A week's worth of tweets, March 21-27, 2011

footjoy cleats
FootJoy via Twitter
FootJoy took to Twitter last week to encourage its followers to "pick a spike, any spike!"

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, March 28, 2011 | 12:40 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of March 21-27, featuring Luke Donald, Jane Frost, Francesco Molinari and more:

Kim Kouwabunpat

@kimk04    Love these new @ClevelandGolf CG7 Tour irons! Hitting it nice and solid...feel'in like BUTTA!!!


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@JaneFrostGolf "K. J. #Choi rocks. In his bag to shoot 64: 7 iron - SW; Three hybrids; Two Fairway Metals; Driver and Putter. Take out the 3-6 irons people!" – PGA instructor Jane Frost


We've combed through thousands of golf equipment-related tweets from your favorite tour players, PGA teaching professionals and golf equipment companies, and collected the best photos from the past week. Be sure to check them out in our gallery of Top 10 Golf Equipment Photos from March 21-27. And be sure to check out all of our exclusive 2011 equipment photo galleries for the latest in drivers, irons, putters and more.

Christina Kim
@TheChristinaKim   We are merrily going with a TM Ghost Corza putter this week.

Billy Horschel
@BillyHo_Golf    Finished hanging my boxes of RLX gear. Organized by style of shirt. Lots of bright colors for the spring! yfrog.com/h3emcfbj

Luke Donald
@Luke_Donald    Dynamic gold S300RT @DRanson133 @Luke_Donald what shaft are you playin in your mp irons?

@Luke_Donald    RT @theJamesFox @Luke_Donald would you expect to go with Driver or 3 wood off the tee at Augusta's 13th ?? Wind dependant?driver

Wilson Golf
@WilsonGolf    Wilson Staff's Paul Lawrie had a great win today in Spain on the Euro Tour! He plays FG Tour irons and carries the Wilson Staff bag!

TaylorMade Golf
@taylormadegc    We're the #1 driver brand at Bay Hill with 42 in play, including 20 R11 & 10 Burner SuperFast 2.0. #1 fairway wood too, and #2 ball.

@taylormadegc    Another win for white: Laird played Burner SuperFast 2.0 driver, R11 4-wood, Daytona Ghost putter.

Callaway Golf
@CallawayTourSpy   Congrats to the winner of the Open de Andalucia who used an @odysseygolf Black Series i #1 & @callawaygolf FT Tour 15deg fwy

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope    Congratulations to Paul Lawrie on winning the Open de Andlucia, using the Titleist ProV1x. #1ballingolf

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    RT @louiscole: which is better for Wedges steel or graphite? If u have graphite irons go graphite with the PW and Gap wedge otherwise steel

@HankDHaney    RT @JasonLTaylor: Should I get new clubs first or wait till my swing is in place? Clubs first to help swing, fit clubs give u a chance

TaylorMade Golf

@taylormadegc    We're the #1 driver brand at Bay Hill with 42 in play, including 20 R11 & 10 Burner SuperFast 2.0. #1 fairway wood too, and #2 ball.

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    RT @sdom10: Any iron and/or shaft recommendations for a 6 handicap with a 105 mph swing speed? Stiff shaft irons, 60 gram driver stiff

@HankDHaney    RT @Kaiwarnock: my Titleist AP2 irons are two years old. Play 4 to 5 rounds per week..should I buy new? Unless the grooves r worn no need to

Blake Graham, PGA
@BlakeGrahamPGA    First regrip of the new clubs in 2011. The grips are in support of my favorite school.#winning twitpic.com/4dmith

Charlie Douglass
@CharlieDouglass    My favourite part of getting ready to go away is cleaning clubs, grips, shoes and sorting out the golf bag #iknowimweird

Jane Frost, PGA
@JaneFrostGolf    K. J. #Choi rocks. In his bag to shoot 64: 7 iron - SW; Three hybrids; Two Fairway Metals; Driver and Putter. Take out the 3-6 irons people!

Nike Golf

@nikegolf    Guess which Nike Athlete & UNC Alum these Lunar Controls are headed to? He's hoping for a UNC victory tonight! //yfrog.com/h8gl3jfj

@nikegolf    Correct! These UNC Lunar Controls belong to Michael Jordan! The UNC men's golf team will be sporting them too! //yfrog.com/h4gpzlfj

@nikegolf    Glad you like the distance you are getting Scott! RT @scottjamieson54: @cozypete that Nike 20XI-X ball unbelievably long!

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Who's our youngest @Titleist Brand Ambassador? Hint: //ow.ly/i/9z9l

@VokeyWedges    @Titleist Introduces New Models and Options for Vokey WedgeWorks Exclusives! //ow.ly/4mDHK

@Titleist   A lot of great pics (as always) in this week's @ScottyCameron tour slideshows from PGA Tour & Nationwide //bit.ly/YQOW

@Titleist    Who is the Titleist Pro V1x loyalist in this picture: //twitpic.com/4d7nu0 ? #teamtitleist

@Titleist    Nice! RT @DannyLewis24: This is how I mark my @Titleist. It's a Norse helmet. I'm gonna try it out this weekend. yfrog.com/hs69nilj

Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf   Marino is playing a Never Compromise, Gambler Straight this week. Check it out here: //cot.ag/gNmI2z #golf #PGATour

@ClevelandGolf    Great round! RT@ClevelandGolf played last week shot 69 with my cleveland cg7s! Best irons I ever had /via @epicrobs882

Gary Babcock, PGA
@GooBabcock_PGA    My new kicks are in for 2011. #gotime twitpic.com/4d6hff

Rory McIlroy
@McIlroyRory    I think @haza136 has enough golf balls there!!! //twitpic.com/4d42h1

Francesco Molinari
@F_Molinari    good work with @cozypete now I have a new @Nikegolf SQ 3 wood with Aldila RIP shaft, probably in the bag next week at @Shellhouopen

@F_Molinari    “@NCGmagazine: @F_Molinari Which one? The original SasQuatch or the Machspeed?” original SQ

@F_Molinari    “@PepeManzanares: @F_Molinari Hi Francesco! What head and shaft are you playing in your driver?” Nike str8 fit with a Diamana kai'li shaft

Dale Marmion
@dalemarmion    True plane and chalk line set up!also working on eye elignement cos my eyes point to the right @SwashPutting ? //plixi.com/p/86689084

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour   The reason we love our TM staffer, Darren Clarke, is because he's such a colourful character! ;-) //fb.me/X7Mz3Ouv

@TaylorMadeTour    This week's WITB is Darren Clarke: R11 9.0 Proj X 8A4, Burner SF 2.0 13.5 Fairway Proj X 8A4, Rescue 11 TP 18.0 Proj X HB6, MB irons 3-PW...

@TaylorMadeTour    ...Darren Clarke WITB cont'd: XFT wedges 50, 54 & 58, Penta TP no.60...what's in your bag?

@TaylorMadeTour    Our favourite pic from last week! Go Raph! //twitpic.com/4d5emp

@TaylorMadeTour    Model stats from Open de Andalucia: R11 No.1 Driver, R11 tied no.1 Fairway Wood, Rescue 11 TP no.1 Hybrid...that's what we call a #whitewash

Aldila Golf
@AldilaGolf    Aldila wins the shaft count at the Arnold Palmer Invitational!!!

Sligo Wear
@sligowear    Sligo at the China PGA Show //yfrog.com/h8w99pfj

Marc Rosa, PGA
@Marc_Rosa    Too much snow on the ground to try new irons. Hitting indoors, loving @SwinkeyGolf, so many uses!

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    RT @jakehare13: What's a good length of driver shaft for someone who is 6'0"? Whatever the manufacturer made the club don't mess w it

@HankDHaney    Manufacturers design clubs so that they perform the best as they are made, don't going cutting inches off your drivers u ruin the club

@HankDHaney    RT @LoveOnTheAir: @HankDHaney ...how does a driver for a 6 ft guy also work for a 5'8" guy? Because u hit off a tee, trust me

@HankDHaney    if u want more distance u need more speed practice swinging a lighter club to train for speed and a heavier one for strength and flexibility

@HankDHaney    RT @johnloconte: to use a tee or not use a tee for short par 3's? Always use a tee, there is a reason they only let u do it 18 times a round

@HankDHaney    RT @TALLJETSFAN: do u agree Tigers best driving days were with the steel-shafted Titleist Yes, it was 43" long, that is today's 3 wood

@HankDHaney    RT @snd714:What are your thought about artifical turf mats? I like them just pay attention to see if u are hitting behind the ball

@HankDHaney    RT @chadarsich: @HankDHaney my buddy just gave me a Bettinardi putter. Never heard if it. Any good? Very good

@HankDHaney    RT @Brett_875: who makes the best wedges and how many do I need? Every company has similar wedges

Kim Kouwabunpat

@kimk04    Just got my 6 dozen Z-Star Pure White golf balls from @ClevelandGolf!! Thank You!! :)

Ian Poulter
@IanJamesPoulter    The greens got crusty out there this afternoon baked in the heat & wind & plenty of spike marks. why do people still use spikes #noneed

@IanJamesPoulter    There is only probably 10-15 guys that wear spikes still, you could probably guess most of them its not hard to work out.

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    Nike Athlete @TheMichelleWie sported the black Air Embellish today...what saddle color will it be tomorrow? //yfrog.com/h4408pij

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    RT @samuelduff25: @HankDHaney hit a high fade with my driver but no other clubs? Why is that? Try a different driver, an adjustable one

@HankDHaney    RT @evrsoclr: I just got fitted for irons I'm 6'1 210, added a extra inch to my club length. Is that cool? Yes and 1 or 2 degrees upright

@HankDHaney   RT @ckirkhart: @HankDHaney which Nike irons do u play? Last years cavity backs

@HankDHaney   RT @tjs098: Any reason a mid-low hcp shouldn't play max game improvement clubs? It depends on your ball flight which clubs u should use

@HankDHaney    RT @Pselakov88: @HankDHaney y does Dustin Johnson use graphite shafts especially with his swing speed? No they r just darkened steel

@HankDHaney    RT @ianbutler83: What golf ball do you play? Nike Vapor Speed

@HankDHaney    RT @kimcifuentes:Why is it better to fade with driver? Drivers today don't spin much and a hook spins even less making it hardest to control

Bridgestone Golf
@bridgestonegolf    Windy day?? Try the new e7 with Dual Dimple design! Cheat the wind baby!!

Chris Kelly
@chrisjkelly1    @hezzmacgolf hitting her new driver for the first time. Far and straight hopefully yfrog.com/hs9zzunj

@chrisjkelly1    Chipping is getting better look how my balls finished. yfrog.com/gzeb3ojj

Sara 'No H' Brown
@SaraBrownGolf    Got my shipment of Energy Armor bracelets today in EVERY color YAY!!! Thanks Donavin :) twitpic.com/4coaps

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Very nice! @schamp401got my new wedge today. Thanks WedgeWorks!!! yfrog.com/h8pr7zaj

Hank Haney, PGA

@HankDHaney    RT You are a fan of hybrids, did Tiger ever give them a shot, why has he not yet carried one? They go too high for a powerful player

Ping Golf
@PingTour    Any guess which PING Pro this tee marker is modeled after? Hint: He's the tournament host in Spain this week! //twitpic.com/4ckaxe

@PingTour    If you guessed that it was PING Pro Miguel Jimenez, you were right! He'll be hosting the Open de Andalucia de Golf //twitpic.com/4ckd9d

@PingTour    From the practice tee... PING Pro Daniel Summerhays testing a couple G15 drivers. Are you playing a G15 driver? //twitpic.com/4c7j6a

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    Yes it will fit, they are compatible RT @upstateNYgolfer: will the str8 fit sleeve from the VR driver fit on the new VR Pro driver?

@nikegolf    Nike athlete Oli Fisher + Nike Tour Tech Pete Powell testing new VR Pro wedges in Spain this week //yfrog.com/h2xrqxbj

@nikegolf   Love that shirt, great look on JV! RT @THPGolferGal: //yfrog.com/h3tx3cjij @Nikegolf athlete @jhonattanvegas at Bay Hill

@FootJoy    @brian_gay Rockin some sweet #MyJoys //twitpic.com/4ch815

@FootJoy   //twitpic.com/4cg71w Transitions champ @GaryWoodland chatting with Steve Sands. Gary's wearing FJ ICON.

@FootJoy    //twitpic.com/4cfz33 Kevin Streelman and Jarrod Lyle guessing how far Streelman's driver head just traveled down the range!

Jamie Howarth
@Jayhowarthgolf    Changed @Titleist driver set up today, bk to A1 from C4 #Titleist #910

Tom Reid, PGA
@TOMREIDGOLF    Just been into @CallawayTourSpy headquarters to pick up another driver. Diablo Octane Tour - Looking for a few more yards - gotta keep up!!!

Zane Scotland
@ZaneScotland    The master at work.. @CallawayGolf great service.. Thanks boys.. //yfrog.com/gzz6vgtkj

Carling Coffing
@carlingcoffing    Loudmouth headcover! Fun! //yfrog.com/h08toyfj

Callaway Golf
@CallawayTourSpy   Alvaro Quiros doing some work on the truck! //twitpic.com/4ch6lj

Pernilla Lindberg

@pernillagolf   Thank you @KaenonGolf for my new sunglasses today. Love the Sequence frame and I now got it in all colors!

@pernillagolf   Got new clothes for the year from @Lyle_and_Scott yesterday!I love it;really stylish,good looking & comfy!Looking forward to wearing it all!

Sligo Wear
@sligowear    //yfrog.com/h76p2satj

Scott Stallings
@stallingsgolf    This is what 12 weeks on the road looks like when you get home yfrog.com/h2opuqxj

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope    Titleist Tour Support Vehicle having a pit stop. What about the New graphics? //yfrog.com/gz6qidaj

Travis Hampshire
@TravisHampshire    thanks @ScottyCameron for the sweet crawfish cover at this weeks Chitimacha Louisiana Open! yfrog.com/gybyiehj

Kyle Thompson
@KyleThompsonPGA    Cool headcover huh? Thanks @Titleist! //yfrog.com/h34phuhj

@Titleist    New video: An in-depth look at PGA Tour rookie Scott Stallings' 910 driver fitting //bit.ly/ek8pZV @StallingsGolf

Bubba Watson
@bubbawatson    Man my new putter @PingTour made me has BW's everywhere!! yfrog.us/eudf3z

Brett Waldman
@bm_waldman    TaylorMade van on Nationwide. Boys are busy!!! //twitpic.com/4c7q7x

Craig Perks
@cajunkiwi    Absolute pleasure to see Chris Smith playing again (at Chitimachi Louisiana Open). Using one of my outside staff to caddy this week. I hope #15 wins!! yfrog.com/h0c4eqwj

@FootJoy   //twitpic.com/4c7jg7 LOT of players wearing FJ Sport, including Jeff Overton. #fjsport

@FootJoy    //twitpic.com/4c5zmu Brendan de Jonge in custom MyJoys with green caiman print. #MyJoys

@FootJoy    Rafa Cabrera Bello striping some long irons wearing FJ ICON MyJoys and SciFlex glove //twitpic.com/4c2hns

@FootJoy    //twitpic.com/4c4gf3 Matteo warming up at Bay Hill in DryJoys Tour. #DryJoysTour

@FootJoy   Plenty of #1gloveingolf ! //twitpic.com/4c3enf

@FootJoy    Pick a spike, any spike! //twitpic.com/4c1hi1

@FootJoy    Check out Pablo Larrazabal rocking a pair of DryJoys Tour while discussing putters with the Tour staff //twitpic.com/4c1osy

Ping Golf
@PingTour   From the practice tee... PING Pro Daniel Summerhays testing a couple G15 drivers. Are you playing a G15 driver? //twitpic.com/4c7j6a

@PingTour    PING Pro Bill Lunde rolling a few putts with his Redwood Series Putter at the Arnold Palmer Invitational //twitpic.com/4c6eby

@PING_MAN    Action shot! //plixi.com/p/86039057

Eidolon Golf
@EIDOLONGOLF    RT @thepaulmeredith: Really like the @EIDOLONGOLF wedges. They glide thru the bunkers much better than my old Vokeys. Great cust svc too!

Simon Wilson
@pgatourshaftrep    Mattie puts in New Dynamic Gold Spinner Wedge shaft in his Vokey 58! //yfrog.com/h3h5uwpj

@pgatourshaftrep    Testing new Iron shafts with Edoardo Molinari! //yfrog.com/gy1ncikcj

Maria Hjorth
@mariahjorth    Got to ♥ @PingTour for giving us ping tour players a golden putter for every win. A great memory! //plixi.com/p/86029468

Matt Frey, PGA
@MFreyPGA    Tons of shipments=golf season=tons of work=fun //yfrog.com/h7l6shnj

Callaway Golf
@CallawayTourSpy    #Callaway's Nick Dougherty was on the Tour Truck today autographing a driver. //yfrog.com/h2hi27j

@CallawayTourSpy    Christian Nilsson is trying some new #odysseygolf options 2day. White Ice 2Ball, Mini T & Sabertooth //yfrog.com/h3lj5f1j

Ian Poulter
@IanJamesPoulter    look what's just turned up.................. #TwitPict //twitpic.com/4c4r19

@IanJamesPoulter    Check out the new Cobra putter. Nice milling on the Face. #TwitPict //twitpic.com/4c64bn

@IanJamesPoulter    //twitvid.com/P3GIX - The new flat stick in action.............. Morning......

Karen Stupples
@Kstupples    oh, thinking of going with this look for the season, what you think ?? //yfrog.com/h4hnipij

Bubba Watson
@bubbawatson    Yessiree @AaronBadds has made it to Bayhill!! yfrog.com/h271zuaj

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour   DC (Darren Clarke) smoking his 18 and 22 degree rescues!!! //twitpic.com/4cg8h3

@TaylorMadeTour    Busy day building Burner SuperFast 2.0 on the truck. //twitpic.com/4c2qb2

@taylormadegc    Tuesday at the Tour Truck at Bay Hill. Lots of guys looking to get dialed in for Augusta.

@taylormadegc    Sean O'Hair in the trailer looking for a 48 degree wedge; Henry's on the job.

@taylormadegc    Vaughn Taylor's here, wants a backup R11 driver, Wade's on it.

Luke Donald
@Luke_Donald    Nothing quite like practicing on an empty range. Time to get to work //moby.to/q54p6l

Cobra Golf
@cobragolf    Nice! RT DougCarew @cobragolf I was an 11 handicap when I got my new Cobra S2s just before Christmas. Six rounds later I'm a 7! Loving it.

Graeme McDowell
@Graeme_McDowell    Love that Mr Nicklaus had a pair of #Ecco Street shoes on!!

Breanne Loucks
@BreLoucksGolf    On my way to @Raaputters to get my new RaaOne putter! Excited to see where they r made! Check out the website //www.raaputters.co.uk/ :o)

@BreLoucksGolf    @melreidgolf dusnt it just :) check out my new 1s - this factorys amazin! Im havin a reet gud time!x //yfrog.com/h24yybyj

Pukka Headwear
@pukkaheadwear   13 new styles added to our Pukka Store! Get your perfect cap today! //bit.ly/i7FbRQ

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope    Rafael Cabrera Bello has been tryng new irons today. 4 different types of shafts in 3,5,8 MB and CB //yfrog.com/hstzausj

@TitleistEurope    Our tour hybrid shafts. Loads of it //yfrog.com/h2jymqvj

Sara Hurwitch

@smhgolf    It's a @LoudMouthGolf Christmas!! yfrog.com/h7p6jrxj

Paul Goydos
@PaulGoydosPGA    Good day of practice. Trying the new Taylormade Muscle Back irons. Need a new look. Early practice round with Brendan Steele tomorrow

Francesco Molinari
@F_Molinari   “@nikegolf: Have you tried the Nike Lunar Control golf shoes.. bit.ly/f1nkFN” best shoes i ever wore!

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    RT @TomWilliamDavis: I tweeted the other day that I just got the VR Pro blades-shot 64 today.Old best was 68!Method putter working well too!

Nicole Castrale
@NicoleCastrale    Thanks @PlayersTowel for my new @MuscleMilk towels!!! Excited to use them on tour! //yfrog.com/gyeyvzej

Karen Stupples
@Kstupples    chuffed to bits, clubs now re gripped !!! :-))

TaylorMade Golf
@taylormadegc    Justin Rose is here, looking for R11 fairway woods, currently talking wedges with iron/wedge creation expert Brian Bazzel.

Justin Rose
@JustinRose99    I'm with @taylormadegc getting R11 fairway woods built. Getting some hybrids ready 4 Augusta too. Good week to stock up as it's a home game

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Titleist Brand Ambassador @GaryWoodland trusted all Vokey 200 Series wedges in his win @Transchamp: 248|254| 260. Coming soon to WedgeWorks!

@Titleist    Equipment Updates from the Titleist Tour Van: Transitions Championship //bit.ly/eBLGjy #teamtitleist

@Titleist    Here's a closer look at @TransChamp winner Gary Woodland's Titleist equipment //bit.ly/gcHs3W //bit.ly/eYTXPl

Ping Golf
@PingTour    RT @WoodysIMPACT I ordered PING G15 Irons today. I've heard too many great things about them to not try them for myself //bit.ly/gC14qz

Simon Wilson
@pgatourshaftrep    Matteo testing PX 6A4 //yfrog.com/gzjwcoaj

@pgatourshaftrep   Quiet range @ Bay Hill, only Jimmy Walker feels the need to practice! //yfrog.com/h2ycvgjj

@pgatourshaftrep    Trucks are parked and ready to go @ Bay Hill, beautiful morning here! //yfrog.com/h7zanuaj

SeeMore Putters
@SeeMorePutters    cs models at bay hill today twitpic.com/4bvxrb

Greg Moore, PGA
@gdm43pga    Hunter Mahan working on the range at BayHill with the @graphitedesign AD DI shaft //twitpic.com/4bzrb7

Dale Marmion
@dalemarmion    //plixi.com/p/85784509 I use a putter grip on a 7 iron to help me get the club square at the top!tend to get ... //tmi.me/7Whlg

Carly Booth
@CarlyBooth92    Loving my new woods! Just wish there wasn't a 40 mph wind right to left!

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope    Who's the "Big Boy"? //yfrog.com/gzrgemej

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    RT @TomWilliamDavis: Absolutely thrilled with new VR Pro blades! Like a knife through butter when you hit strike them well...Incredible!

Callaway Golf
@CallawayTourSpy   Inside the Tour Truck: Marcel Siem trying new FT Chev Blucher shoes & admiring new custom putter ! //yfrog.com/h4gva9j

@CallawayTourSpy   Ernie Els called into the US Callaway Tour Trailer to report that he's very pleased with his new X-Series JAWS 60º wedge (with 8º of bounce)

@CallawayTourSpy   Ernie said, “I love it. I can really slide the club under the ball. The 60 (degree) is going to give me more shots at Augusta.”

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    Back at hotel after a really busy Monday, Spanish local players are all sorted with R11's and Burner 2.0.

@TaylorMadeTour   Peter Hedblom just been on truck with his new MB's to check loft and lies with his old set. //twitpic.com/4bsjs4

@TaylorMadeTour    Many congrats to Raph Jacquelin with his R11 win in Sicily. Raph averaged 310 yds off the tee and hit 80% of the fairways! #allezlesblancs

@TaylorMadeTour    Raph Jacquelin WITB: R11 9.0, Burner SF FW, Rescue 09 TP, R9 TP irons, XFT wedges 52 & 58, Ghost Maranello 8 putter, Penta TP #69, adi shoes

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