Working with your grip


Q: Rolling of the wrist or closing the club face release is that something I do? or it just follows a good grip and set up I still hit to many slices and hard fades


A: Some golfers have a "body release", some release the golf club with their hands, others with their forearms. A lot of what you need to do depends on your grip. If your grip is strong your hands should be more passive or quiet, if your grip is weak the hands and/or forearms need to be more active. In a perfect world your grip would be neutral and you would not have to promote excessive hand action.

Check your grip, neutralize it, check your takeaway stopping with the club waist high and look to see that the leading edge tilts slightly forward with an angle comparable to your spine angle. Using a mirror take the club to the top, to a parallel position and look for a 30 degree angle and the leading edge. By checking the position of the club in these two positions you will ensure that the club face is square and not open. If needed, add a little forearm rotation pre-impact to square the face. I'm going to guess that your grip is weak or the clubface is being opened in the takeaway.

Check back with me if you are still hitting slices.