Comparing Clubs

Roy Conner

Q: Is a 3-iron comparable to a 5-wood? Is a 5-iron comparable to a 7-wood? Will these clubs hit the ball approximately the same distance? -- Roy Conner

A: Mr. Conner, a 2-iron and a 5-wood are both in the 18-20-degree range and should go roughly the same distance. Each club will have its own "personality" (a 2-iron may be lower with less spin, while a 5-wood may be higher with more spin). There is no industry standard on loft or length of shaft, so each company -- and even lines within the same company -- will differ somewhat. Along the same line, a 3-iron will match the 7-wood in most cases and a 4-iron will match the 9-wood. I think a player can get a long iron, a hybrid and a traditional fairway wood to travel the same distance. However, in most cases, players find the hybrids and fairway woods play more consistently. Thank you.