A week's worth of tweets, December 24-30, 2012

Louise Suggs 2-iron
Ron Sirak via Twitter
Ron Sirak of Golf World Magazine took to Twitter last week to show us a 1949 Louise Suggs 2-iron he found in a thrift store.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, December 31, 2012 | 7:01 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of December 24-30, featuring Ian Poulter, Holly Clyburn, Billy Horschel and more:

Billy Horschel ‏

@BillyHo_Golf   New design of @PingTour Staff Bag. Looks sweet. pic.twitter.com/9yEozSXu


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@BillyHo_Golf   Here's another pic. pic.twitter.com/9DzpZPpZ

@BillyHo_Golf   Last one. pic.twitter.com/Og1dMlEG

Harry Arnett ‏(Callaway Golf)
@Callaway_HarryA   Can't remember time as golfer or industry dude where I was more excited to launch products.Should be a fun year for golfers! Start 'er up!!

Chris Wilson ‏
@TheRealCWilson   Thank you to @iliacgolf for my @NU_Sports headcover for the 2013 season! pic.twitter.com/ylQ7bama

Ping Golf  ‏
@PingTour   Awesome! Thanks for playing PING! RT @bobbyjgorski: @PingTour new #ping bag to go with my #i20s pic.twitter.com/LiAOQ2yt

Holly Clyburn ‏
@HPClyburn   Can anyone help me get one of theses @PingTour #massivehelp pic.twitter.com/gLErEbKs

Nike Golf ‏
@nikegolf   New year. New lineup. Stay tuned. pic.twitter.com/LRQXXUe3

Vokey Wedges ‏
@VokeyWedges   Very cool! RT @dallaswiginton: Shout out to @johnwatkins17 for my sick Best Man gift! #betterthanawatch @VokeyWedges //lockerz.com/s/273069896

FootJoy ‏
@FootJoy   Nice choice w/Contour Casual! RT @bencranegolf: Fun day playing w Kuchar. Golf was good, ping pong didn't end well. pic.twitter.com/b0IksQJ5

Ron Sirak ‏(Golf World)

@ronsirak   How cool is this MacGregor Louise Suggs 2-iron from 1949? Found it in a thrift shop. pic.twitter.com/kjma5UdW

Ping Golf
@PingTour   Awesome! Enjoy your new clubs! RT @mjconnolly: Just got fitted for a new set of G20s and tour 56* wedge! Gonna be a great season #golow2013

Jimmy Walker ‏
@JimmyWalkerPGA   Thanks @iliacgolf New goodies arrived! pic.twitter.com/7B1heaSr

Vokey Wedges ‏
@VokeyWedges   Happy New Year! RT @kevbatchelor: @TitleistEurope @Titleist @VokeyWedges new clubs ready and waiting #goodyearahead pic.twitter.com/B3HXQAwP

Harry Arnett (Callaway Golf)‏
@Callaway_HarryA   @CallawayDocHock @jminis13 if that was the Proto wedge you were using yesterday with that Proto ball, I'll take 3, please! #spinzaganza

Alan Hocknell (Callaway Golf) ‏
@CallawayDocHock   @Callaway_HarryA @Jminis13 That Proto ball is safely back in its little white box. Undamaged!

Sligo Wear
@SLIGOWEAR   Thread the needle @SLIGOWEAR @Back9network new designs from our #13Acollection //instagr.am/p/T00hhaiWvP/

Callaway Golf ‏
@CallawayGolf   RT @elitomac: Just got to hit my new set of clubs that @callawaygolf fitted for me! They're awesome thanks guys ! //instagr.am/p/TzvC9ZhOq4/

Ian Poulter
@IanJamesPoulter   My new @cobragolf bag has arrived. Looks great Arsenal colours, good choice Guys. pic.twitter.com/uBhGzZUV

‏@IanJamesPoulter   I'm now on the 74 air conditioned range. Whilst watching Arsenal play Newcastle. pic.twitter.com/dI0dxBTu

‏@IanJamesPoulter   Starting with some wedge control first. pic.twitter.com/433oNXGa

‏@IanJamesPoulter   110 yard target. To start the session. pic.twitter.com/pQzLSC50

Odyssey Golf ‏

@odysseygolf   Did you know? If your face angle is misaligned by just 1* on a 12-foot putt, you have zero chance of making that putt. pic.twitter.com/7aY1kDxX

Nicole Hage ‏
@NicoleHage   Love my G/Fore glove keychain!!! Thank you @TheAnnaRawson ❤❤❤ pic.twitter.com/pEt5MWNN

Dynamix Golf ‏
@DynamixGolf   Did you know that most irons bought off the rack have the WRONG lie angle for you? Don't go another season without getting fit!

D.A. Points
‏@DAPoints   My new favorite lid! #ILL pic.twitter.com/oOhFf2PE

Nike Golf Europe
‏@NikeGolfEU   Light is lethal. The new Lunar Control has landed. pic.twitter.com/vuhAIn3P

Simon Wilson ‏

@pgatourshaftrep   Sneak Peak! New for 2013 Project X v Tour 52 Driver shaft, we are launching next week in Kapalua! Stay tuned #PXv pic.twitter.com/Mi9z5Ax3

@pgatourshaftrep   The new PXv Tour will play 52 in 6.5 and 55 in 7.0 approx, with advancements in material technology we can make them lighter and more stable

Callaway Golf ‏
@CallawayGolf   The 2013 @PGATOUR season is almost here, and we're ready to make some noise. #BuckleUp pic.twitter.com/NtuVWL1M

Bettinardi Golf
@BettinardiGolf   Can you guess which series this is? Clue is in the hashtag -- #NotAKing //instagr.am/p/TwBqVKnu0v/

Nike Golf ‏
@nikegolf   Light is lethal. The new Lunar Control has landed. Get it here: //bit.ly/W2JJVt

Adams Golf ‏
@AdamsGolfInc   Yes Shane, its long. Have fun! RT @shanebacon: New @adamsgolfinc Super S fairway wood looks long. Fired up to hit it. //instagr.am/p/TvtwrbHwH1/

Ian Poulter ‏

@IanJamesPoulter   Yes you did see the Ryder Cup Bag holding my cue's I'm waiting for the front panel to arrive signed then trophy case. pic.twitter.com/KFEi2af9

Bettinardi Golf ‏
@BettinardiGolf   A beauty! “@cpp_mike: @BettinardiGolf had this show up just in time for Christmas, thanks to @erburn. Awesome putter!! pic.twitter.com/f4r0fpYR

Colt Knost ‏
@ColtKnost   Hey @matt_erwin this clubs won't clean themselves! pic.twitter.com/7jL1L8pk

TaylorMade Golf ‏
@TaylorMadeGolf   Hah, nice pro! RT @bcrowellpro: pic.twitter.com/p342Fhxv @Taylormadegolf #golf meets #billiards I wouldn't try this shot with any other brand!

Richie Ramsay ‏
@RamsayGolf   New clubs from the boys @TaylorMadeGolf #TaylorMade13 pic.twitter.com/nC7NrzHY

Sligo Wear‏
@SLIGOWEAR   “@Brandon_Kerr: Best xmas ever! @SLIGOWEAR @GrahamDeLaet pic.twitter.com/MxeO74Sf

Whitlam Golf
@WhitlamGolfUSA   Copper CU-1 insert already to ship out //instagr.am/p/Ttvh9VikYr/

‏@WhitlamGolfUSA   Just posted a photo //instagr.am/p/Ttp_jBikSE/

Loudmouth Golf ‏
@LoudMouthGolf   Great fan photo from Pebble Beach! #LoudmouthNation pic.twitter.com/saVzXDsc
Vokey Wedges ‏

@VokeyWedges   A very Vokey Christmas! RT @McCannon04: @VokeyWedges look what I got! #BestPresent pic.twitter.com/dGB5lgUh

@VokeyWedges   Wow, a big day! RT "@jlo10000: It was an all #TeamTitleist Christmas @VokeyWedges @FootJoy @Titleist pic.twitter.com/hNguefaB

@VokeyWedges   very sharp! “@crevielight: @VokeyWedges Merry Christmas //instagr.am/p/TrY2eLlTdd/

Hunter Mahan ‏
@HunterMahan   “@Jordy_G6: @HunterMahan hat for Christmas #badass pic.twitter.com/TcQfUIzD” Merry Christmas! Glad you like it

Adams Golf
@AdamsGolfInc   Merry Christmas! RT @JorgeATorres23: @AdamsGolfInc talk about a good Christmas present! Tour staff bag + a12os :) pic.twitter.com/ZzBEH9Hg

Amelia Lewis
@TheAmeliaLewis   Look what Santa brought me! I think he wants to help me putt better ;) #thanksSanta @AimPointGolf @saumock pic.twitter.com/nFMqSEHB

Callaway Golf ‏
@CallawayGolf   Looking good. Enjoy! MT @atlamb: It was a #CallawayChristmas. Gotta love @CallawayGolf can't wait to finish my new set! //twitpic.com/bpazxl

@CallawayGolf   You're stocked up. Merry Christmas! RT @GregScealf: @callawaygolf pic.twitter.com/ryZsEbgr

TaylorMade Golf ‏
@TaylorMadeGolf   Awesome! RT @Bnorth1989: Woke up on this Christmas Morning to these @TaylorMadeGolf #rocketbladez irons #awesome pic.twitter.com/0XPOnETZ

Nike Golf Europe
@NikeGolfEU   Merry Christmas tweeps. Anyone pumped to find Nike Golf under the tree this morning? pic.twitter.com/eb4GmWYC

G/Fore ‏

@gfore   Twas the night before Christmas and all through the clubhouse all the pros were scrambling to get G/FORE glo //instagr.am/p/ToWZQWFumV/

Lydia Hall
@LydiasGolf   My two new putters from @Raaputters pic.twitter.com/4TiCVTgn

‏@LydiasGolf   Grooves going all the way across face now! Looking good  pic.twitter.com/gVvFK6X6

Greg Norman ‏Collection
@gregnormanstyle   Merry Christmas Eve! Here's a look behind the scenes at the Spring 2013 line online store photo shoot: //on.fb.me/VfFNoc

Nike Golf
@nikegolf   Who's pumped to find Nike Golf under the tree? pic.twitter.com/mGPbQH6e

Harry Arnett (Callaway Golf) ‏
@Callaway_HarryA   Check this out: early XForged proto before final cosmetic: pic.twitter.com/UzWWCx81

Alf Callowhill ‏
@AlfCallowhill   Pitching in the bucket practice with the Compression Board! #compressionboard pic.twitter.com/YSDLd7eW

Titleist Canada ‏
@TitleistCA   Nice pic! “@Snell_Jake: 2nd round with the new @TitleistCA 913 driver. Best driver I've ever used! pic.twitter.com/hDO025bJ

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