Building an efficient swing

George Gardner

Q: My questions concerns clubhead lag during the downswing. Remember Calvin Peete and how his left arm could not be fully extended? Yet he was considered to be one of the more accurate hitters on tour. My left arm is similar to Calvin's. Left arm extension being limited to 120 degrees. Any insight you can provide re clubhead lag or any other aspect of Calvins swing will be greatly appreciated. Thankyou for your attention! George Gardner

A: I would not be particularly concerned with clubhead lag. It is a result of several forces moving in a particular way during the transition and start of the downswing. What would be better for you would be to worry about building an efficient swing, alla Calvin Peete. With a bent left arm, like his, I would suggest the same swing type that Calvin employed....a more rounded/one-plane swing. The reason being that a one-plane swing uses more right arm than left arm to hit the ball in the downswing. In fact Hogan was quoted as saying he wished he had two right arms. The more upright two-plane swing has the left arm more dominate in the downswing with a downward bell-ringing pull of the left arm.