The Gary Player step through


Q: Hi Jim, I'm about a 10 handicap, and I'm trying hard to perfect my swing. I hit the ball very well, but often topple forward toward the target (like Gary Players step through drill). I do believe I may have too much lateral movement to the left leg to start the downswing, and maybe my legs are outracing my arm swing, but I do hit the ball well this way. One golf DVD I purchased calls it a collapsed left leg, and prescribes hitting balls with the left toe pointed inward (pointed behind the ball), but that doesn't seem to work for me. It also seems to indicate that hitting against a "softer" left side costs me distance (but I hit my 6 iron 170 yards.) Sure I would like more yardage too! I'm pretty good at hitting balls with my feet together and staying balanced, so maybe I'm just trying to hit it too hard...I dont know! What do you think? Any drills you could prescribe? Thank you very very much.

A: What you describe as the Gary Player step through is in fact a drill I use with many players to help them get the right side through the ball better. I very much subscribe to what Gary Player did, especially for flatter, one-plane golf swings. It is an excellent way to play for those golfers and I would advise you to continue to do it if it is working for you. Tell the golfers that find it strange that if it was good enough for Player, it's good enough for you.