Consistent swingplane

Joe Dyorich

Q: I have a problem with my backswing. I have a tendency to bring the club back on different swingplanes. Can you give me a key to a consistent swingplane.

A: In my opinion, there are two different ways to achieve a correct swing plane: one plane and two-plane. One plane is where you swing your arms more in the same plane as you pivot (around you) and the top of your backswing has the left arm on the same plane line as your shoulders. The two plane system keeps your arms more out in front of you and swings them up and has the left arm at the top of the backswing more vertical than the shoulder turn. The two methods are radically different from each other (swing your arms inside and around you while you turn versus the other is keep your arms in front of you and swing them up while you turn). I would try both styles and see which one has the better results for you. You may be a natural at one of them and your problem is that you are trying to swing with the style that is not natural for you.