A week's worth of tweets, November 14-20, 2011

wrapped golf shafts
Simon Wilson via Twitter
Simon Wilson (@pgatourshaftrep) took to Twitter last week to show us a load of Royal Precision PXi shafts all bagged and ready to be shipped.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, November 21, 2011 | 8:00 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of November 14-20 featuring Luke Donald, Becky Brewerton, Ian Poulter and more:

Pete Kinney, PGA

@petekinneypga    Club manufacturers are all ramping up for huge deliveries of belly & long putters in 2012. Play It Again Sports will have 'em all in 2013.


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@petekinneypga: "Club manufacturers are all ramping up for huge deliveries of belly & long putters in 2012. Play It Again Sports will have 'em all in 2013." -- PGA Professional Pete Kinney

Maria Hjorth
@mariahjorth    Thanks to @PingTour for your support and help this year! I love your products and look forward to continued success next year!

TaylorMade Golf

@taylormadegc    Hang in there, just few more months RT @MichaelHallGolf Too bad I can't use them until next year #wisconsinwinterssuck twitpic.com/7g57i3

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI    "@dphat: Why do I hate Titleist yet I always gravitate towards their stuff?" cause you're a playa!! Haha. They have great irons now


@TaylorMadeTour    PC (Presidents Cup) - we're liking the job our US colleagues did on Dustin's TOUR360 ATVs. Very comfy shoe, perfect for R. Melbourne. pic.twitter.com/J23Vx3xf

Mark Foster
@markfozgolf    This is my home for the next 2 days. The indoor zen putting lab in Singapore. Air conditioned :-) 34 degs outside. pic.twitter.com/UKtpv6p5

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    "@CapouchMaxGolf: @VokeyWedges are the SM4 wedges available with C-C grooves?" No, they have the new SM4 groove.

@VokeyWedges    Did you know? In the new SM4 wedges, we are going to 100% inspect every groove of every wedge we sell. #CommitmentToQuality

@VokeyWedges    Did you know? We now have 5 grinds available in the new SM4 wedges. F,S,M,T,L. The newest additions are the S and L.

@VokeyWedges    Did you know? New Vokey SM4 wedges have a patented heat treatment process on the face which significantly prolongs the life of the groove.

@VokeyWedges    Wedge of the Week: "One Time" #sweet yfrog.com/hsitremqj

Callaway Golf Europe
@CallawayTourSpy   Total domination on the @European_Tour this week (via @SMSInc_On_Tour) At the Johor Open, @odysseygolf putters make up 54.5% of the field

@CallawayTourSpy  ..While at the Alfred Dunhill Champs in South Africa, @odysseygolf make up 51.9% of the field! #odyssey #1PutterInGolf

Greg Norman
@gregnormanstyle    Robert @aussieallenby shows off the International kit. Sporting black bottoms, grey/green/cream argyle sweater today twitpic.com/7fxmrt

Lee Thomas Studios
@LeeThomasStudio   Those defending our shores deserve the best. This red, blue and white Curly Maple putter shows you love of the... fb.me/1rQWGdrjv

Whitlam Golf
@WhitlamGolfUSA    Our new head cover for our Japan project. twitpic.com/7foiao twitpic.com/7foiaj

@WhitlamGolfUSA    A prototype of our year of the dragon putter for 2012. twitpic.com/7fwi96 twitpic.com/7fwi84

Nike Golf

@nikegolf    Lucas Glover dropped by The Oven...we made a grind adjustment to his back-up VR Pro dual sole 60* wedge twitpic.com/7fksmy

@nikegolf    Armed w/a new driver...Pablo Martin is looking to defend his title this week at the Alfred Dunhill Champ twitpic.com/7f5jzi

Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf   Check out the clubs that David Toms will rely on this week down under at the Presidents Cup! How many points do... fb.me/DP9idERs

@ClevelandGolf     Check out what clubs David Toms is relying on this week down under at the Presidents Cup! Toms dominated in his... fb.me/1gIbVqpUo

Becky Brewerton
@beckybrewerton Just got home to find some lovely new wedges from Ping! Proper supporters of the women's game at all levels, thanks guys!

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    Camilo Villegas WITB: Bnr SF 2.0 10.5, Bnr SF 2.0 FWs 15 & 18, Rescue TP 23 & 25, Bnr 2.0 Irons 6-PW, XFT 54, 58 & 63, Corza Ghost, Penta TP

@TaylorMadeTour   Raph Jacquelin WITB: R11 9 deg, Burner SF FW 15, Rescue TP 19, TP MC Irons 3-PW, XFT 52 & 58, Suzuka putter, Penta TP #69, adidas T360 ATVs.

@TaylorMadeTour   Paul McGinley WITB: R11 9 deg, R11 FW 14, Rescue 17 & 22, TP MC Irons 5-PW, R11 wedge 50, XFT 54 & 60, Penta TP, adidas T360 ATVs

“@gregforrester1: @TaylorMadeTour all kitted out pic.twitter.com/JZIrgBeG” Love it!

@37% of players in the Johor Open used either an R11 or Burner SF 2.0 Driver & TM was #1 Driver, Fairway and Hybrid Brand.

@TaylorMadeTour   TM: #1 Driver, Fairway Wood & Hybrids in play at both Alfred Dunhill in South Africa (AD) & Johor Open in Malaysia (JO) #1driveringolf

Simon Wilson
@pgatourshaftrep    Amazing reception from the OEM Tour Departments to our New Project X PXi and PX Black! #bringon2012 yfrog.com/ntj51xej

Simon Hurd
@druhbelts    New wedges looks like Callaway are going back to copper Jaidee golf bag pic.twitter.com/PJ96YQq3

SMS Inc.
@SMSInc_On_Tour   Iskandar Johor Open- % of players that have changed equipment since their last @European_Tour event. Ball - 7.1%, Driver 14.7%, Putter 21.8%

@SMSInc_On_Tour   Iskandar Johor Open - Long & belly putter usage reaches a season high. Belly putters 10.3%. Long putters 7.1% = 17.4%. Previous high - 14.0%

@SMSInc_On_Tour   Iskandar Johor Open - 54.5% of players did not have a 3 iron in their bag.

TaylorMade Golf

@taylormadegc   In @DJohnsonPGA bag this week at #PresCup. Tour Preferred MBs, R11 Driver and Penta TP ready 4 action ^ks #DJscaddy. pic.twitter.com/IMBcyUJA

@taylormadegc    AD (Alfred Dunhill Championship)- That's us finished on the range for this week at the Dunhill, next week SA Open in Jo'burg. #TMwinfingerscros twitpic.com/7eygfp

@taylormadegc    JO (Iskander Johor Open) - Raph Jacquelin (top bloke) goes through his routine on the range with his MC irons. pic.twitter.com/U5T2Z7xh

@taylormadegc    JO - Our Tour Rep Carl does a mighty fine job of displaying the shafts we have on offer for the players. pic.twitter.com/Fe6LMsBj

Felicity Johnson
@FlicJohnsonGolf    Potentially last practice session with current irons today. Emotional times

Whitlam Golf
@WhitlamGolfUSA    For 2012 twitpic.com/7esedj twitpic.com/7esedf twitpic.com/7esef0

Simon Wilson
@pgatourshaftrep    New PXi Samples for Tour! Bagged and ready to ship! yfrog.com/h09unwyj

@pgatourshaftrep    "@Mizwedge: @pgatourshaftrep a 6.5 Hybrid has already made it into my bag! #recordtime" PX Black!

Titleist Canada
@TitleistCA    Titleist. The #1 ball at the 2011 Presidents Cup. Adam Scott tells #TeamTitleist what to expect at Royal Melbourne GC bit.ly/tVO68n

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope    @TitleistAfrica staffer Rob Dinwiddie during practice round! 2nd shot to 9. Low 712CB 5 iron yfrog.com/kj9o7ujj

@TitleistEurope    @TitleistAfrica Tyrone is using the Tour Black Center shafted Fastback from Scotty Cameron/Titleist yfrog.com/nw3jwrj

@TitleistEurope    @TitleistAfrica staffer Tyrone Ferreira hitting some balls with his 910D3 at leopard creek yfrog.com/hsb8tcypj

Bettinardi Golf
@BettinardiGolf    2012 BB Series BB35! fb.me/16bgOFO4z

Chris Carnahan
@Carnahangolf    Are new wedges on your Christmas list? C. Carnahan Vintage #forged wedges under $100.00 #greengrass pic.twitter.com/DffZsomJ

Kyle Thompson

@KyleThompsonPGA    yfrog.com/h8iclskoj Ever wondered what 5000 tees looks like? My last batch took 4 yrs to finish.

Mike Fay, PGA
@mikefaygolf    Looking for new clubs for the holidays? Make sure you get fit by your local PGA Professional. It makes a huge difference!

Ping Golf
@PingTour    Today at @PingTour headquarters we were lucky enough to have not one, but two Marks visit us for some club testing! pic.twitter.com/QBz8FQTO

Luke Donald
@LukeDonald    RT @CristoforoM54 @LukeDonald Ever snapped a club in frustration ? Yes snapped driver 10th hole Air Canada Open Vancouver in 2001

@LukeDonald    RT @rebel__69 @LukeDonald Luke you plan on changing irons next season??? Will be trying the MP59's and 69's. Watch this space

@LukeDonald    RT @Seattle_D @LukeDonald I tried out your putter last week. Sure is ugly, but I made everything! Seems to work for me too!

Simon Wilson
@pgatourshaftrep    Nice to see the boys @ The Callaway Test Center and show them our new PXi Irons and PX Black Driver shafts! What a great facility!

Boris Busljeta, PGA
@boris_pga    Love my new Adidas shoes. Got them in white also. lockerz.com/s/156460291

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    At the Australian Open, Vokey had 287 wedges in play. That's more than all other competitors combined. #YearofDaVoke

Aldila Golf
@AldilaGolf    Congratulations to the winner of the #Emirates Australian Open who was playing the #Aldila RIP 60 in his driver.

Nike Golf
@nikegolf   Shooting some ads today...@Paul_Casey is lookin good rockin a look from Spring 2012 //twitpic.com/7ejqdo

Simon Hurd
@druhbelts   Druh belts are been copied around the world here is one today a caddy at the European tour event //twitter.com/druhbelts/status/136471088375930880/photo/1

Cleveland Srixon Tour
@CGSrixonTour    Our staffers are doing some ball testing in Japan this week prior to the Dunlop Phoenix. This is prior to testing... pic.twitter.com/VsuuVmxT

Kris Tamulis
@kktamulis   "@JRazz16: @kktamulis Any big off season equipment changes for you?" Rarely change anything. Panicked with the groove rule and got new irons

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope   @TitleistAfrica Titleist staffer Hendrick Buhrman has got the new Vokey SM4 wedges in the bag //yfrog.com/h7ygtgamj

Kirk Oguri, PGA
@KIRKOGURI    Fact: The best driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, golf ball, shafts are the ones that fit YOUR game and yours alone. Get fit

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour   AD (Alfred Dunhill Championship) - A long day comes to an end finishing up with TMaG Staff Player Dean Pappas. //twitpic.com/7ej247

Graeme McDowell
@Graeme_McDowell   Testing some new prototype @SrixonGolf Z Star balls today. Love being involved in the R&D side of the game. #physics //twitvid.com/09CYP

D'Lance Golf
@DLanceGolf    92% of #golfers notice a difference in their game immediately after using custom clubs.

TaylorMade Golf
@taylormadegc    Yesterday we made tweaks to @DJohnsonPGA's R11; instead of 10 toe/1 heel, we went 6 toe/5 heel. Turning it over much better ^ks #DJscaddy

@taylormadegc    The greens at @PresidentsCup are very firm so we put new faces on @DJohnsonPGA's XFT wedges. Fresh grooves! #prescup ^ks #DJscaddy

Bettinardi Golf
@BettinardiGolf   2012 BB Series BB8! fb.me/DHDXmwpU

@BettinardiGolf   2012 BB Series BB5! fb.me/ZQqvvEIO

@BettinardiGolf   2012 BB Series 1F! fb.me/1nniHImpz

Kendall Dye

@Kendall_Dye   I bought something against my religion today. Should I keep? //lockerz.com/s/156312386

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges   Big week for Vokey Wedges...SM4's ship to golf shops this week!

@VokeyWedges   Vokey loyalist @Brendan_Steele rocks proto BV belt buckle, wins @StraightDown Classic. Coincidence? We think not. //bit.ly/vjw03S

Sara 'No H' Brown
@SaraBrownGolf   I am no longer in love with the Super Stroke Fatso putter grip... 36 putts today to shoot 74= NOT GOOD!!! :( Back to the putting green :)

Odyssey Golf
@odysseygolf   The winner of the Barclays Singapore Open used an @odysseygolf White Hot XG #9 Putter during his playoff victory.

@odysseygolf   @odysseygolf has recorded 66 wins across the six major professional Tours this season.

Geoff Ogilvy
@geoffogilvy   New driver today. Last nights still recovering from plugging the bus #presidentscup

@Titleist   Greg Chalmers trusts ProV1x & bag of Titleist equipment to second @AusOpenGolf title, leads 3-win week for Titleist: //bit.ly/tvmHGe

@Titleist   New AP1, AP2, CB & MB (712 Series) irons, SM4 @VokeyWedges & @ScottyCameron Calif. putters begin shipping this week! //bit.ly/vbaWdG

Jones Golf Bags
@JonesGolfBags   The original Jones and Matt Black Players Series bags will be available in Big Box retailers April 1st! #yajonesin

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour   Tour Rep Paul Mcdonnell, just found all the product!! Balls - Gloves - Hats - Clubs #range //twitpic.com/7e42d1

Simon Wilson
@pgatourshaftrep   @TitleistEurope On there way boys! #worldexclusive //yfrog.com/ntmclgj

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope   Thank you @pgatourshaftrep for your great service. Can't wait for our new PXi shafts to turn up. //yfrog.com/gzyvzgkj

Cleveland Srixon Tour
@CGSrixonTour   In Gonzo's Winning Bag: HiBore Monster Tour Driver, FL Fwy 14, CG1 Tour Irons 3-PW, 588 52-58. Z-Star Ball

Ian Poulter
@IanJamesPoulter  2 new @cobragolf heads to try this morning. Always trying to Improve #TwitPict //twitpic.com/7e6x6a

Callaway Golf Europe
@CallawayTourSpy   Congratulations to the winner of the Barclays Singapore Open, who used an @odysseygolf White Hot XG #9 #1PutterInGolf

@CallawayTourSpy   Most guys arrived at lunchtime & headed straight to the practice green, including Alex Cejka, fresh from the US //twitter.com/CallawayTourSpy/status/135984420359372800/photo/1


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