A week's worth of golf equipment tweets, March 25-31, 2013

Yes! Golf putters
Blair Philip via Twitter
Blair Philip of Yes! Golf took to Twitter last week to show us a couple of prototype putters being built for Aaron Baddeley.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, April 01, 2013 | 5:07 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of March 18-24, featuring Dustin Johnson, Natalie Gulbis, Pablo Larrazabal and more:

Dave Cordero (TaylorMade)

‏@davecordero   Another win for @TaylorMadeGolf drivers as D.A. Points shuts the door in Houston.

‏@davecordero   40% of the field at Shell Houston Open using @TaylorMadeGolf drivers. 36 of them R1. #YOUR1

Sir Nick Faldo
@NickFaldo006  David@EDELgolf first test on duel sweet spot, grooves spin back, dots stop dead..its working! //yfrog.com/obl8ufnj

Titleist ‏
@Titleist   Congrats to Pro V1x loyalist @DAPoints on winning the Shell Houston Open! Great playing, D.A. #TeamTitleist

Odyssey Golf ‏
@odysseygolf   Congrats to the winner of the Trophee Hassan II, who used #TANK in his win on the European Tour today. #1PutterInGolf pic.twitter.com/qLeLqEx27O

Titleist Europe ‏
@TitleistEurope   Congratulations to Pro V1x loyalist Marcel Siem on his win in Morocco and on securing an invitation to the Masters! Living the dream!

adidas Golf ‏
@adidasGolf   Happy Hunting! #easter #3StripesGolf pic.twitter.com/xebOfu6mRh

Natalie Gulbis
@natalie_gulbis   Packing my Adidas clothes for next weeks event in Palm Springs //instagram.com/p/XgFcDkmo-f/

‏@natalie_gulbis   Green!! pic.twitter.com/QGG8kz13dN

Tiffany Tavee ‏
@tiffanytavee   My new toy =) @pingtour #G25 //instagram.com/p/XfnikFDVUQ/

FootJoy ‏
@FootJoy   All 7 players in top 3 and ties at SHO wearing FJ shoes, including Steve Wheatcroft in new M:PROJECT. #1ShoeinGolf pic.twitter.com/0UgQi1FfLO

Pablo Larrazabal
@plarrazabal   Going with my new sunday outfit tomorrow again. Navy blue and white. HE fight and won a lot of tournaments with those pic.twitter.com/iNXut0iEQf

Ping Golf ‏
@PingTour   RT "@jonathanrwall: Lee Westwood switched to a 38" @PingTour Scottsdale TR Adjustable Anser 2B putter at the @ShellHouOpen"

Steve Surry ‏
@Ssurrygpro   Today's work in the garage organising my golf kit #putterswedgeswoods pic.twitter.com/K3Eqt4icWV

Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf   After Friday, @jaykokrak was leading the field in driving distance averaging 317 yds. with his #ClassicXL Custom. Now that's #LONG!

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges   At this week's Shell Houston Open, Vokey has 155 wedges in play. Closest competitor: 55. #InVokeWeTrust

Ping Golf ‏
@PingTour   RT "@DAVIDBSEO: Busy day at work. Built too many @PingTour clubs today. #PING #G25  //lockerz.com/s/288472621 " Thanks for the support, David!!

KBS Golf Shafts
@KBSGolfShafts   22 players this week at the Shell Houston Open, and three more big names are testing! Can we get our 4th win of the year??

Vessel Bags ‏
@vesselbags   Shout out to @themichellewie & her 2013 Vessel #golf bag! Now that's what we call flair & function all in one. pic.twitter.com/wz7zJtusRJ

Scott Drummond ‏
@scottdrummondg   Please warm up a little so I can christen these beauties... #Vega #Shimada #Iomic @pgeurope pic.twitter.com/TaR6HNzom6

@scottdrummondg   My you are beautiful.... #Radius Thanks @pgeurope pic.twitter.com/g0f8Ikm789

Cleveland Golf ‏
@ClevelandGolf   If you haven't seen yet, here's a preview of something we're cooking up for #Augusta. #StayTuned pic.twitter.com/dDauw6Oa9G

@ClevelandGolf   Good choice Adam! RT "@adamwhite07 Brand new wedges from @ClevelandGolf. Going with 3 wedges in the bag this season pic.twitter.com/LZ2Zsdt2Os"

Shasta Averyhardt
@IamSAveryhardt   The pink one on the left, yup that's for me!! @RIFEPUTTERS #studio #custom #fancy #slightwork pic.twitter.com/nfhbPgq7Bo

TaylorMade Golf Europe ‏
@TaylorMadeTour   Look at @melreidgolf and her #R1 #YOUR1 in Morocco this week. pic.twitter.com/ZJOyP3aqMc

Bettinardi Golf ‏
@BettinardiGolf   Tuesday night @KimmoTimonen of the @NHLFlyers received a very special putter for his 1000th game in the NHL! pic.twitter.com/bF5q2Y0ouA

@BettinardiGolf   Check out the putter for @KimmoTimonen here! pic.twitter.com/YNi58hQvrL

Nike Golf Europe ‏
@NikeGolfEU   Countdown to the season's first major. Limited edition TW’13s just dropped. pic.twitter.com/Xidf3oClrq

Briana Vega
@BriVega   THANK YOU @TFJgolfgirl for my new rain gear!!! You're the best! thank you for your continued support!! pic.twitter.com/n6UGqPAO2D

FootJoy ‏
@FootJoy   Whoa. Bold! RT @RTMARTINAZ: Loving my new @FootJoy customs pic.twitter.com/IxOJla4ewf

Natalie Gulbis ‏
@natalie_gulbis   Next weeks major tourney outfits from Adidas!! Look how it's all layed out too! ! pic.twitter.com/yhv3v16zIJ

Charlie ‏Tour (TaylorMade)
@CharlieTour   Bet a few @Marvel fans will be clamoring for our new "Daddy Long Legs" @TaylorMadeGolf putter staff bag #TourOnly pic.twitter.com/GZGPmbyADc

Dave Cordero ‏(TaylorMade)
@davecordero   Love it when @CharlieTour comes back to the office bearing gifts! pic.twitter.com/9lCktTzPJS

@davecordero   New @TaylorMadeGolf prototype Spider golf bag makes stop in Carlsbad before eventual home on PGATour putting green. pic.twitter.com/l00rGZKXq0

Nicole Castrale ‏
@NicoleCastrale   Sneak peak of my new @AdamsGolfInc bag for next week's @KNCGolf...will be lots of colorful Adams bags on display! pic.twitter.com/5lvIgp99KL

Callaway Golf ‏
@CallawayGolf   FIRST LOOK: New putting bay in our fitting center at HQ features a view into our Pro Tour building center. https://vine.co/v/bjpbIdgO3Xv

@CallawayGolf   Solid combo. MT @dhorlander: The X Hot Pro driver from @CallawayGolf is unreal. Add a Matrix Black Tie #HittingXBombs pic.twitter.com/vQBSMt1PnL

Cobra Golf
@cobragolf   Getting ready for #THPMC pic.twitter.com/jZsXFQeQzs

adidas Golf
@adidasGolf   In stores now...new, limited edition #adizero color players will be wearing @The_Masters. Get yours while they last. pic.twitter.com/jXqmcN1Fz6

Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf   You're welcome! RT "@CajunGolf: Check out this beauty. Cajun Custom Cleveland wedge. Many thanks to @ClevelandGolf. pic.twitter.com/mhijdviUtq"

Srixon ‏
@SrixonGolf  .@Graeme_McDowell Rest up #GMac! Gonna be there in style too with your new #TourYellow bag. #LetsGo #AugustaOrBust pic.twitter.com/YFqLFbCRVw

TaylorMade Asia
@TaylorMadeAsia   @TaylorMadeAsia #adizero golf shoes flying into China's CLPGA Shanghai event. So light!! Even the players are flying! pic.twitter.com/7rvf8X7soH

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour   As darts is getting so popular, we're getting in the mood @TaylorMadeTour HQ! What do you think @Russ180 ? #dartsIER pic.twitter.com/Z5oFlErgji

Mizuno Golf Europe ‏
@MizunoGolf_News   Here are the only eggs that might help you lose a few pounds this weekend. #happyeaster pic.twitter.com/NW9rSA6uBU

Wilson Golf ‏
@WilsonGolf   Add some heat to your clubhead. #seriously #d100 pic.twitter.com/aD7BeP83Mk

Nike Golf
@nikegolf   Countdown to the season's first major. Limited edition TW’13s just dropped: //bit.ly/TW_13LE  pic.twitter.com/d3ttsqnuFW

Titleist ‏
@Titleist   Nicely done! #TeamTitleist RT @JimMcLeanTexas: braddalke40 creation #steadyhands #magic @titleist //instagram.com/p/XX40FaGaMC/

Danielle Kang ‏
@daniellekang   Thank you @NavikaGolf for my turtle and evil eye ball markers!! Can't wait to use them in @KNCGolf :) pic.twitter.com/xCWVU6OWZR

Callaway Golf ‏
@CallawayGolf   15 days. pic.twitter.com/q1cjxSvG2I

@CallawayGolf   Nice setup! RT @GrantShafranski: First yr on staff w/ @CallawayGolf! Can't wait to play these beauties! #TeamCallaway pic.twitter.com/fiua5SokBE

Maria Jose Uribe ‏
@MariaJoUribe   Thanks so much @clubgloveusa for the travel covers and all the goodies #gobruins pic.twitter.com/pJsABFxo2J

Srixon ‏
@SrixonGolf   RT “@CorsairsGolf: @jackdunphy @SrixonGolf there's no 'I' in team but there is in Srixon and winning. #corsairpride pic.twitter.com/Ry1mJL1YOQ

Tiffany Tavee ‏
@tiffanytavee   Thank you @AntiguaWear !!! Love my new apparel!!! #bestgolfclothes pic.twitter.com/9yr1LnnU5X

Chris Koske ‏(Odyssey)
@Odyssey_Koske   It's almost here! Gotta be a tour pro to get one of these bad boys. #MakingGreenAndYellowCool #WorstSkittles pic.twitter.com/aNhxZvvBpa

@Odyssey_Koske   Posted about yesterday. An old @AustieOdyssey idea is back when Momoko asked for a crank hosel on her Versa V90 #7. pic.twitter.com/XDuIhTgHLE

@Odyssey_Koske   Custom @odysseygolf from my man Michael Hensel, putter guru at @golfgalaxy Robinson Park store in Pitt. Go see him! pic.twitter.com/jZJS3rU91d

Odyssey Golf
@odysseygolf   B/W/B or W/B/W? Discover the alignment technology that's taking over the Tour. Shop #Versa: //bit.ly/YFfxrV  pic.twitter.com/m5dQK1lN8C

Whitlam Golf
@WhitlamGolfUSA   Custom order. Torch a Dragon?? //fb.me/2pcgntv2D

Srixon ‏
@SrixonGolf   #TourYellow or #PureWhite? RT "@neucruegolf: New @SrixonGolf #QStar. Gonna use them w/ @ClevelandGolf #Rotex wedges. pic.twitter.com/nLndpc1atf

@SrixonGolf   15 days until #Augusta! Here's a sneak peek of our #TourYellow Staff Bag that @Graeme_McDowell will use there. pic.twitter.com/fI3bQrzp3y

Cleveland Golf ‏
@ClevelandGolf  .@Keegan_Bradley on the range @ShellHouOpen this morning. Of course he's using his new favorite weapon...the #588MT. pic.twitter.com/b9yXn912r6

@ClevelandGolf   In the Tour Department. #HeadsOnHeads. //instagram.com/p/XYCpSAAIkL/

Raa Putters ‏
@Raaputters   Inside Mr Hurrions Lab at Quintic, an Aladin's Cave of all things putting. //fb.me/2mIGfqlOZ

@Raaputters   Raa's visit to The Grove Golf Club, Watford on Friday 8th March 2013. Trying to keep the Quintic Ball Roll System... //fb.me/1CTFOX1fy

Pure Grips ‏
@puregrips   Check out these @Hooters grips that are being sent to Georgia for @The_Masters week. pic.twitter.com/tbILcD82m4

TaylorMade Golf ‏
@TaylorMadeGolf   80% of golfers are playing a driver with the wrong loft. So, we made one driver that has them all. #YOUR1 pic.twitter.com/MFxc1jJiuc

Bettinardi Golf
@BettinardiGolf   Limited Edition TOUR Augusta head cover. Double Drooool #HWY20 pic.twitter.com/YfDw8eGzde

Ping Golf
@PingTour   With his S56 iron in hand, PING Pro Louis Oosthuizen dials in his distances with a little help from @TrackManGolf pic.twitter.com/JWblxP4eDI

adidas Golf ‏
@adidasGolf   FIRST LOOK: New #adizero color players will be wearing @The_Masters. Available soon. #3StripesGolf pic.twitter.com/aR1tmSSZtV

Harry Arnett (Callaway) ‏
@HarryArnettCG   Well I guess there goes any hope of getting any work done today. #officeputting pic.twitter.com/rFNAiDqcs7

TaylorMade Golf Europe ‏
@TaylorMadeTour   Look at the staff at Royal Portrush today!! #onebucket #Taylormade4Life pic.twitter.com/4POTrAHq0A

Simon Hurd ‏
@druhbelts   “@malc1fixit: Need a few more colours Simon @druhbelts pic.twitter.com/miVZjVRY4o” Class effort

Charlie ‏Tour (TaylorMade)
@CharlieTour   Saturday is "Crazy Sock Day" @ShellHouOpen so @adidasUS hooked our guys up with @RGIII @drose socks (CC: @KFPTour) pic.twitter.com/1OqFW1AHSo

Bettinardi Golf ‏
@BettinardiGolf   Take a look at our PGA Tour rep Ben out at the @ShellHouOpen this week with our custom Tour staff bags pic.twitter.com/QVaH5QSZ3j

Nike Golf Europe
@NikeGolfEU   Make a statement on the course. The Nike Sport Vintage Stripe has hit the shelves //www.nikegolf.eu  pic.twitter.com/czS401I922

Titleist Africa ‏
@TitleistAfrica   New wedges for Titleist brand ambassador @Colin_Nel pic.twitter.com/5I4keIaQbO

@TitleistAfrica   New wedges for Titleist loyalist @smiley888sa pic.twitter.com/OpVNzswS3O

@TitleistAfrica   New wedge for Titleist brand ambassador @NeilSchietekat_ pic.twitter.com/Wp766gYe9b

Callaway Golf Europe ‏
@CallawayGolfEU   If Callaway did bag stores... #probablythebestbagstoreintheworld #XHOT #Xtreme pic.twitter.com/L3UmF1AqJw

Scott Goryl ‏(Callaway)
@ScottGorylCG   To my lefty brethren, #XHot 3Deep will have LH 13-degree (not pictured). Rome not built in a day, but it's somethin' pic.twitter.com/gjvG9WS31Y

Callaway Golf ‏
@CallawayGolf   Inspired by Phil. Requested by you. Introducing new X Hot 3Deep fairway woods, in stores in April. #3Deep pic.twitter.com/THCMHHbfxw

@CallawayGolf   X Hot #3Deep fairways feature a 10% taller face than X Hot Pro, raising CG for those who impact higher on the face. pic.twitter.com/VKXAt6iwne

@CallawayGolf   Good choice! RT @EvanShartzer: My new baby @CallawayGolf this thing goes a mile! #excited pic.twitter.com/Slro1JLR7P

Callaway Golf Europe ‏
@CallawayGolfEU   Alvaro testing some #RAZRFitXtreme 3woods. #ExtremeDistance goes without saying. pic.twitter.com/dYvuUDkg69

Dustin Johnson ‏
@DJohnsonPGA   Which socks should I wear for Saturday's #CrazySockDay at the @ShellHouOpen!? pic.twitter.com/q6kqyqQzRN

Whitlam Golf ‏
@WhitlamGolfUSA   Somebody got back... Or, back in black. Gauge Design Muscle Back Irons and TCG Wedges PVD'd black with black... //fb.me/2B3tg0fvL

@WhitlamGolfUSA   It's ready for its closeup. //fb.me/1E0k1f3xi

Benn Barham ‏
@Bennbarham   Used the Taylor Made Lethal ball for the first time today, fantastic in the wind.

Adams Golf
@AdamsGolfInc   RT@jonathanrwall: Here's @yesputterman Blair Philip working on the finish of @AaronBadds Yes! Callie putter: pic.twitter.com/1KobscFBhx

Russell Knox
@rooknox   Need help choosing my next 3 wood headcover. Give me your thoughts????? pic.twitter.com/DR58Bsfysu

‏@rooknox   Bagpipes pic.twitter.com/Hs2nIbJN0L

‏@rooknox   Butthead kangaroo pic.twitter.com/eTmN9RA0Rt

‏@rooknox   Kangaroo. (Kinda my thing. Had it on bag for 12 years......this ones new tho) pic.twitter.com/SBvbGpxYNi

Charlie ‏Tour (TaylorMade)
@CharlieTour   Here's a first-look @TaylorMadeGolf's new Spider Blade putter - coming soon - from the practice green @ShellHouOpen. pic.twitter.com/ZXEyBSd7K0

@CharlieTour   A handful of players (including @DJohnsonPGA) working out new @adidasGolf footwear @ShellHouOpen. Coming 5.1. pic.twitter.com/1uLptrFnbx

@CharlieTour   New build sheets came in on @TaylorMadeGolf truck today. If you could fill it out, you would write ____________ pic.twitter.com/EzRmVLdTMK

Jimin Kang
‏ @JiminKang1    I love MYJOY~FJ w/ Champ spikes~~~what do You think?? pic.twitter.com/nBbEkF0gUS

Ping Golf ‏
@PingTour   While preparing for the @ShellHouOpen, PING Pro Daniel Summerhays tries out a few new G25 Fairway Woods... pic.twitter.com/0GGAcVIyuk

FlightScope Golf ‏
@flightscopegolf  Flightscope at the Shell Houston open. Awesome day! pic.twitter.com/XlmlvoJFcJ

@flightscopegolf   Charlie Beljan testing new Adams hybrid vs his 2 iron. 269 yards carry 164 ball speed. Little more spin.Hammered ! pic.twitter.com/a5g4aI0nfU

@flightscopegolf   Jin Park testing RBZ stage2 with matrix ozik 5x3 Picked up 4.8 mph of ball speed. Dispersion was tighter! Money! pic.twitter.com/X6MMXLwVqM

Sara 'No H' Brown ‏
@SaraBrownGolf   YAY my new @TaylorMadeGolf #GhostRaylorPutter #No-H #cantwaittomakeeverything @Stacy_Lewis has 1 #iwanttoputtlikeher pic.twitter.com/bYC8BYJNh4

Cleveland Golf ‏
@ClevelandGolf  .@shanelowrygolf on the course @ShellHouOpen. He likes his #ROTEX with graphite. How do you like your #ROTEX? pic.twitter.com/sWE247khCJ

Matrix Shafts ‏
@MatrixShafts   Second place finisher switched to the OZIK M3 Black Tie in his driver for the Arnold Palmer Invitational.... //fb.me/ObGbRETP

Adams Golf ‏
@AdamsGolfInc   The new Adams-Southwest Airlines bag makes an appearance on the range at the Shell Houston Open. #swagolf #teamAdams pic.twitter.com/okMfYiLmgF

SeeMore Putters ‏
@SeeMorePutters   Starting out to be a great day #SeeMoreSPi tour bag. Shell Houston Open //fb.me/267dJCjyi

Wilson Golf ‏
@WilsonGolf   #vintagevault: Bright red plastic zippers with gold sliders give this '70s pro tour bag a retro look. pic.twitter.com/1UwP9F5FlC

Blair Philip ‏(Yes! Putters)
@YesPutterMan   Just got to Shell Houston Open and finishing a couple of prototypes for Badds. He is going to LOVE these!! pic.twitter.com/r9bNkgxTY4

Titleist ‏
@Titleist   looking good @Brendan_Steele "@VokeyWedges @TitleistonTour AD doing a work on my 52 #builtwithlove pic.twitter.com/zZMcWkpt3f"

Fujikura Composites ‏
@FujikuraOnTour   Let's build some fairways @RedstoneGC pic.twitter.com/4edr5ENxOH

TaylorMade Asia
@TaylorMadeAsia   Plenty of upgrading this week. New season new products @OneAsiaGolf pic.twitter.com/RQupnjWd0K

‏@TaylorMadeAsia   Local man @Roryhie ready to rock n roll with his new R1 @OneAsiaGolf #IndonesiaPGAChampionship pic.twitter.com/QkePHB9Grs

Nike Golf Europe ‏
@NikeGolfEU   Completing the arsenal. Perfecting his game. Simon Dyson adds prototype Method W11 w/ custom black shaft to the bag #EnjoyJakartaPGAChamp

J.P. Van der Walt
@jpvanderwalt: This club goes a mile and #stings thru the wind!! @TitleistAfrica 712U 2 iron! pic.twitter.com/SATXLADXew " //pic.twitter.com/SATXLADXew great to hear

TaylorMade Asia ‏
@TaylorMadeAsia   After some problems with customs (again) clubs finally made it to the range-Indonesia @OneAsiaGolf //yfrog.com/kev91poj

Dynamix Golf ‏
@DynamixGolf   Tested the new Steel Fiber irons shafts today and they are the best since the old GAT Shafts & then the Graphite Design AD DI6x #wow

Sligo Wear
@SLIGOWEAR   #13A Collection in the shop at Sweetwater Country Club in Texas. //instagram.com/p/XTQCP8iWiC/

Rife Putters ‏
@RIFEPUTTERS   Once again, 3 of the top 10 finishers this week on the @ChampionsTour were rolling a Rife. #Rife4Life

@RIFEPUTTERS   There were 26 Rife putters in play this weekend across the @PGATOUR @ChampionsTour @lpga and @webdotcom. #Rife4Life

@SrixonGolf  .@Graeme_McDowell is #1 in Scrambling on the @PGATOUR using his #ZStarXV and @ClevelandGolf 588 RTX wedge (58*) with #ROTEX

Vokey Wedges ‏
@VokeyWedges   At last week's Arnold Palmer Invitational, Vokey had 132 wedges in play. That's 86 more than the nearest competitor. #InVokeWeTrust

Harry Arnett ‏(Callaway)
@HarryArnettCG   Yes, I happen to think these new challenge coins are awesome. pic.twitter.com/AP34kNhhXv

@HarryArnettCG   Here's the front: pic.twitter.com/lNzrJFjdx9

Raa Putters ‏
@Raaputters   Lee with one of our customers @ScotGolfShow on Sunday showing once again information most players are not aware of pic.twitter.com/HByYUcebOx

FootJoy Canada ‏
@FootJoyCA   Edward Loar captures the first Professional M:Project win! Here are 55255 White/Charcoal w/ BOA. #MarkofaPlayer //yfrog.com/esp2yuqj

@FootJoyCA   Another sign that golf is near-Our M:Project stock dwindles by the minute with shipments to Retailers. #MarkofaPlayer //yfrog.com/ociaulzj

Titleist Europe ‏
@TitleistEurope   The 2013 Malaysian Open Champion, Kiradech Aphibarnrat WITB: New ProV1x, 913 D3, 712 CB irons, & Vokey SM4 wedges 52 and 60 deg

Adams Golf
@AdamsGolfInc   It's an exciting day for Adams and @SouthwestAir - tune into the @GCMorningDrive today for the details #teamAdams pic.twitter.com/Q3gwH8Fgrb

‏@AdamsGolfInc   The new bags debut #swagolf #teamAdams - great day for @AdamsGolfInc & @SouthwestAir pic.twitter.com/zvMisewAcO

‏@AdamsGolfInc   #teamAdams & #swagolf depart @GolfChannel, set to board @SouthwestAir flight to HOU w/ @AaronBadds & @KennyPerryGolf pic.twitter.com/yvAGyfr06o

‏@AdamsGolfInc   The @SouthwestAir pilots are getting in some swings before their flights at Houston-Hobby #swagolf #teamAdams pic.twitter.com/GE8Jki5C1F

Aaron Baddeley
@AaronBadds   Great day today launching the new partnership with #southwestairlines & @AdamsGolfInc! Very exciting! //lockerz.com/s/288139484

‏@AaronBadds   Threw in a commercial shoot at Houston hobby airport while we were at it! @AdamsGolfInc #teamadams&swa #goodworktom //lockerz.com/s/288139616

‏@AaronBadds   And had a putting comp with @kennyperry at 30,000 feet! #thinair #fastgreens //lockerz.com/s/288139790

Charlie Tour (TaylorMade)
@CharlieTour   Quite a few new iron builds going @TaylorMadeGolf truck, including Lefty @harmanbrian, who's getting new #RBladez pic.twitter.com/PQnxv7K7K1

Mizuno Golf Europe ‏
@MizunoGolf_News   We're re-stocking the workshop ready for the 2013 season. Just need 3,500 shafts, 5000 grips and some clubheads. //goo.gl/0HNvU .

@MizunoGolf_News   Our mistake - make that 8,000 grips on board the European Tour workshop.

TaylorMade Golf
@TaylorMadeGolf   R1 goes the distance. Congrats again to LPGA Tour Staffer Beatriz Recari on her win Sunday at the Kia Classic. #YOUR1 pic.twitter.com/DjfeXw12AZ

SMS Inc. ‏
@SMSInc_On_Tour   Congratulations to @European_Tour & @asiantourgolf 's latest winner, Kiradech Aphibarnrat. See his winning bag here. pic.twitter.com/Y4QCNJGEDB


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