Swing consistency

Bill Reid

Q: How can I get consistency in my swing, when I travel alot and and can play golf only twice a month?

A: The goal of all golf swings is to gain a correct, consistent impact. Unfortunately, you as well as most all golfers, have a consistent swing. The problem is that your swing produces an unreliable impact because it is out of position and requires corrections prior to impact that are usually athletic and timing related and are difficult to repeat. The easiest way to achieve a more repetitive impact is to either work on timing/tempo/rhythm/balance athletic issues that make recovery easier to accomplish or to work on the causes in your swing that have put you out of position in the first place and required you to have such an athletic recovery to find a correct impact. One way is to say you will keep your swing and work on the keys (timing/tempo/etc) that allow you to recover and the other way is to change your swing so the out of position parts are either eliminated or less severe and it becomes easier to find impact. There are unfortunately no free lunches. Changing a swing requires practice and the correct advice (sometimes hard to find) and the other requires working on your athleticism, strength, flexibility and balance. This is true whether you are a Tour professional or an average golfer.