Stop coming over the top

Richard J. Drake

Q: Is there a school of thought (and if there is, who are the primary teachers) that advocates the triangle one piece takeaway and on the downswing the shoulder goes left first, while the left hip is held closed until the shoulders pull it through creating an explosive impact and the golfer immediately stands up? I may not be describing it correctly but it seems to work and is fairly simple to execute.

A: Richard, I have a very good idea about what you are attempting to describe and a very low regard for trying to do it in that fashion. Assuming that your grip, aim and set-up are acceptable and you have reached the top of your swing with a good coil and a square club face, the sequence of motion is to unwind what you have wound in the proper order. That sequence is more natural than what you describe and is used in many ballistic sport movements. The left hip begins to rotate to the left and in so doing begins the forward shift of weight toward the target. This movement produces a connected response of the trunk and muscles of the back that travels to the left arm creating a definite feeling of pulling. When this occurs the right elbow drops near the right hip allowing the butt end of the club to point toward the ball. The swing is now on the power path from the inside to be able to retain the release of energy to and through the ball. The left leg has straightened somewhat to give a solid pivot point over which to finish the swing and to assist with the power by halting any sliding movement of the body toward the target: feet, legs, trunk, back, left arm, right arm, forearms, hands BOOM! and finish in balance.