Pulling the ball

Terry T

Q: I carry a 5 handicap but when I get in trouble it is usually because I pull my driver straight left. Usually my driver goes strait or fades just a little. What do you think happens when I pull it dead left

A: Checkpoint #1- Put a club down on the ground 4 feet in front of your practice ball, which will act as a target line. Align another club parallel and opposite the ball which will act as your body line. You may be pulling the ball because you are aligned to the right of the target and must swing left to hit it straight. If you don't stop aiming right, you won't stop swinging left.

Checkpoint #2 - Backswing - Make sure you turn the club to the inside and load your back foot on the backswing.

Checkpoint #3 - Throughswing - Make sure that your arms lengthen, not shorten after impact.

Let me know what works for you.