Process vs outcome


Q: How do I stop thinking about my score during a tournament or qualifiers? When I play for score I can not help thinking about what I did on the hole before if it was a birdie or a bogey. I just can not help it. During practice I listen to music and that makes me not focus on score but in tournaments you can not. I was just wondering if you guys had any tips for this kind of problem.

A: You are always free to choose what you want to think about. No one is making you think score but you. All great sports psychologists say to immerse yourself into the process rather than the outcome. Score is an outcome of the process. If you think what you want to do and how to do it (PROCESS) versus where this shot might end up or what might happen to your score (OUTCOME) then you will be doing what all successful tournament players do. If you are worried about where the ball might go or what you are scores might be then you are thinking what all unsuccessful golfers are thinking about. I would like to recommend a book to you, "Golf's Sacred Journey" by Dr. David Cook. It is the best book on this subject I have ever read. You can find it at;