Advisory Staff member Alex Mendez: pic.twitter.com/XsqmFLr0

Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf    What do you think of the blue and yellow color scheme on this custom 588 Precision Forged Wedge? fb.me/WvYUcb5Z

Alf Callowhill
@AlfCallowhill    Amazing how effective Flightscope is as a feedback tool to change a pattern. The key then is understanding and reps.

Chris Wilson
@TheRealCWilson    New putting laser came in the mail today, so good... pic.twitter.com/kJoZCSR1

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    TW's back up VR Pro heads have been examined & pulled off the shafts...Now ready for taping & blasting twitpic.com/7vjl3p

@nikegolf    WHAT OFF-SEASON? The Nike Golf Mitts: bit.ly/uS4eHB

Bettinardi Golf
@BettinardiGolf   2011 Bettinardi Holiday head cover! fb.me/QaZsAnhj

Callaway Golf
@CallawayGolf    Rock legend Alice Cooper made an ace with his new RAZR XF 8-iron and a sample of our new 2012 Hex Black Tour Ball! pic.twitter.com/cNTfkWf8

Bridgestone Golf
@bridgestonegolf    Nice!! RT @Blanchetgolf: Thank you @bridgestonegolf for hooking me up with a new bag! twitpic.com/7u959u

@bridgestonegolf    Awesome-- #B330S is a great choice! RT @macnerdjay: @bridgestonegolf is my choice of golf ball pic.twitter.com/mQ79z9cc


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