A week's worth of tweets, January 2-8, 2012

dustin johnson's golf bags
Dustin Johnson via Twitter
Dustin Johnson took to Twitter last week to show us the golf bags stored in his closet.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, January 09, 2012 | 1:48 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of January 2-8, featuring Dustin Johnson, Paula Creamer, Scott Gutschewski and more:

Mike Fay, PGA

@mikefaygolf    Free For All: Who makes the best sand wedge? I am shopping for a new one.


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@Stevenmcdaniel: "Custom Fitting today with the second biggest set of hands I have ever seen. Biggest? Ed Too Tall Jones: Jumbo grips plus 8 extra wraps." -- PGA Professional Steven McDaniel of the Steven McDaniel Golf Academy in Tranas, Sweden

Jason Sutton, PGA
@golfgurutv    “@mikefaygolf: Free For All: Who makes the best sand wedge? I am shopping for a new one.” Titleist s4

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI    @mikefaygolf Fourteen Golf, Scratch Golf, Jpn Vokey, actually any good Jpn wedge company makes the best wedges. Quality, flat faces, spin

Kevin Hamluk, PGA
@HamlukPGA    14 Golf makes great ones - but expensive - right @KIRKOGURI RT @mikefaygolf: Who makes the best sand wedge? I am shopping for a new one.

Bettinardi Golf
@BettinardiGolf    “@benbarren: forget Scotty Cameron, it's all Bob Bettinardi #golf putter @bettinardigolf BB2 instagr.am/p/eN_4D/

TaylorMade Golf
@TaylorMadeGolf   RT @davecordero: Three golfers playing new @TaylorMadeGolf R11S driver at #HyundaiTOC. #TM2012

KBS Tour Shafts
@KBSShafts    KBS C-Taper S+ in the hands of the Hyundai leader! A strong start for 2012!

Simon Wilson
@pgatourshaftrep    Well done Louis! 1st Tour win for our new PX Black Driver shaft! #moretocome #pxblack

@pgatourshaftrep    @PingTour @ChanceCozby Great win for King Louis boys! #pxblack

@pgatourshaftrep    "@TheBoyBeaver: @pgatourshaftrep Specs of what he uses?" PX Black 6.5

FootJoy Europe
@FootJoyEurope    Congratulations Louis Oosthuizen on defending your title in South Africa wearing FJICON and SciFlex #1shoeandgloveingolf

David Byrne
@David_Byrne87    Trying to get used to the new clubs at Waldorf Astoria - not going so well.

Marc Warren
@MarcWarrenGolf    Brand new @nikegolf shoes and bag ready to go, looking forward to getting on a golf course tomoro! #joburgopen pic.twitter.com/7PRNtpll

Trevor Immelman
@TrevorImmelman    RAZR Fit driver, octane 3 wood, RAZR Muscleback irons, odyssey putter “@NatSheary: @TrevorImmelman what clubs are you using from Callaway?”

Nike Golf

@nikegolf    Love to hear that! RT @GolfcartGangsta: I am addicted to ur #20XI spin golfball!! First time iv felt confident with a certain ball.

Charlie Beljan
@CharlieBeljan    most incredible bag ever thx to the bottom of it. Hollllllla!! pic.twitter.com/za3hk9sI"

Ping Golf
@PingTour    Spotted at Kapalua! PING Pro Mark Wilson putting his new i20 irons & driver into play for the 1st time on the @PGATOUR pic.twitter.com/oResN6VF

Ashley Smith
@Ashley_jo_smith    Look at the snazzy new golf shoes!! @ANordqvist I wanna b just like u friend :) pic.twitter.com/UgKdoJYC

Zane Scotland
@ZaneScotland    No hybrids back in my day, 1 iron in the bag at age 12. #neck pic.twitter.com/WWBN2noW

FootJoy Europe
@FootJoyEurope    “@martinheggie: @FootJoy my new ones arrived yesterday. Best golf shoes ever. Sign Boy would love them! #xps-1” We like them too!

Scott Gutschewski
@GootchPGA    This morning it was a one car garage, this afternoon it's an indoor driving range!! pic.twitter.com/J9hWNAQl

Arron Oberholser
@ArronOberholser    Eenie, meenie, miney, moe............ pic.twitter.com/4gonBjDc

@ArronOberholser    “@ReaganMask: @ArronOberholser where's the belly putter?” At the bottom of the lake, where they all belong. #kindajokingbutnotreally

Luke Donald
@LukeDonald    RT @DirectGolfGrips @LukeDonald What are your thoughts on the belly putter? Big help to guys who struggle with a conventional putter

Daniel Gaunt
@dangaunt    Having a solid day practicing using my sp golf aid. yfrog.com/kg44sgej

Nike Golf

@nikegolf    A closer look at the VR_S driver. Dropping 2.3.2012 facebook.com/media/set/?set…

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI    The Taylormade Rocketballz Rescue 4 is 2" longer than my 4 hybrid. Wow.

David Byrne
@David_Byrne87    New sticks! Nervous to try em. #starburstnotincluded. 8-PW are MB2's 4-7 are a12's @AdamsGolfInc lockerz.com/s/172235780 lockerz.com/s/172235802

David Hearn
@HearnDavid    Yup...white again this year!! Now I can get to all the par 5's in two!! Thanks to everyone at TaylorMade for a good day pic.twitter.com/sMzkMxoR

adidas Golf
@adidasGolf    Excellent - comfortable then? RT @TomDavies95: Bought some @adidasGolf Grind Golf shoes..like walking on marshmallows. Love them!

Chris Wilson
@TheRealCWilson    Absolutely love all my new @ClevelandGolf equipment for 2012, especially the new Mashie 3w #feelsorryforothercompanies

John Letters Golf
@JohnLettersGolf    Not long till the new 2012 master model blade is launch. Register interest at //www.johnletters.com/ pic.twitter.com/lnPcyLNj

Keegan Bradley
@Keegan_Bradley    First day of 2012 Also first day with my new gear @TommyHilfiger. So excited for what the year holds! #dowork pic.twitter.com/JvbthUE7

TaylorMade Golf
@TaylorMadeGolf    RT @Golfalot: @TaylorMadeGolf must've been working hard over Xmas. Released today, out Feb, new Penta TP3 & TP5 balls: pic.twitter.com/W9xLBIkc

Paula Creamer
@ThePCreamer    How pretty pic.twitter.com/rHZ8h9HR

@ThePCreamer    Even prettier pic.twitter.com/tMSYSFVS

Steven McDaniel, PGA
@Stevenmcdaniel    Custom Fitting today with the second biggest set of hands I have ever seen. Biggest? Ed Too Tall Jones: Jumbo grips plus 8 extra wraps.

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    @We are looking forward to it! RT @FootJoy The first shipment of Spring 2012 FJ apparel has come in...and will be going out just as quickly!

Tjaart van der Walt
@Tj_vdWalt    Hole in One Ball. Thanks Titleist !  pic.twitter.com/XDi9qw8R

Sligo Wear
@SLIGOWEAR    Midnight Hudson, new design for SP12. pbckt.com/pS.UMkN3f

@Titleist    #TeamTitleist has a sneak preview of the new @ScottyCameron Select line coming this spring. Pics here: bit.ly/wJPhMV

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    I love that putter RT @TimCowlishaw: ordered @TaylorMadeGolf Ghost TM-110 putter this morning. Good move?

@HankDHaney    Thx, very cool RT @PandTGolf: Shipping out to you today--courtesy of Page & Tuttle Golf! pic.twitter.com/uOqELgLt

Sandra Gal

@TheSandraGal   Packing out my @callawaygolf present :) #spinners yfrog.com/hsp9nqwj

@TheSandraGal   How about the colors of my new tour bag? Loving it... yfrog.com/occwryvj

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    A closer look at the VR_S lineup of irons. Dropping 2.3.2012. The S stands for SPEED facebook.com/media/set/?set…

@FootJoy    The first shipment of Spring 2012 FJ apparel has come in...and will be going out just as quickly! Plenty of great options in 4 color stories

FootJoy Europe
@FootJoyEurope   “@SebCN: @TitleistEurope @EnglandGolf @FootJoyEurope #slick pic.twitter.com/iS2DkgbM” Beautiful pair of boots!

@FootJoyEurope   “@davidcareygolf7: Loving all the ijp gear @FootJoyEurope icons just make it better!!! yfrog.com/kliedecj A naughty pair of shoes! #MyJoys

Cleveland Srixon Tour
@CGSrixonTour   PHOTO: David Toms getting some practice in at #kapalua. Rockin' the #Classic driver into an amazing backdrop. pic.twitter.com/PzzvFoCf

@CGSrixonTour    David Toms hasn't played blades in quite a few years, but he is loving the new 588 Forged MB. #pure #throwindarts pic.twitter.com/IKMJknBe

Paul Stankowski
@PaulStankowski   Current equipment brands in my bag. Callaway, Taylor Made, Ping and Adams. Glad I have some time to figure it all out! #TestingContinues

Bettinardi Golf
@BettinardiGolf    New 2012 BB and Studio Stock Series Headcovers bettinardi.com/store/accessor… fb.me/1urRMcKqE

Felicity Johnson
@FlicJohnsonGolf    Bit cold outside but I've found a warm spot @Mardilou68 #trueplaneinthewarm pic.twitter.com/k8OFBFOx

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    We started with all these Monday and left Wednesday with two shafts! #africaopen twitpic.com/83lji6

Emiliano Grillo
@GrilloEmiliano    Can't wait to put my new callaway golf clubs in play.. the new RAZR driver looks unbelievable ...

Ping Golf
@PingTour    Our followers have described our new i20 driver as, "Clean, stealth, innovative & sexy" how would you describe it? pic.twitter.com/i5XywPY3

@PingTour    We've heard, "Bubba-rific, menacing and stealthy" when describing the new i20 driver. What word would you use? pic.twitter.com/QKRJf8Ct

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Check out some crazy stamping we did for our friend Rocco. yfrog.com/gyldwexhj

Mizuno Golf Europe
@MizunoGolf_News    Returning to the tour @Chris3Wood shoots 69 in the Africa Open with his new MP-650 driver. Welcome back Chris. goo.gl/CP5R2

Vokey Wedges

@VokeyWedges    Wow! Busy day at WedgeWorks! We are stamping up a storm. yfrog.com/hs54481702j

@VokeyWedges    Our man ADill getting ready for the Sony Open next week! #bestinthebiz yfrog.com/kiphualj

@VokeyWedges    Some cool custom end caps on our new Vokey VDR grips. Thx to our friends at GolfPride. yfrog.com/es48hsj

Kris Blanks
@krisblanks    Got my new FJ shirts today. Looking forward to wearing them this year. Nice colors and nice comfortable fabric. Thanks FJ!!

Cleveland Srixon Tour
@CGSrixonTour    #LSU alum & huge Tigers fball fan @davidtomsgolf is pumped for Monday's Nat'l Champ. game. Just look at his wedges! pic.twitter.com/6YuI7c79

@CGSrixonTour    Little sneak peek at our 2012 staff bag. This is David Toms' with a ton of new gear! What do you think? #kapalua pic.twitter.com/JsBDMGWV

@CGSrixonTour    What's new in David Toms' bag @hyundaitoc1? New #588Forged MB irons and wedges and one beautiful #Classic driver. pic.twitter.com/PaIpuHMh

@CGSrixonTour    How much do we think @Keegan_Bradley is enjoying smashing his new #Classic driver into this backdrop? #kapalua pic.twitter.com/LBmrY4BO

Paula Creamer
@ThePCreamer    Trying my new Taylormade ghost pure roll putter pic.twitter.com/k7S2r97H

@ThePCreamer    Always have to have pink on the putter!!! pic.twitter.com/4aOT2LdG

@ThePCreamer    Such suspense with the white box golf balls. What does @bridgestonegolf have up there sleeve?!?! pic.twitter.com/5SGUVWe9

adidas Golf
@adidasGolf     nice color too RT @scott_hip: @adidasGolf just bought myslef a pair of tour 360's, got to be worth a retweet! yfrog.com/klbedrwj

Mitchell Golf
@MitchellGolfCo    Cullen Davis, a Mitchell Partner, working with a TourGAUGE® Putter Machine in full Partner garb! Visit Cullen's... fb.me/1A39HpGTz

Jones Golf Bags
@JonesGolfBags    Want to thank our friends at Imperial... Love the hats!!! lockerz.com/s/171600081

Spirit of Colors
@SpiritofColorsl    2012 We are getting off to a great start our sets are now 1wood (400 & 460cc), 3 wood, 5 & X hybreads. You win!!

FootJoy Europe
@FootJoyEurope    Lee Westwoods XPS-1's just about to leave the Tour cage ready for life on Tour!#1 Shoe in Golf. twitpic.com/833nr2

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    Just arrived at Tour HQ, in time for Abu Dhabi. #R11S twitpic.com/8338no

@TaylorMadeTour   This is what staff player Richard Bland's golf ball looks like in the middle of the 18th fairway!! #africaopen twitpic.com/831r1i

Chris Carnahan
@Carnahangolf    #ThinkGreen in 2012 pic.twitter.com/SJhS0hZ1

Robert Garrigus

@robertgarrigus    I have been putting with the long stick for a while and I believe that it will be there for a long time and the better I will get!!

@Aldilashafts    Aldila Rip'D NV 75- X Rocketballz pic.twitter.com/1YpUMXxM

Michael Thompson
@MSlickThompson    New shipment from my new sponsor @AshworthGolf. I tried on every shirt and I'm excited to sport the new look! pic.twitter.com/rvte21ct

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    The Hyundai Tournament of Champions features Tour winners from 2012. That means over 70% of the field are Vokey loyalists. #InVokeWeTrust

@VokeyWedges    Hey @TheKevinNa , where's your BV Belt Buckle? #LuckyBuckle pic.twitter.com/LBKT3I01

@VokeyWedges    Check out our new Vokey VDR prototype grips. Should be ready Spring 2012! #WedgeWorks yfrog.com/klxxhvij

Blake Graham, PGA
@BlakeGrahamPGA    @Jstruebs Cleveland PW is 44. >>>> holy smokes!!

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI    @BlakeGrahamPGA @Jstruebs If I showed u the loft specs of tour players, you'd be surprised how many of them have 45* PW's

John C. Rudolph, PGA
@jcrpgapro    Did you know? A putter face that is 1 degree open or closed at impact will send the ball 2 inches offline on a 10 foot putt.

Dustin Johnson
@DJohnsonPGA   Getting this closet organized. Got my @TaylorMadeGolf gear displayed with pride!! #TM2012 pic.twitter.com/BMtIljhx

@DJohnsonPGA   My boy @ChadSelzler is checking out my @ScottyCameron putters and my new bag with my logo - still in the wrapping!! pic.twitter.com/CraEzinp

@DJohnsonPGA   My golf bags and some clubs are important to me and help give some perspective about where I've been and where I still want to go. #MajorWin

Kevin Hamluk, PGA

@HamlukPGA    Why is $300-400 normal for a driver but $150 is a lot for a putter? Driver = 14 times a round...Putter = 36 times a round. Spend wisely!

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    An icon, now w/ golf spikes. The Dunk NG is available @nikestore - Mens: bit.ly/tKBPFL Wmns: bit.ly/vzf1Ma

Alf Callowhill
@AlfCallowhill    Need help around the greens? Learn to control your pitches! fb.me/1wJjPqoyb


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