Adjusting to your irons

Brett Parham

Q: I'm a 8 handicap and just bought a 3 and 4 hybrid iron. I'm pull hooking them left. As of now, my 3 and 4 iron are more accurate. How do I adjust?

A: Hybrid Irons are usually a bit longer than the normal 3 or 4 iron which sometimes can effect the lie angle of the club. you may need to make sure that the lie of the hybrid matches your regular irons because even though it is a hybrid you still need to hit down on the ball with those clubs. That may be one cause and the other could be that you are swinging down into the ball a bit steep causing the pull. If you do not pull your driver then it is most likely your lie angle but shallowing out your downswing will help as well. Try setting up to a ball and make a practice swing stopping at impact position with the shoulders square and the right arm under the left and the hands forward of the ball. Hold that position for a few seconds and then make a swing hitting the ball and try to feel the position that you rehearsed. Repeat this many times and that should help straighten out your shots. Good luck.