A week's worth of tweets, March 14-20, 2011

jason gore
Anna Nordqvist via Twitter
LPGA Tour player Anna Nordqvist took to Twitter last week to show us how resourceful her fellow Cobra player Jason Gore could be when they needed an umbrella on short notice.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, March 21, 2011 | 6:07 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of March 14-20, featuring Jamie Lovemark, Meredith Duncan, Tommy Armour III and more:


@TitleistonTour    Congratulations Gary Woodland! Thanks for making us look good. WITB: Pro V1, 910D3 7.5*, 909F, 503i, MB irons, @VokeyWedges & @ScottyCameron


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@Meredith_Duncan "Why is golf sooooo much easier when you don't try so hard?" -- LPGA Tour player Meredith Duncan

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Big week for @Titleist and Vokey Wedges. #'s 1,2,3 on the leaderboard. Congrats Gary W. on your first PGA Tour win!!

Kevin Hamluk, PGA
@HamlukPGA    Great day with the new @nikegolf VR Pro Combo irons...partner and I came back in our A Team match in the end...

Heather MacRae
@hezzmacgolf    @chrisjkelly1 just found a newport 2.5 in the shop :)

@hezzmacgolf    Look what I just got :) for the first time in a long time I am really excited to go putt! :) //yfrog.com/h0wkgjpj

Bobby Gates
@bobbygatesgolf    Can anyone guess who's wedge this is? I like the stamp! //plixi.com/p/85513789

Blake Graham, PGA
@BlakeGrahamPGA    Hey @taylormadegc.....R11's are flying out the door at Hallbrook CC this weekend!! Good selling weather finally in 2011!

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    RT @jayztbay: How often do you recommend re-gripping the putter? I love the feel, but I play a lot in the summer Every couple years

@HankDHaney    RT @flagrant1978: what putter do you use Hank? Nike Method

@HankDHaney    RT @jrhjr: how would a top club pro (1 thats qualified 4 the pga champ) fare on the lpga? I think he would totally dominate

@HankDHaney    RT @JasonTigner:would you recommend club fitting for a 16 handicap? Also would it improve his game? Absolutely

@HankDHaney    RT @JJgolfpro: What is your view on center shafted putters? Real good if u try to put straight back and through without a lot of rotation

@HankDHaney    RT @imyourlawyer:used to slice all shots then bought new clubs. Now shots go left, same swing The lie angle is more upright on the new ones

Andres Gonzales

@Andres_Gonzales    My new belt buckle courtesy of @59beltsGUY twitpic.com/4b7z56

Stuart Appleby
@StuartAppleby    Here she is... yfrog.com/h0woeoiwj

Graeme McDowell
@Graeme_McDowell    The #Cleveland TL I am trying and shaft. 3 mph faster ballspeed than my current driver. //yfrog.com/h7hptdpj //yfrog.com/h7azgoqj

Karen Stupples
@Kstupples   was like bleeding Rommel yesterday! :-)

@Kstupples   looks like i need to change all my grips :-( need to grin & bear it til monday :-(

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    Looks fabulous! Women will also love the fit! RT @RobLilleyPGA: my new Nike ladies stock, I think it looks great //twitpic.com/4az1iu

Na Yeon Choi
@nychoi87   My new bag & head covers. So cute. ♪(´ε` ) //fb.me/XCCVSyyR

Bubba Watson
@bubbawatson    Going with the Blue @KENTWOOLTOUR socks!! yfrog.com/h0ttwatj

Tommy Armour III

@Tommyarmour3    Here are the #Adamsgolf clubs, @adamsgolfkorea yfrog.com/gy62nkjxj yfrog.com/hsv7kqsj yfrog.com/gyg6rczj yfrog.com/h4hsdslj

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    RT @devintaylor91: For fun tested out: Razr, R11 & VR Pro drivers...I'd rate em: VR Pro, Razr then R11. VR felt so much better overall!

Kevin Burns
@kevinburnsgolf    Reminder - Never place a wet or dirty putter into it's cover. Always clean and dry your putter off before replacing it.

Mark McDonnell
@markmac14    Clubs out for the 1st game this year... White bag + white metalwoods and putter = the future! yfrog.com/h8thczkj

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    RT @FGolf22:the tech at golf galaxy said I need my irons 1 degree up. Will it make a big difference in my game? Yes, big difference

Adam Marshall, PGA
@AdamMarshall01    A Little TPC Sawgrass Love For My @ScottyCameron Putter! yfrog.com/h28iidij

Oliver Wilson
@Oliver_Wilson   Funny watching airport security when my Flightscope gets screened. Serious faces come on & mild panic sets in when I say it's a radar!

@Oliver_Wilson    Sorry..Flightscope is what we use to track the flight of a golf ball. It tells you all kinds of data, spin & distance etc.

@Oliver_Wilson    “@Mikezzz33: @Oliver_Wilson Will pro tour allow rangefinders during tourneys someday soon??? @” I hope not!

Bruno Buccolo
@brunobuccolo    Please make yourself a favor and try the new @ClevelandGolf hybrids. "the mashie" or as I like to call it, the Smashie... What a great club

Morgan Bell
@vallogolfer    On the last note. Had a great day of golf, still on the driver search, looking for the right club shaft combo is a mission!!

Meredith Duncan
@Meredith_Duncan    Why is golf sooooo much easier when you don't try so hard?

Jeehae Lee
@jeehaeda    “@jeehaeda: Channeling a bit of @RickieFowlerPGA today at the LPGA RR Donnelley Founders Cup. @PUMAGolf” yfrog.com/h0o37cefj

Zach Johnson
@ZachJohnsonPGA    For all wondering... I'm wearing Illiac clothing. They're out of soCal. Started as a accessory company (headcovers, bags, etc). Now clothes!

Sara 'No H' Brown
@SaraBrownGolf    Ready to rock in my @LoudMouthGolf shorts #bomb.com twitpic.com/4aqtb1

Paula Creamer
@ThePCreamer    I will be wearing red white and blue to support or troops today but also using this special ball marker for Japa… //yfrog.com/h85vkkkj

Tommy Armour III
@Tommyarmour3    Golf bag, close-ups soon... yfrog.com/h2sbyvbzj yfrog.com/h2r2cvsj

Bubba Watson
@bubbawatson    Going with the purple @KENTWOOLTOUR socks today!! yfrog.com/h7pl5ccj

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope    Titleist is #1 ball at the Sicilian Open, with 68% of the field.

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour   44% of the the field at the Sicilian Open are using a TaylorMade driver! That's nearly every other guy teeing up with TaylorMade!

@TaylorMadeTour   32 R11 drivers in play in Sicily (no.1 driver model)....have you got one yet? Go to //www.thedrivertour.eu/ and book yourself an appointment!

@TaylorMadeTour   Oh..and by the way, we were also the no.1 fairway & hybrid brand in play at the Sicilian Open too! Tour pros are switching, have you?

Steve Scott, PGA
@sscottpga    Looking at new fall Adidas today....great stuff!!!!!!! //twitpic.com/4aoucr

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    RT @tufty1978: is the R11 going to make a big difference to 5 handicap player? Probably will it is s great club

@HankDHaney    RT @RONDALCanada: @HankDHaney are adjustable drivers really THAT good? Yes they are

@HankDHaney    RT is "getting fitted" for a shaft as crucial for a mid-high hdcp? Or r ya pretty safe with a stock? If u want to maximize distance.

@HankDHaney    RT @newsandreports: @HankDHaney which irons do you carry? Nike cavity back

@HankDHaney    RT @mabammsia: Adams all-hybrid set? Overkill? For 10hcp who doesn't shape shots much. First iron should be 5 iron for a 10 handicap

@HankDHaney    RT @crob205: have a love affair with the original r 90 sand wedge they're getting hard to find. Plenty of wedges just as good, get over it

@HankDHaney   RT @ndsailor43: @HankDHaney Hank on driver glove or no glove. Glove for sure

@HankDHaney   RT @Weston33: @HankDHaney I think hybrids are a easy way out! Then bring out the 1 iron and really torture yourself

@HankDHaney   New clubs-putters whenever, irons every 4 years, drivers every 2 years, wedges every 1-2 years, grips every year

@HankDHaney   RT @selectaPrime: @HankDHaney hybrid or rescue? Same thing

Hank Haney, PGA

@HankDHaney   Anyone that doesn't have at least 2 hybrids in their bag must think the game of golf is too easy

@HankDHaney    For years Tiger used a golf ball that spun more for his short game, that ball was 10 yards shorter than the balls everyone else was playing

Ping Golf
@PingTour    PING Pro Maria Hernandez trying out a few different G15 driver combinations. I think we found a winner! yfrog.com/h0uqxsgj

@PingTour    We caught up with PING pro @The_JanePark as she was warming up with her S56 irons. @lpgafounders yfrog.com/h74r8whj

@PingTour    A look inside PING Pro Gwladys Nocera's bag. That is one good looking Tour-S Rustique wedge! yfrog.com/hsw8ygpj

Sara 'No H' Brown
@SaraBrownGolf    It's like Christmas here :) THANK YOU @LoudMouthGolf #hi5... twitpic.com/4ajahh

@SaraBrownGolf    My green outfit for the day!!! #nopinchesforme :) twitpic.com/4acr9w

Kris Lim
@KrisLim    New sponsors for 2011. @spinensport and @bridgestonegolf ready to tear it up this year! #golf yfrog.com/h0woxlxj

Heather MacRae
@hezzmacgolf    @chrisjkelly1 no I will do what I need to do to fix it. I think a trip to @Gleneagles to get fitted by @AndyJMacraePGA could be a start?

Mina Harigae
@minaharigae    My new Pacman logo! Its so cute! Thanks Namco for sponsoring me :) twitpic.com/4affuf

Jamie Lovemark
@jamielovemark    Prepping my @nikegolf 20XI-S. Ball go far but stops on a dime and gives you 9 cents change. yfrog.com/h2d7soxj

Nicole Hage
@NicoleHage    My sweet new Pukka hats came in yest!! //twitpic.com/4adnxj

Jim McLean, PGA
@McLeanGolf    Working with Alexis Thompson today at Doral. She leaves for LA tomorrow P //yfrog.com/gzjvlasj

Steven McDaniel, PGA
@Stevenmcdaniel    New Lanner Socks just arrived. So what's your color? //yfrog.com/h2vkvjxj

Karen Stupples
@Kstupples    Will be interesting tomorrow @taylormadegc woods, @WilsonGolf irons & @scratch_golf wedges in play!! Only my @CallawayGolf dart still in bag

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    Any Tweeps wearing green Nike gear today? RT @jamielovemark: Fresh @nikegolf green kicks in spirit of St Patty's Day yfrog.com/h0q99dnj

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    We're so proud of being the #1 Driver in Golf that we stamped it on our Tour Truck for all to see! //twitpic.com/4acgcm

@TaylorMadeTour    Challenge tour player Andrew Butterfield is in the office getting loft and lie's and re-grips for the new season.

Anna Nordqvist

@ANordqvist    Looks like @JasonGore59 & @cobragolf got the sunumbrella figured out 4 us... can't wait to get mine! //yfrog.com/h2anyuvj

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    RT @bradgreene03: @HankDHaney would wearing pink shoes like Ian Poulter shave strokes from my game? Depends how light u r on your feet.

Sligo Wear Inc.
@sligowear    @sligowear Black Digitile Robinson!!!! //yfrog.com/h3l9jqwj

@Titleist    Nick Watney talks about his Titleist AP2 irons, memorable advice & his typical off-week routine: //bit.ly/eF66ZI

Trevor Immelman
@TrevorImmelman    I'm going Octane :) RT “@GQMike: @TrevorImmelman I'm a new professional staff w/ @CallawayGolf - Razr Hawk Tour or FT Tour driver?

John Graham, PGA
@JohnGrahamGolf   Spring is near. Just put my clubs (less a 7 iron) back in the truck. Might be time for new clubs this year.

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    Good luck this week! RT @jamielovemark: In the @nikegolf trailer..boys are getting me dialed in for Transitions yfrog.com/gyzwgvyj

@nikegolf    Great to hear Marc! RT @marcwarrengolf: testing the new @nikegolf balls, goin with the 20XI X I think, longer off the tee and still spins!

Steven McDaniel, PGA
@Stevenmcdaniel    In the studio with @Titleist 910 Driver fitting system //www.youtube.com/watch?v=snG_iNSR_hk

Kris Lim
@KrisLim    The best gym routine for golfers of any skill set is cardio and stretching! Improve ur game #golf @spinensport

Tiger Woods
@TigerWoods    Any way you can build muscle memory is a good thing RT @martin1126 @EASPORTS_Tiger can practicing on Wii improve or hurt my real swing?

Anna Nordqvist
@ANordqvist    Should have saved today's outfit for tmrw's St Patrick's Day... //yfrog.com/hse6ksyj

Ping Golf
@PingTour    On the range this morning at the @TransChamp, PING Pro and S56 Player @djbrigman warming up before his round. //twitpic.com/4a3avf

Carling Coffing
@carlingcoffing    Got a lesson at timecuan with (PGA Instructor Mike) bender today. Workin on hinge and swing plane this week, nothing too complicated which is nice!

Rory McIlroy
@McIlroyRory    6 iron RT @BillMcCluggage @McIlroyRory What's your favourite club in your bag?

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    A few R11's have been built this week!!! Not many for Spain next week. //twitpic.com/4a0bl2

@TaylorMadeTour    A few orders from this week!!! //twitpic.com/4a0tak

Ping Golf

@PingTour    This afternoon PING Pro @The_JanePark dropped by PING HQ to test a few prototypes and practice with her S56 irons //twitpic.com/49v0ol

Karin Sjodin
@karin_sjodin    So much fun to start the season! Hitting balls, practice round, putting, catching up with friends - it's all part of the best job there is!!

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    RT @james_vaughn: how NOT to clean your golf ball. //yfrog.com/gzxx7clj Nice picture

@HankDHaney    RT @sitnbull68: will jumbo grips improve putting? I am not sold on those but anything is worth a try if u yip short putts

Jeehae Lee
@jeehaeda    Me and my @PUMAGolf gear! And my new towel I snagged from @yalegolf! yfrog.com/gyi8jmzj

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    Built today - 31 - R11's, 16 - Burner 2.0's, 10 - R11 F'ways, 14 - Burner F'ways, 5 - Rescue's. Plus 5 sets for re-grips. Busy day!!

@TaylorMadeTour    Tech Alex Thorne just adding some loft to a Burner 2.0 fairway wood. //twitpic.com/49qttm

@TaylorMadeTour    Few orders for this afternoon!! //twitpic.com/49qnjc

@TaylorMadeTour    Very quiet on the truck, must be lunch!!! //twitpic.com/49pjnq

Karen Stupples
@Kstupples    Heading to find @taylormadegc @taylormadegear get me self a driver

@Kstupples    And straight to the @taylormade mobile fitting studio!!!! To get driver sorted.

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    Do you know how the golf ball has evolved? From Feather to Resin Core check out this Nike 20XI video: //bit.ly/fKTX9N

Bubba Watson
@bubbawatson   My new @KENTWOOLTOUR socks!! yfrog.com/h8q2xrnj

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Want to know what WGC Cadillac winner Nick Watney has stamped on his Vokey wedges? Check out a tour of his bag here: //ow.ly/4f4Bm

Oliver Wilson
@Oliver_Wilson    Check out what Theo Fennell & Odyssey have combined to make! Bling Bling! #golf twitpic.com/49pi8h

@Oliver_Wilson    One of most luxurious golf products ever made,Odyssey 2-Ball putter.18-carat white gold head, 240 rubies & 378 diamonds twitpic.com/49piq2

Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf    Your wedges work best as a scoring system, proper gaping is essential. Do you know your gaps?... //fb.me/G5LDbwzy

Callaway Golf
@CallawayTourSpy    Weight change please! Tour Dept fine-tuning the @odysseygolf DART Mallet //yfrog.com/hstfjtuj

@CallawayTourSpy    Nic Fasth's @odysseygolf White Ice #2 putters - a little adjustment needed. //yfrog.com/h4bhrpzj

Zach Johnson

@ZachJohnsonPGA    Here is the side view of the XPS1's from @footjoy. //plixi.com/p/84078348

LoudMouth Golf
@LoudMouthGolf    Sweet! RT @kerri_dice my new @LoudMouthGolf putter cover!! :) //twitpic.com/49j3p4

Ping Golf
@PingTour    RT @MarcusCasey Still rocking a PING Rapture V2 with Diamana White Board X. Hard to change when it keeps working //twitpic.com/49ibuz

@PingTour    PING Pro Azahara Munoz testing out a few K15 fairway woods at @PingTour this morning. Have you tried them yet? //twitpic.com/49i575

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney   RT @SwooshDaddy: @HankDHaney Will lessons help putting as much as full swings or is it a god given talent? A lesson would definitely help

John C. Rudolph, PGA
@jcrpgapro    Want to improve your on course play? Then practice on the course. Seek out shots that make you nervous. Hit them until you are comfortable.

Kevin Hamluk, PGA
@HamlukPGA    New toys arrived - thanks to everyone @nikegolf I now see why everyone is playing the VR Pro Combo irons on Tour!! Great sticks!!!

Charlie King, PGA
@CharlieKingGolf    The Proper Way to Throw Your Club //ping.fm/sZyrt

Carling Coffing
@carlingcoffing   Just signed with bridgestone for balls/gloves!!! Love them!

@carlingcoffing   Happenin lesson with (PGA Instructor Mike) bender today. Swing is lookin better n better :)

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    The Oven is working on some custom clubs for a Nike Athlete....can you guess who? //yfrog.com/h099enij

Kris Tamulis
@kktamulis    Justin Rose switched to a Nike putter?? Whoa

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    First re-grips on the truck in 2011, a few thousand to go till last event this year!! //twitpic.com/49f9wd

@TaylorMadeTour    Just gripping all the putter stock, ready for this week on the green.... //twitpic.com/49frpa

@TaylorMadeTour    Really busy Monday, we could be a few hours yet!! //twitpic.com/49gxry

@TaylorMadeTour    Tour rep Mark James and Stacey Benvenuto from Mitsubishi, talking about the new Fubuki Hybrid shaft //twitpic.com/49eses

Tommy Gainey
@TwoGlovesGolf   Got my new Adams irons in! Gonna try them out today.

Precision Putting Products
@precisionputtin   people call their putters flat sticks because they are all flat faced, but forgiveness comes from a radius face!! //bit.ly/emp0Fe

@precisionputtin   the ball always moves 90 degrees off of the putter face, so you see every mistake, our radius face forgives your mistakes!!

Mark McDonnell
@markmac14    At Taylor Made Adidas HQ today. The home of the R11.

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