Difficult time with long irons

Chuck McCabe

Q: I've been golfing for several years. For the life of me, I still can't hit any long irons. I've tried different things, taken lessons but just can't get it together. I've been told the hybrids are the way to got but I think I need to fix my fundamentals first. Would new equipment help? Can you offer any advice?

A: Chuck, you are not alone in having a difficult time with long irons. Even some great players did as well. Trevino claimed that you could use a long iron in a lighting storm because even God couldn't hit a 1 iron. Long irons require a swing angle that is decidedly up/down/under and then back up again. More like a Ferris-Wheel than a Merry-Go-Round. That is why Nicklaus and Watson were great long iron players and Trevino and Player were not. My advice would be to NOT change your swing to just hit better long irons, it might wreck the things you already do well. Instead do what most all are doing...go to the hybrids.