A week's worth of tweets, November 27-December 4, 2011

nike shaping wedges
Nike Golf via Twitter
Nike Golf took to Twitter last week to show us one of their technicians putting some delicate touches on a clubhead created for Tiger Woods.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, December 05, 2011 | 5:44 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of November 28-December 4, featuring Kevin Na, Anna Nordqvist, Josh Teater and more:

Vokey Wedges

@VokeyWedges   Another win for Vokey Wedges!! Congrats to @McIlroyRory for your win at the Hong Kong Open! #YearofDaVoke


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@David_Byrne87: "Just heard Kuchar's putter is 54"- wonder if I can use that for my next pole vaulting event. #mineis41" #sizedoesntmatter" -- David Byrne, winner of "Big Break Indian Wells"

Mark McDonnell
@markmac14    What a great win for @McIlroyRory closing in on that No1 spot. I just wish he was playing the White stuff! #Taylormade4ever

Leigh Bader, PGA
@JoeandLeighs    Couple of new Cleveland Forged wedges for 2012. fb.me/1h6H4J20z

Edel Golf
@EDELgolf    Fitting her this week @KatieFutcherPSU @NatSheary Hey Nat. Great to meet you @EDELgolf She has the best putter now she needs the best wedges

Anna Nordqvist
@ANordqvist    Wow... @cobragolf new LONG Tom driver next to my new @cobragolf ZL Driver! Both are killer drives, long Tom is 48"!!! yfrog.com/h74mqxbj

@ANordqvist    Watching the @cobragolf Long Tom driver in action by @RogerTeat - it goes forever!!! I added distance hitting it too! #killingit

Brett Packee, PGA
@brettpackeegolf    Love the fact that my students try different things. 6'5" junior using one of my old belly putters. #lovetheattachment twitpic.com/7oajzk

Becky Morgan
@BJMgolf    Thought I'd get in a little last minute practice before I leave... yfrog.com/ntzldhyj

Josh Boggs, PGA
@BoggsPGA    It would depend on the hybrid but anywhere 1-3 in front of center RT @mikefaygolf: @BoggsPGA what is the proper ball position for a hybrid?

Kevin Hamluk, PGA
@HamlukPGA    TM R11 forgiving with lots of options to play with RT @mikefaygolf: @HamlukPGA I am looking for a new driver. Any suggestions?

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    He has always used that grip RT @topgun060106: what's up with the ping grip on tigers putter? Stuck in his ways? #

Simon Wilson

@pgatourshaftrep    Solid golf this week from @JasonDufner who playing our new PXi Iron shafts in his @TitleistonTour @TitleistEurope Irons! #PXisteel

Bridgestone Golf
@bridgestonegolf   RT @Golfchops: @bridgestonegolf look what I'll be teeing up 2morrow! Can't wait to beat my friends w/Optic Pink balls! lockerz.com/s/161529392

Callaway Golf Europe
@CallawayTourSpy    With an avg distance of 326.5 yds this week in Hong Kong, Alvaro, with his new #RAZRFit driver, is 18yds longer than the 2nd longest Pro

@CallawayTourSpy    Congratulations to @Ssurrygpro who gained his @Sunshine_Tour card today with a full bag of @CallawayGolf clubs

David Byrne
@David_Byrne87    Just heard Kuchar's putter is 54"- wonder if I can use that for my next pole vaulting event. #mineis41" #sizedoesntmatter

Steve Wheatcroft
@wheatiePGA    No they aren't filming me for the next Tiger golf game, but this was still pretty cool. getting some great swing data. yfrog.com/oed4uwfxj

Kevin Na

@TheKevinNa   Just saw these new mowers on the course. Fully automatic machine that mows by itself. The wave of the future. twitpic.com/7n6aoy

Katie Kempter
@KKempter   You know you're at a public golf course when.....feel like I'm getting back to my roots! Love it! pic.twitter.com/66niryGa

Jeehae Lee
@jeehaeda    Just found out my mom got rid of all my @PUMAGolf shirts I left behind last time i was home. Now I have 4 shirts for 2 weeks. #amazing

Anna Nordqvist
@ANordqvist    My new @PUMAGolf shoe... :) yfrog.com/ke858ryj

Callaway Golf Europe
@CallawayTourSpy   Hong Kong Open 1st Rnd Stat: Alvaro was #1 in Driving Distance with his new Callaway #RAZRFit Driver: 323yds - 11 yds further than #2

@CallawayTourSpy   In Alvaro's bag this week: #RAZRFit Driver 9.5º, X-Tour Fwy, RAZR X Musclebacks 3-PW, X-Forged Wedges, Odyssey ProType putter & Tour iZ Ball

Ping Golf
@PingTour    Yesterday PING Pro @ChrisDiMarco helped open our newest PING Fitting & Performance Center at the Villages Golf Academy pic.twitter.com/QR5ki57J

@PingTour    During his time at The Villages, DiMarco remarked on how the new fitting center resembled PING's fitting capabilities in Phoenix

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges   Check out the Vokey setup at Palo Alto Muni...all kinds of goodies in there. Thanks to @LozaresGolf pic.twitter.com/jXf3ZV0y

Nike Golf

@nikegolf    Critical operation for clubheads that will have a mirror finish…final blending process on TW's backups twitpic.com/7mo9f8

@nikegolf    Perfecting the shapes & blends of the hosel transitions to the face & topline on TW’s back up VR Pros twitpic.com/7mrgkj

Carly Booth
@CarlyBooth92    VR PRO Blades RT @jc1968: @CarlyBooth92 hi carly,whar irons do you use?i play nike vr pro combo, great set of clubs.cheers jamie

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    40% of players @ Hong Kong Open today teed up with a TaylorMade driver...we were #1 in Fairways & Hybrids too #whitechristmasforeveryone

@TaylorMadeTour    R11 was the most played driver model at today's Hong Kong Open....Burner SuperFast 2.0 was number 2 #justsaying

@TaylorMadeTour    We were also the most played iron model with our Tour Preferred MC irons at the Hong Kong Open with Y.E. Yang, Molinari & Ramsay all using.

@TaylorMadeTour    “@EbanksBrindley: @TaylorMadeTour first hole in one yesterday at Telford GC using an MC 5iron and Penta ball. Boom!” Congrats!

Suzy Whaley, PGA
@suzywhaley    Polo and RLX look amazing for 2012! #loveit @Tomnolan24 @kelbroad1

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Some are calling it the Vokey Avatar, but we prefer to call it the Vokey 460 Indigo! vokey.com/wedges/detail.…

Josh Nichols, PGA
@joshnicholsTPC    Ball testing at #TheOven. @nikegolf. Still looking for @Glovers_Beard. pic.twitter.com/HE8lbztO

Cleveland Srixon Tour
@CGSrixonTour    Play gets underway today at Chevron. @Keegan_Bradley will be bagging a couple new wedges this week. #588Forged pic.twitter.com/EgmMbrpd

@CGSrixonTour    We also did a little driver testing this week with @Keegan_Bradley. Check out these numbers! #bombs pic.twitter.com/7gHZMwvj

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope    "@Beef_01: My new irons, wedges and putter has come today. Thank u @TitleistEurope" #titleistambassador

Callaway Golf Europe
@CallawayTourSpy    Here are Alvaro's custom-painted Spanish X-Forged wedges & green RAZR X Musclebacks. Sweet looking clubs! twitpic.com/7mhgpa

Brian Ondrako, PGA

@ondrakogolf    #tiger toying with belly putter. Oh tiger, how I love that you toy with the media like that.

Kevin Na
@TheKevinNa    Just got an new hybrid from Titleist yesterday. Gonna try it out today ^^ twitpic.com/7m6p2x twitpic.com/7m6p8s

Brett Packee, PGA
@brettpackeegolf    Happy holidays to me. Actual lofts 51, 56, 61 thank you @Golf_Mizuno. #whenismynexttourney. twitpic.com/7ma3zy

Annika Sorenstam
@ANNIKA59    One player showed up with Wilson Imperial woods (persimmon head) & Beth Daniel signature irons. Don't see them often. Can we say antiques?

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope    A shiny new pair of FJ ICON on the feet of a former HK Open champ. Any guesses? yfrog.com/kkrb5sfj

@TitleistEurope    Looking forward to giving my new SM4 @VokeyWedges a first run out tomorrow at The BHSG Dubai. #Vokerules

Kendall Dye
@Kendall_Dye    Feet feeling good in my new kicks and delicious @kentwool socks. Don't like being rejected by birdies though. More2come lockerz.com/s/160917965

Adams Golf
@AdamsGolfInc    “@surfer221: @AdamsGolfInc love my new CB2 irons!” awesome, glad you like them. We do too!

Ryann O'Toole
@RyannOToole    Headed to @Oakley factory to get fitted for next years golf line! This place is huge!!!!

Andrew Johnston
@Beef_01    My new irons, wedges and putter has come today. Thank u @TitleistEurope

Whitlam Golf
@WhitlamGolfUSA   Just finished painting them and now ready to be cleaned and shipped. twitpic.com/7ma4xu twitpic.com/7ma4xw twitpic.com/7ma4xv

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    A new Frank! @TigerWoods gets a new 1 each year from his mom w/a msg in Thai "With love from mom" twitpic.com/7m8sml

Callaway Golf Europe
@CallawayTourSpy    Thongchai Jaidee's bag in Hong Kong, with some RAZR X Musclebacks, new Forged 52 & 56º wedges & an X-Forged 60º twitpic.com/7lzavb

@CallawayTourSpy    Thongchai on the practice green, slotting putts with his Odyssey belly putter twitpic.com/7lzqaa

Simon Hurd
@druhbelts   Even Santa loves Druh.lol pic.twitter.com/mQMtcNy0

Josh Teater

@jteater12    Hey @RickieFowlerPGA is this the right size lockerz.com/s/160670866

Nike Golf
@nikegolf    We found @TigerWoods on hole 1 rolling putts with his Method 001 to all pin placements... twitpic.com/7lu6f2

@nikegolf "My go-to club in the bag...all 14" - @TigerWoods

Marc Warren
@MarcWarrenGolf    “@Chelsea_emil: @MarcWarrenGolf is the Nike Method putters good?” the technology is incredible and will give u the purest roll of any putter

@MarcWarrenGolf    Big thank you to @efxusa performance wristbands for my new wristbands. #balance pic.twitter.com/bx5N6wjJ

@FootJoy    You never know who will show up at TPI! Master wedge craftsman Bob Vokey with @GaryWoodland lockerz.com/s/160594638

@FootJoy    Fresh off his victory at the World Cup, our friend @GaryWoodland came out for some work with DaVoke yfrog.com/nuq4vtzj

Vokey Wedges
@vokeyWedges    Vokey loyalist @ZachJohnsonPGA working with Voke in anticipation of the Chevron World Challenge. yfrog.com/nzcpgkvj

@vokeyWedges    Voke and @ZachJohnsonPGA discussing the grooves on the new SM4 wedges. yfrog.com/obr2ugfj

@vokeyWedges    Voke taking a few notes on @ZachJohnsonPGA 's wedges yfrog.com/nzda3ufj

@vokeyWedges    Sound check with Vokey loyalist @ZachJohnsonPGA yfrog.com/h7ykphpj

Zach Johnson
@ZachJohnsonPGA    New @VokeyWedges stocking cap...thanks Dave and Voke! #yearoftheVoke lockerz.com/s/160606832

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    No RT @PCAurand: @HankDHaney Are pros allowed to adjust their R11 drivers during a round?

@HankDHaney    Because they r great putters RT @cmt268: @TheGolfTECBrit then why so many Scotty's winning tournaments and majors?

@HankDHaney    It's the clubface grooves that product the roll RT @johnhuggan: aren't they just copies of pings? #lookslikeittome

Michael Breed, PGA

@MichaelBreed    Getting fit at TPI. Larry, Deano and Cliff are the best!! Zach Johnson and Steve Stricker were there as well!! pic.twitter.com/RFftBPs5

@FootJoy    Setting up at TPI for photo shoot with Steve Stricker. lockerz.com/s/160289899

@FootJoy    From the Cape Cod collection... lockerz.com/s/160311068

@FootJoy    From the Savannah collection. Easy sell for a Wisconsin fan... lockerz.com/s/160313655

@FootJoy    This from the Napa Valley collection. #FJspring2012apparel lockerz.com/s/160414195

@FootJoy    This from the Napa Valley collection. Look for Steve to wear the new apparel at Chevron this week!#FJspring2012apparel lockerz.com/s/160414964

@FootJoy    We've got to find a new show bag for Steve. That ball and tee FJ logo is a collectors item! lockerz.com/s/160312625

David Byrne
@David_Byrne87    Thanks to @RIFEPUTTERS for having me and coach @LaFave11 in today. Let's get serious - their putters are the best- thank you!!

Titleist Europe
@TitleistEurope    Here's teen Thai star, Panuphol Pittayarat (Coconut) with his ammo ready to tackle the HK Open. yfrog.com/h2inonkj

Josh Teater
@jteater12    Maybe! RT @bsgilfedder: @jteater12 just got my new @Swiftwick shipment I think I may have more pairs than you now! pic.twitter.com/RF78v4t4

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Coming soon to WedgeWorks--the Limited Release Vokey 460 Indigo! What do you think of the cool blue PVD finish? pic.twitter.com/biFw3b2A

@VokeyWedges    We've had lots of requests for a Vokey Stand Bag--and here it is! vokey.com/vokeystore/do/… cc @Titleist pic.twitter.com/AlrNMFqD

Odyssey Golf
@odysseygolf    With a win on the JGTO yesterday, @odysseygolf Putters have now earned 70 wins across the six major Tours this year.

Brett Packee, PGA
@brettpackeegolf    Really excited about the new @Golf_Mizuno R 12 wedges and my wedge seminar this SUN. #shouldbefun twitpic.com/7l9zrm

Whitlam Golf
@WhitlamGolfUSA    Just had lunch with Kevin Kim. Now working on his new putters and irons

Puma Golf
@PUMAGolf    check out @RickieFowlerPGA and his twin earlier this week in Australia rocking the new Duo Swing GeoPrint Polo! pic.twitter.com/4pYboweI

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour    Busy day on the range in Hong Kong, just down at the TaylorMade adidas store for it's Grand Opening. #HKOpen twitpic.com/7l2bwy

@TaylorMadeTour    Think @justinrose99 maybe opening the store!! #HKOpen twitpic.com/7l2i08

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney    R11 stiff shaft RT @MattyZink: what would u recommend for @taylormadegc irons 11 hdcp 275 yd driver, Also what shafts 86 mph 6 iron.

@HankDHaney    Method RT @TheGolfTECBrit: better roll Nike Method or Scotty? Thanks!

@HankDHaney    Sweet set RT @MrTaylorMade007: just arrived!!! R11 and Spider pic.twitter.com/Szt8U0Zk

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