Drills for swinging

Joe Wright

Q: I try to steer the ball most of the time and fail to follow through with my swing. How can I break this bad habit? Any drills?

A: Hi Joe! This may seem difficult to fix, however, I can assure you the process is easy -- it just depends on if you "follow through" with it. Earlier this year my assistant and I spent some time with Hank Haney and his staff in Texas and it was interesting to hear from Hank as to what Tiger does when he's working on a move or trying to hit a certain shot. Are you ready for this, this is the secret... practice swings! My suggestion for you is to find a mirror, get away from hitting golf balls for a bit and take lots of practice swings. Make sure you can get it right or have it look the way you want it to using the mirror, then give it a shot on the driving range. Stick with it and I know you'll find the swing you're looking for. Best of luck.