Snap hooks


Q: I am a 1 handicapper that strugles with the pull or snap hooks on my bad days but only with the driver or 3 wood. My clubface position at the top is square to just slightly shut and I have worked hard over the years to get to square. I have a very fundamentally sound setup and a neutral grip yet something still happens to get the clubface closed at impact. I especially know the ball is going left when my weight is hanging back on my right but I cant seem to stop it or identify why even though I am trying to get to my left. Sneaks up on me the most in competition or anxious moments. Please Help!!  

A: Most people have the mistaken idea that a hook is caused by too much right hand or right side coming over the top. That is only 180 degrees wrong. A slice is caused by too much right hand or right side coming over the top. Hooking is when the right side cannot come through the ball and a flip hook is the result. One of the great caused is golfers trying to stop a hook by griping tight with the left hand while having a loose grip with the right hand and at the same time pulling hard with the left arm. It is no wonder you are ending up with too much weight on your right foot. To cure a bad hook you must first learn how to cut the ball, since that is the opposite of your problem. Grip hard with the heel of your right hand against the base of your left thumb. Bring your right side (including your right shoulder) through the ball and let the handle of the club beat the head of the club around to the left. That will create a fade/slice. Once you can do this, just back off of it a bit to play a straight ball.