A week's worth of golf equipment tweets, June 17-23, 2013

Ernie Els putter from Odyssey Golf
Odyssey Golf via Twitter
Odyssey Golf took to Twitter last week to show us this close-up shot of the Tank #7 putter that Ernie Els used to win the BMW International Open in Munich, Germany, on Sunday.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | 12:35 a.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of June 17-23, featuring Natalie Gulbis, Justin Rose, Sara 'No H' Brown and more:

TaylorMade Golf 
‏@TaylorMadeGolf    Ken Duke's (@DukePGA) winning #TaylorMade bag @TravelersChamp included the RBZ Stage 2 Driver, 3-wood and 5-wood. What a gutsy playoff win!
Adams Golf 
‏@AdamsGolfInc    Winner of @EncompassChamp played two Idea hybrids including 21-deg DHy    //adamsgolf.com/products/hybrids/super_dhy.php … #hottesthybridontour @ChampionsTour
SeeMore Putters 
‏@SeeMorePutters    Nice t2 finish for @steven_tiley (mfgp black) on @EuropeanTour Challenge event.  Great playing.  Keep up the solid play for next week.
Odyssey Golf 
‏@odysseygolf    Congratulations to @TheBig_Easy on rolling his new Versa TANK #7 to a victory at the BMW International Open! pic.twitter.com/mNK68on0vO
@odysseygolf    Tankification? 1st (Ernie) and 2nd (Bjorn) at the BMW International Open both used new counterbalance TANK putters: //bit.ly/15vTNvr
Ping Golf 
‏@PingTour    At the @TravelersChamp, PING Pro @cabrera_pato switched to a Scottsdale TR Anser 2. Avg. 1.72 Putts per GIR #TrueRoll //bit.ly/14RrvhP
Fujikura Composites 
‏@FujikuraOnTour    The winner of the BMW International Open used Motore Speeder in all his woods. 
Golf Pride Grips ‏
@golfpridegrips    It's a new season, bring your grips back to life. Clean them with a washcloth & warm water #getagrip #golfpride //instagram.com/p/a1Z-hgg9dB/
Robert Dinwiddie ‏
@robdin29    Ok I didn't make the cut this week but I did hit some money shots with my new 712U!What a club that is!Thanks boys @TitleistEurope
Michael Rowley (Straight Down Apparel)
‏@michaelrowley62    @StraightDown   Sneak preview of what's to come!  # color #style  :)  #2014awesome! pic.twitter.com/LDzbN9HfBp
Michael Johnson (Piretti Golf)
‏@PirettiGolf    On its way to Sweden! @henrikstenson pic.twitter.com/dQcw0QEEhH
@PirettiGolf    Side view. @henrikstenson pic.twitter.com/bLI3TXnOHv
@PirettiGolf    Rear view.  @henrikstenson pic.twitter.com/CbgCMYdnTD
@PirettiGolf    Any takers?!?! pic.twitter.com/F3mP2czUtI
Sara 'No H' Brown
@SaraBrownGolf    HELP... What color shirt for tomorrows final round #lookgoodplaygood @LoudMouthGolf @Golf4Her_LLC #FIATofDaytona pic.twitter.com/YsJBKpcHxu
Vokey Wedges ‏
@VokeyWedges    How do you spend your Fri afternoon? Our man #AD spends it grinding wedges for a lucky WedgeWorks customer. pic.twitter.com/ae6YZV1xGT
@VokeyWedges    This wedge is going to be a 60T with a pre-worn leading edge, square toe and pro groove. #HandGround pic.twitter.com/ycugyZiBij
@VokeyWedges    In this picture, Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill is putting a straight leading edge on the 60T. #HandGround pic.twitter.com/1honOfrraG
@VokeyWedges    Sparks fly as he squares the toe. #HandGround pic.twitter.com/SYSiswpete
@VokeyWedges    Here's a look at the 60T about halfway through. #clean pic.twitter.com/Y2i5DaDnhy
@VokeyWedges    Here's a look at the square toe option. #WedgeWorks #HandGround #ADSpecial pic.twitter.com/diy5SE5dVl
@VokeyWedges    Amazingly cool BV knurling on our new Hand Ground wedges with hand stamped serial numbers. #HandGround pic.twitter.com/8WZ8DEN0KQ
Win McMurry
@WinMcMurryGC: A delicious treat today from @bridgestonegolf! The NEW Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept joins brand! //instagram.com/p/a0-UxcLZiF/
SeeMore Putters
@SeeMorePutters    How does a 4 leaf clover help you make putts? pic.twitter.com/dKEYB8dH28
@SeeMorePutters    zSeries Tour Limited Head Covers have been shipped to those who purchased zSeries Putters. The head covers have a... //fb.me/OwE14D3d
Briana Vega ‏
@BriVega    Thank you #KateLord for being such a great clothing sponsor! I got a nice package today after my round! pic.twitter.com/u8rKokL12S
Golf Pride Grips ‏
@golfpridegrips    Summertime & the grippin' is easy. 1st day of summer, clean your grips for the new season #getagrip #golfpride //vine.co/v/hu6pVWZKPzH
Scott Goryl ‏(Callaway)
@ScottGorylCG    Great 2 days in CT so far 4 new @CallawayGolf staffer Patrick Reed. 14.5* X Hot 3Deep bent a little strong in the bag pic.twitter.com/hPUk2pJtsO
‏@Titleist    The @TravelersChamp ball count is in
Titleist: 104
Nearest competitor: 16
Good luck this weekend to #TeamTitleist //youtu.be/eEMjxG1D9Zo
Odyssey Golf ‏
@odysseygolf    With a new Versa-fied TANK #7 in the bag, @TheBig_Easy puts up an opening rd 63 (-9) at the BMW International Open. pic.twitter.com/SKXr3s8smc
@odysseygolf    Odyssey is the #1 Putter again this week @WebDotComTour, & a whopping 40% of the Odyssey putters in play are #Versa. //bit.ly/ZXnAQT
Mike Soroka ‏‏(Callaway)
@phillymickster    How good is the 2013 @OdysseyGolf line up? 44 (of 63 Odyssey) are in play this week on Web!
28 Versa
11 WH Pro
3 PTiX
4 Tank (2 are Versa)
Golf Pride Grips 
‏@golfpridegrips    The @travelerschamp starts today. Can you spot the #1gripontour? //instagram.com/p/ayFGmeg9YD/
@golfpridegrips    Who will have a grip on Victory this week @travelerschamp? #golfpride #throwbackthursday //instagram.com/p/ay7xNlg9RO/
Natalie Gulbis ‏
@natalie_gulbis    Thanks Adidas! One of the coolest things I have had the opportunity to do is create an Adidas golf shoe //instagram.com/p/ay7T72Go18/
@natalie_gulbis    Driver testing two new Taylor made Drivers  //campl.us/plok
Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Looks like someone skipped the line on the new Hand Ground program. #TourCard @ScottPiercyPGA #HiYa pic.twitter.com/Vm0K38ZCvI
Alex DePallo ‏(Cleveland/Srixon)
@ADePallo    Took out my new, old wedge yesterday. Next step is stamping/painting my #ROTEX gamers. //instagram.com/p/ayRpcGJORj/
Titleist Europe 
‏@TitleistEurope    Titleist is the #1ball at the #BMW International Open. 106 players (68%) in the field are using the #1ballingolf Performance is Titleist.
Bettinardi Golf 
‏@BettinardiGolf    This week's #TBT comes from 2002 when Bettinardi Golf and Matt Kuchar began their relationship. #TeamBettinardi pic.twitter.com/LWnr9CVvNO
Ping Golf
@PingTour    .@bubbawatson won his 1st @PGATOUR event at the 2010 @TravelersChamp. 3 years later, another Watson joins #TeamPING! pic.twitter.com/QHZpybzXX6
@PingTour    Like father, like son! Welcome to the #PINGFamily, Caleb Watson! #MyFirstPING @bubbawatson pic.twitter.com/TFnIm0GCfD
Whitlam Golf 
‏@WhitlamGolfUSA    Wahine landing soon at Cardiff Reef! //fb.me/2ePXNi2yk
Alex DePallo ‏(Cleveland/Srixon)
@ADePallo    Found my old Tour Action 900 wedges...going to do some customization. Here's before (after coming soon): pic.twitter.com/ZYLEGdDLp6
@ADePallo    And here is the after. @golfpridegrips #custom #getstamped pic.twitter.com/7xOaoXxS3x
Vokey Wedges ‏
@VokeyWedges    Cool Vine from @Titleist of our man #AD hand grinding a wedge @TravelersChamp //ow.ly/mc7tM   #HandGround
Kris Tamulis 
‏@kktamulis    Wanna know 'what's in the bag?' After my Cheerios bag busted then it rained I had to dump everything out  pic.twitter.com/1u791tWfmc
@kktamulis    This weeks lightweight pretty pretty @alialfital ... This wouldn't load Monday @hackersparadise pic.twitter.com/NKPbifOxbb
Kartel Clothing ‏
@Kartel_Clothing    Had browse through our Mens Casual outfit ideas section yet? 
Amelia Lewis 
‏@TheAmeliaLewis    Packing for the US Women's Open! Here is a surprise peek of 2 of my outfits #RedWhite&Blue @LoudMouthGolf @JofitLLC pic.twitter.com/PUCOjtuITa
TaylorMade South Africa
@TaylorMadeSA    Justin Rose using his R1 driver to great effect, winning his first Major Title at the US Open! #YOUR1 pic.twitter.com/vuWYOEXR5k
@TaylorMadeSA    Justin Rose used the all new Spider Blade Putter when he won the US Open! Putter launches in SA on the 28 of June! pic.twitter.com/EXdny0hCsY
Blair O'Neal 
‏@BLAIRONEAL    My new @cobragolf wedges! # Thanks @cobragolf  //instagram.com/p/avhnXAxBqx/
Charlie Kautz (TaylorMade)
‏@CharlieTour    .@JustinRose99 is playing @TravelersChamp this week. Our guy @davecordero snapped a photo of his 4-iron from Merion. pic.twitter.com/hWnromnMkS
‏@Titleist    Order up! Nothing like some fresh @VokeyWedges in the morning. #TeamTitleist pic.twitter.com/tA2Moc5n3i
Titleist on Tour 
‏@TitleistonTour    . @Titleist Brand Ambassador @jasbohn showing off his new @ScottyCameron "Cash is King" head cover.  #teamtitleist pic.twitter.com/ci9oV20WKj
Wilson Golf 
‏@WilsonGolf    Great having @MichaelBelkin11 on the grounds for a D100 driver custom fitting. @NCCGAPresident @Collegegolfpass pic.twitter.com/FiQnU6VPw6
Ping Golf
@PingTour    Do you have one of these? PING Pro @markwilsongolf was spotted with a wooden-shafted iron, a gift from his wife, Amy. pic.twitter.com/IYv9mEvuml
Dave Cordero (TaylorMade)
@davecordero    Official tour launch of @TaylorMadeGolf Spider Blade this week @TravelersChamp pic.twitter.com/2HQp6FSDh5
@davecordero    And here is @JustinRose99 @TaylorMadeGolf Spider Blade. This this was a beast at Merion! pic.twitter.com/mDfAYJXML8
Alex DePallo (Cleveland/Srixon)
‏@ADePallo    Newest addition to the #TourVisor collection. #Merion //instagram.com/p/auI3xOpOQT/
TaylorMade Golf ‏
@TaylorMadeGolf    U.S. Open Champion @JustinRose99 won using a new #counterbalance Spider Blade. Question your putter. Feel the answer. //bit.ly/CntrBlnce
Callaway Golf ‏
@CallawayGolf    .@TwoGlovesGolf building his own golf ball at our ball plant in Chicopee, MA today with @MikeStachura: pic.twitter.com/MPws27KSXr
Ping Golf ‏
@PingTour    PING Pro @nickohern made it into the PING Tour Trailer just in time. @TravelersChamp pic.twitter.com/OZ6uUD6CWm
Cobra Golf ‏
@cobragolf    New addition to the bag last week...AMP Forged 3i #versAtile #cobra //instagram.com/p/atbn49CEPw/
@cobragolf    Alignment sticks...not just for alignment anymore #keeptheheadstill //instagram.com/p/atZT_4iEME/
Mizuno Golf Europe ‏
@MizunoGolf_News    Some local golf academy pupils receiving top secret fitting tips from Andy K on the truck today! #mizunoontour pic.twitter.com/1DeWE6dgkR
@MizunoGolf_News    We had a very busy morning! 10 sets ordered, at this point we'd built 5! All hands on deck!! #mizunoontour pic.twitter.com/oSpDhVQfrZ
@Titleist    Let's get the day rolling with @ScottyCameron on the practice green at the @TravelersChamp #TeamTitleist pic.twitter.com/E61u1NoYLi
@Titleist    A closer look at the tools of the trade for Titleist Staffer @JasonDufner #TeamTitleist pic.twitter.com/DvjiyNaFIY
@Titleist    Titleist Staffer @ZachJohnsonPGA stops by the Tour Van at the @TravelersChamp for a quick tune-up. #TeamTitleist pic.twitter.com/qw2lANuFca
Ping Golf Europe ‏
@PINGTourEurope    Brand new set of #S56 irons for Miguel at the #BMWInternational this week. Just painting dots & they're good to go: //ow.ly/i/2o3BK
@PINGTourEurope    Two more PING players will debut the #NomeTR on @European_Tour @andysulligolf @BrandonMStone //ow.ly/i/2ofJm  //ow.ly/i/2ofLZ
Michael Sposa ‏‏(Callaway)
@CallawaySposa    @CallawayGolf Freddie Jacobson working with X Hot 3Deep in Hartford. pic.twitter.com/jPcSDFzY0O
FootJoy Canada ‏
@FootJoyCA    One of our favourite MyJoys Contour Casual builds so far from Anthony B! #MarkofaPlayer Enter: //bit.ly/13V1efV  pic.twitter.com/ts7KS3oX9M
Back 9 USA ‏
@Back9USA    Our new Varsity Made in USA leather head covers. Available July 15. pic.twitter.com/OSu3z4q9au
Tiffany Tavee 
‏@tiffanytavee    New additions to the bag from @PingTour ....getting ready for Sebonack! #uswomensopen #G25 #playyourbest pic.twitter.com/adYV4E0jKp
Bettinardi Tour Stock ‏
@HexBTourStock    Custom Hexa-Cola BB Zero... Check it out! What a cool putter! pic.twitter.com/TV7MiP33AB
Jane Park ‏
@TheJanePark    Thanks to @CustomMarkers and @TheChristinaKim I will always and forever be hungry on the course! #CutestEver pic.twitter.com/7mH35hJkyS
Ping Golf 
‏@PingTour    The calm before the storm. 17 PING Pros are set to compete this week at the @TravelersChamp...we're going to be busy! pic.twitter.com/jQ2VRS774X
Justin Rose 
‏@JustinRose99    This was a nice treat. Went into Merion's memorabilia room. Had a photo next to Hogans clubs. 
TaylorMade Golf 
‏@TaylorMadeGolf    In @JustinRose99's winning U.S. Open bag:
R1 driver
RBZ Stage 2 fairway
RBladez Tour, TPMB irons
ATV wedges
Spider Blade putter
Lethal ball
@TaylorMadeGolf    Did you know? Justin Rose's (@JustinRose99) wife says her lucky number is 9. JR plays Lethal golf balls stamped No. 99 for "twice the luck."
FootJoy Canada 
‏@FootJoyCA    In other news...check out these additions to the 2014 FJ ICON family! #MarkofaPlayer #SneakPeak pic.twitter.com/H8ZOy5hfg3
Brad Fritsch 
‏@BradFritsch    New FootJoy Contour Casual MyJoys launched TODAY. Here's what I came up with, can you tell I'm obsessed? @FootJoyCA pic.twitter.com/mPDbWpIdOB
Dave Cordero (TaylorMade)
‏@davecordero    Coincidence that I'm receiving more requests for Spider Blade putters today? #shipit pic.twitter.com/lojomBFdRr
Alex DePallo (Cleveland/Srixon) 
‏@ADePallo    Not to brag...but...yeah, this thing is sweet. #USOpen #America #ROTEX //instagram.com/p/aq1PzMpORy/
Fairway & Greene ‏
@FairwayGreene    Every golfer knows practice is essential to play your #BestGolf F&G heads to @ChelseaPiersNYC #NYCMustSee #FgStyle pic.twitter.com/6D9pfqWDjN
Bushnell Golf 
‏@BushnellGolf    Get the exact yardage to the flag using the Bushnell Laser Rangefinder. #bushnellgolf #exactyardage //instagram.com/p/aqR5TOSysL/
SMS Inc. ‏
@SMSInc_On_Tour    Congratulations to @European_Tour's latest winner, Simon Thornton. See his winning bag here. #NajetiHotelsetGolfsOpen pic.twitter.com/XdrKO6d3uQ

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