Wrist and legs in backswing

Brian Collins

Q: I purchased your swing plane cd set and found it to be very helpful (at least swining clubs in my livingroom - I live in Boston, course opens next week).
I can never get comfortable in the following two areas:
1) when to hinge your wrists on the back-swing. I feel as though I do it too early and the clubs moves slightly out of my right hand (fingers).
2) during my back-swing I virtually straigten out my right leg. I am told the knee should stay bent and pointing forward. It feel so bizarre.
Your advice would be much appreciated.

A: For your first question, I would suggest not cocking the wrists until the second half (above waist high) of the backswing. And as far as question number two goes, I would advise keeping the right slightly flexed rather than bent and not to worry about the direction it points into.