A week's worth of tweets, December 26, 2011-January 1, 2012

lee thomas putters
Lee Thomas Putters via Twitter
Lee Thomas Putters took to Twitter last week to show us a new shipment of specialty wood that soon will be made into one-of-a-kind putter heads.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Sunday, January 01, 2012 | 5:13 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of December 26-January 1, featuring Bubba Watson, Vicky Hurst, Dustin Johnson and more:

Ping Golf

@PingTour    Beyond the looks of the new i20 series lies an enormous amount of game enhancing technology. #PING2012 pic.twitter.com/MYELUGSO


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@timcusickgolf: " The IPing putting aid is one of the better training aids I've seen. Download the app, purchase the clip for the iPhone and start putting." -- PGA Professional Tim Cusick, Director of Golf Instruction at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Dallas.

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    Sergio looks great in lime green & white here on the cover of Today's Golfer mag......matches our new RBZ colours! pic.twitter.com/mtNscAj3

Dustin Johnson
@DJohnsonPGA    AJ and Chad testing out my new putting green!! #HappyNewYear pic.twitter.com/oMJLDq10

Bubba Watson

@bubbawatson    Yessiree @RickieFowlerPGA gave me my Christmas present!! #urwelcome lockerz.com/s/170389383

Adidas Golf
@adidasGolf   Starting 2012 right! RT @jayalexander1 Was an @adidasGolf christmas. 4 shirts, 2 pants, a jacket, a sweater & new atvs! pic.twitter.com/j1n97CM9

@adidasGolf    No better gift ;) RT @JJblugold: I got a pair of Adicross shoes for Christmas. Thanks Santa for the lasting gift of foot comfort.

TaylorMade Golf
@TaylorMadeGolf    Pretty sight. Happy 2012 indeed RT @DaveF3067: New set of @TaylorMadegolf irons. It's going to be a good year! pic.twitter.com/drsaFIY1

@TaylorMadeGolf    Sweet setup. Happy 2012 RT @rosco28: @TaylorMadeGolf all kitted out for new season #handicapgoingdown #golf pic.twitter.com/vfF4NPyA

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    As we close the door on #YearofDaVoke, we are proud to say we had 51 worldwide Tour victories, we launched SM4, and we look forward to 2012!

Titleist Europe

@TitleistEurope   "@ClaritySE: changed to NXT Tour 3 months ago from a competitors ball, I hit my handicap pretty much every game & better now!" #1BallinGolf

Lee Thomas Putters
@LeeThomasPutter   Got our wood back yesterday from being stabilized! Now we can begin on some new putters to amaze our loyal followers.

Dale Marmion
@DaleMarmion   Not everyday you go to someones house and they have a golf simulator in there //lockerz.com/s/169892186

Courtney Rudolph, PGA
@CourtneyGolfs   Just got a new Ping B60. Now, where to play with it?

Bubba Watson

@bubbawatson    58!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #urwelcome

@bubbawatson    Same ball all day, 58. #urwelcome #mylowestroundever lockerz.com/s/169625189

@bubbawatson    New course record from gold tees! #urwelcome lockerz.com/s/169639794

59 Belts
@59beltsGUY    Agreed @ericmagidson this custom @Andres_Gonzales buckle is still one of my personal faves.. pic.twitter.com/lOCzwYvl

@GolfKZG    Received an amazing prototype of our new VC-420 driver (designed for the better player). We are loving this face. pic.twitter.com/6X3VPS8C

Blake Graham, PGA
@BlakeGrahamPGA   Hey @TaylorMadeGolf ....#RocketBallz is already the rage here in KC. I've been letting members my #RBZ 3-wood and they love it! #TM2012

Marty Jertson, PGA
@jertybird   My first course design - contouring my home putting green! //twitter.com/jertybird/status/152411697833967621/photo/1

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    Buy the demos RT @golfrbob2: Is it worth the extra $$ to buy a new R11 versus demo'ed version for $200 less? (only used indoors)

Whitlam Golf

@WhitlamGolfUSA    Just trying to finalized our new head cover. Do you guys like magnets or velcro? #golf twitpic.com/7zvitd twitpic.com/7zvis3

FootJoy Europe
@FootJoyEurope    First post-Xmas round. No eagles in sight, lots of turkey #whereisthetreadmill? twitpic.com/7zqk2j

Richard S. Johnson

@Rich_S_Johnson    Cleaned the garage and my golf clubs. The First Tee of palm beach is getting a good donation:-). I hope they come to good use

Karin Sjodin
@karin_sjodin    @Rich_S_Johnson I did that a few weeks ago. Hope the First Tee kids like stiff shafts and heavier clubs

Ben Crane
@bencranegolf   This is where I train when at home.Most importantly pong table. @ZachJohnsonPGA u have no chance I've been practicing //pic.twitter.com/mJXGZq8Z

Steve Surry
@Ssurrygpro   Sorted the clubs out that are in the garage earlier before I leave for sa #organisedmess //yfrog.com/nvaxlnyj

Vicky Hurst
@TheVickyHurst   Got the new Callaway Razr Fit driver!! I'm hitting it a mile. Check it out if you want more distance off the tee

Lucy Williams
@lucywgolf   My @TaylorMadeTour doggy :-) she got chilly on the practice ground! //yfrog.com/oecyolsj

FootJoy Europe
@FootJoyEurope   “@fit4purposegolf: loving the new rain pants, not sure long they will stay this colour though:) //twitter.com/fit4purposegolf/status/149481769958256642/photo/1” great pair of strides!

Christopher Hawkins, PGA
@chrishawkinsPGA   Can't wait to wear the @adidasGolf swag in 2012! Gonna kill it with the adicross shoe! #TM2012

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney   Pure Grips, great feel and last the best RT @rma_007: My clubs need regripping, any recommendations?

Alf Callowhill

@AlfCallowhill    flightscope and compression board combo. Wedge distances and solid contact. #TwitPict twitpic.com/7yz2mp

Lee Thomas Putters
@LeeThomasPutter    Just got a new shipment of Pink Ivory, Figured Purpleheart and Figured Claro Walnut from Gilmer Wood Company!... fb.me/1poLl48YM

Deven Trueblood, PGA
@jdTruebloodPGA    He needs to be fit for new driver. Wrong shaft! RT @jakeowen: My bro J-Rod smoking a driver. pic.twitter.com/WhH525G3

Tim Cusick, PGA
@timcusickgolf    The IPing putting aid is one of the better training aids I've seen. Download the app, purchase the clip for the iPhone and start putting.

@timcusickgolf    IPing measures tempo, face at impact and arc of stroke. Has a practice mode as well as measuring mode.

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges   Santa was good! RT "@Zach_Fink: @VokeyWedges Christmas is the best bit.ly/s9cFDA"

@VokeyWedges   You're welcome! #VokeyClaus RT "@22_AlexanderTF: Thank you Santa... And @VokeyWedges bit.ly/ttx0RC"

@VokeyWedges   What a grandson! RT "@crohanoshea: Got my Grandad new SM4 56. He is delighted! yfrog.com/h6zn5noj"

Kevin Hamluk, PGA
@HamlukPGA    @BlakeGrahamPGA I like TM (driver and putter) but tend to lean elsewhere for wedges...TM good but I prefer others in wedges

Blake Graham, PGA
@BlakeGrahamPGA    @HamlukPGA Kevin - how about when you can have all 14 clubs in your bag be from the best company there is? #TM2012 @TaylorMadeGolf

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI    @BlakeGrahamPGA @HamlukPGAKevin u play their wedges? ewww. New ones are an improvement. Will be testing them when they come out

Blake Graham, PGA
@BlakeGrahamPGA    @HamlukPGA I think the new wedges will change your opinion somewhat. What wedges are in your bag now?

Kevin Hamluk, PGA
@HamlukPGA    @BlakeGrahamPGA I have a few that I rotate in and out depending on courses - Cleveland and Vokey

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI    @BlakeGrahamPGA @HamlukPGAKevin and haven't played US TM irons in yrs. Don't like any of them to ever play em. And won't switch anytime soon

Blake Graham, PGA
@BlakeGrahamPGA    @KIRKOGURI Kirk - believe it or not...I liked the XFT wedges. NEw ones are way better tho.

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI    @BlakeGrahamPGA here's my thing: How can u come out with a wedge saying one grind fits all golfers? No way. I'll be grinding it big time

Blake Graham, PGA
@BlakeGrahamPGA    @KIRKOGURI totally agree with that. My wedges will look nothing like the retail version.....

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI      @HamlukPGA @BlakeGrahamPGA Fourteen Golf make the best conforming wedges available in the US

Kevin Hamluk, PGA
@HamlukPGA    @KIRKOGURI really good wedges...and really expensive too! But a great, heavy wedge!

Blake Graham, PGA
@BlakeGrahamPGA    @KIRKOGURI what irons are you playing? You didn't like the MB or MC iron?

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI      @BlakeGrahamPGA their sales were so poor in Jpn. That says a lot which means it didn't come close to other irons there.

@KIRKOGURI      @BlakeGrahamPGA I still play Jpn Burner forged. And so do many players out here. We've gotten a bunch of them for staff players

@KIRKOGURI      @BlakeGrahamPGA u will NOT get me playing an iron that has "MC" on it!!

@KIRKOGURI      @HamlukPGA they are expensive, because they are milled so well and faces are perfectly flat. Grooves milled also. Great quality

Blake Graham, PGA
@BlakeGrahamPGA    @KIRKOGURI gotcha....I played the MB most of they year and the switched to a set of MC's with no offset in September. I actually like them.

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI      @BlakeGrahamPGA not sayin they won't perform well. Just no chance to get my irons out of the bag. Has to be better

Dan Sposato, PGA
@DSpogolf    @KIRKOGURI you see the new 588 from Cleveland yet?

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI      @DSpogolf new 588? That's like saying if I've seen the new Taylormade bubble shafts ;)

@KIRKOGURI      @DSpogolf Same wedge just conforming grooves. But it's still a Cleveland wedge


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